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New Presale Tokens Make Waves, Prompting Price Drops For Bitcoin, Ripple, And Cardano!

New presale tokens AiDoge, Ecoterra, yPredict, DeeLance, and Launchpad XYZ prompt price drops for many altcoins. Read the article to learn why.


Is it the end for Bitcoin, Ripple, Cardano, and other altcoins?  

Since the crypto market is volatile and unpredictable, it is hard to answer this question. But one thing is definite - altcoins have tough competition that aims to take over their position as the best crypto. 

These projects are a refreshment in the crypto market; AiDoge , Ecoterra , yPredict , DeeLance , and Launchpad XYZ are making waves in the crypto industry, prompting a price drop for altcoins. 

Unlike altcoins, these new presale tokens revolutionize the crypto market with their features and bring utility to investors. The best thing is that you can get them at a lower price at a presale and enjoy terrific rewards when these five hit the first exchanges. 

Crypto experts think these projects will pump by at least 150x this year and become the best crypto projects to buy. 

Here is more about them.  

Aidoge ($AI) is the best new presale token currently! 


AI-backed meme project, AiDoge, is having a successful presale. The project has so far raised over $5 million and is only a few days away from the next presale stage and price increase. 

With the latest AI technology, AiDoge enables users to create relevant, high-quality memes. Meme creators must only add text prompts; the algorithm will do the rest.  

Moreover, users can stake their tokens and earn daily rewards and credits, allowing them to create memes. All meme creators can also earn worthy rewards each month if their meme creation wins the highest votes from the AiDoge community. 

What makes AiDoge unique? 

AiDoge is the first meme token backed by AI. Additionally, it is a token with utility. This makes AiDoge the most credible meme generation platform. 

Why should you invest in AiDoge? 

  • Your creativity gets exposure, and you can earn worthy rewards. 
  • You earn daily rewards when you stake. 
  • You access premium features like new templates, platform features, and airdrops. 

Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) is the best new presale eco-token! 


The sustainable crypto project, Ecoterra, has raised $7.5 million in its presale. This project is already considered one of the best eco-crypto launches this year due to its unique approach to blockchain. 

Ecoterra brings many rewards to individuals and product companies. Individuals can earn $ECOTERRA tokens when they recycle or use renewable energy sources. All they should do is scan the product's barcode or energy bills, and the $ECOTERRA tokens will be allocated to their wallets. 

Product companies access the recycled materials market and buy items using $ECOTERRA tokens. Organizations can also brand themselves as eco-friendly. 

What makes Ecoterra unique? 

Ecoterra is the only crypto project that gathers governments, NGOs, companies, and individuals to resolve the issue of excessive waste. The project focuses on resolving one of the most burning questions of our civilization by helping increase recycling rates. 

Why should you invest in Ecoterra? 

  • You achieve all your goals and help make the world a better place.  
  • You earn unlimited rewards by taking simple actions.  
  • You get an unlimited earning potential. 
  • You invest a token with utility, ensuring a high demand for the token long-term. 

yPredict ($YPRED) is the most advanced AI market research tool 


This project is currently at presale and has raised over $830k. yPredict uses state-of-art predictive models to offer features like real-time trading signals, sentimental analysis of all popular coins, technical analysis, and more. 

What makes yPredict unique? 

Best experts in the niche support yPredict, and the project has the most advanced features. Thanks to these tools, yPredict can predict with the highest precision. 

Why should you use in yPredict? 

  • You access the most advanced trading and analytics features. 
  • You receive the most precise prediction tools on the market. 

DeeLance (DLANCE)  is the best freelance and recruiting platform 

As the first freelance and recruiting platform built on blockchain, DeeLance aims to change the freelancing world.  

The project's goal is to bring freelancers and companies together in the metaverse and allow socialization. Users get $DLANCE at a lower price when they join the presale. Currently, the $DLANCE token has raised over $800k and is days away from the next presale stage. 

What makes DeeLance unique? 

DeeLance is the first fully decentralized freelance network. The project also wants to resolve some of the most burning questions in the freelance world, such as lengthy payment circles and high commissions. 

Lastly, DeeLance builds a more secure, open, and accessible freelance platform for everyone.  

Why should you invest in DeeLance? 

  • You get the lowest commission rates in the industry (only 2%). 
  • You get the token with the utility you can use to pay for gigs discounts, buy office, land, NFTs, premium features, advertisement, metaverse VIP experience & more. 

Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) is the new presale token with the best features 

Launchpad XYZ is one of the most exciting crypto launches this year. The project makes the Web3 world accessible to the average user. 

Launchpad XYZ encourages everyone to earn yield from Web3 across every market, including:  

  • NFTs 
  • Decentralised Exchange 
  • The Launchpad Web3 Wallet 
  • Utility Tokens Analysis 
  • Web3 Presales 
  • P2E Hub and Metaverse Experience Library 
  • Fractionalised Assets 
  • Trading Edge Game 
  • Creator Tools For Brands 
  • Digital Asset Collateralised Loans 

Launchpad XYZ provides all crucial information to users regarding Web3. Users can find info on the next best P2E games, great projects to invest in, or more. $LPX, the platform's native token, offers many benefits. Some benefits include early access to listings and token presales.  

You can grab the $LPX at a presale on Launchpad XYZ's official website.  

What makes Launchpad XYZ unique? 

Launchpad XYZ is the first platform to provide seamless consumption and analysis platform for all Web3 silos. This project has no competitors because no other crypto project is structured the same. 

The platform is decentralized, which means Launchpad XYZ won't hold your tokens no matter your activity.  

Why should you invest in Launchpad XYZ? 

  • You will access everything related to Web3 from one place. 
  • You will learn how to earn money easily with the help of tutorials. 
  • You invest in a project with terrific potential without any competition.  
  • You receive the most exclusive insights and information on Web3. 

Final words 

Yes, Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ripple are still great investments but new presale tokens AiDoge, Ecoterra, yPredict, DeeLance, and Launchpad XYZ bring greater rewards. 


Experts agree that investing in new presale tokens brings multiple benefits to investors. One of the best is that you can earn great ROI faster than investing in altcoins like Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ripple. 

And if you invest in one of the above presale tokens, you can get 150x higher returns on your investment immediately after the first exchange listings! So hurry and get these while you still can! 

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