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Karna – The Invincible Warrior 

When Lord Parashurama, the incarnation of God, Was cursing me, You were watching me, Oh time, You will be a witness for the future Karna.


Arjuna Slays Karna, Page from a Mahabharata Series, circa 19th century. Artist Unknown.

Lord Krishna will kill me 

Until my death 
I am killing thousands of soldiers on his side 
He is not stopping me 

Krishna is God 
God is omniscient 

There are many ungodly evil spirits in his team 
He does not want to be a sinner by killing them 

I am actually helping him 
to establish justice by killing those evil ones 

It is an unwritten agreement 
between Krishna and me that no one knows 

Arjuna will kill the wicked on my side 
I will kill the evils on Krishna’s side 

Arjuna will not benefit 
Me will not benefit 
Profit will be only for Krishna 

The day that Arjuna and I will fight face to face 
Krishna will kill me 
Arjuna will think as if he himself has killed me 


I love my brother Arjuna  
and have pity on him 

Keeping God as his bodyguard 
Arjuna is fighting with me 
I am fighting with God , not with him 
Not only this, Arjuna does not even know 
that his big brother never wants to be victorious by killing his younger brother 

Arjuna is just learning and fighting to be first  
That’s why he will fall down from the path of heaven 

Without being a hero 
Heroism is not possible 

I am fighting with my sharp weapons 
Krishna’s chariot is coming back at my heroism 
I don’t want such a defeat of God 
I don’t want my younger brother to die 
I can’t neglect myself by keeping my arms aside in war 
I also can’t betray my best friend Duryodhana 


I am helpless 
Oh God 
Let me die 

Without letting Arjuna to know 
Lord Krishna admits my pray with a bit of smile 
The earth has very fast swallowed up the wheels of my chariot 

Arjuna was waiting for this golden chance 
And Krishna ordered his invisible Sudarshana to accompany with Arjuna’s arrows 
Suddenly I fallen down 

God himself is my rival 
My fortune 
I have died at the hands of God 

When Lord Parashurama,the incarnation of God 
Was cursing me 
You were watching me 
Oh time 
You will be a witness for the future Karna 

(Guna Moran is an internationally acclaimed Assamese poet and book reviewer. His poems are published in more than 200 hundred international magazines, journals, webzines, blogs, newspapers, and anthologies including Indian Literature, Indian Poetry Review, Indian Review, Indian Periodical, Muse India etc. He won the Creator Of Justice Award 2020 by International Human Right Art Festival and got a chance for reading poetry at Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 ( Digital edition). His poems have already been translated into thirty languages. He has published three poetry books to his credit. )