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Collegevidya | Breaking The Molds For Women In MBA

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Collegevidya | Breaking The Molds For Women In MBA

One of the bitter truths of our society is that we only like to brag about the issues & are least concerned about resolving them. The business domain of our country has outnumbered women. Of 49% of the female population in India, only 13% of them comprise the category of CEOs & entrepreneurs. 

Women In MBA
Women In MBA

Have you ever imagined your life without your mom, sister, or wife? Horrible! Isn’t it? Well, if they mean so much to you, have you ever taken a stand to defend them from the typical stereotype of society? Of course, most of you must have, but why must you speak up for them? Why can’t they be their Bosses?

Being educated is one of the primary steps towards being independent. So, why can’t we provide them with the opportunities they missed? Well, the tables have turned around & slowly but surely, we are moving in that direction by providing them with easy access to higher education. Most women in our country are just 12th passed, and only a few of them make it to graduation who have supportive families & are financially strong. Master’s is just there in their checklist & it takes a lot to bring it down to their resume. 

Thankfully, all of this was before we were not familiar with an online mode of education, but now getting a master’s degree is as easy as doing any other task of your daily routine. The most opted degree among working women & housewives is an Online MBA that empowers them in all possible ways. Educational portals like CollegeVidya have made higher education accessible for all the women out there.

Why Online MBA?

One of the bitter truths of our society is that we only like to brag about the issues & are least concerned about resolving them. The business domain of our country has outnumbered women. Of 49% of the female population in India, only 13% of them comprise the category of CEOs & entrepreneurs. 

Can you point out the reason for this gender inequality in the professional world? Well, the lack of education side-tracks women from this male-driven business world. 

Online MBA is gaining popularity & fame among women because of a varied number of reasons:

•    The flexibility that helps you balance your personal & professional life— As per a report, women spend 11-25 hours/week on domestic work along with their professional routine. With an online MBA, you do not have to worry much about time commitments. 

•    Valid & credible, just like an on-campus MBA— Online MBA program at recognized & authentic universities/institutions has maintained its credibility & holds a weightage similar to the full-time MBA program.

•    Fits Your Pocket— Looking at the impact an online MBA can have on our society & economy, most universities & academic institutions offer an affordable range that fits everyone’s pocket. 

•    Similar Connectivity & Curriculum Like a Full-Time MBA— An online MBA program provides a real-time classroom-based experience via a digital mode that involves faculty & peer interactions. With an updated curriculum, this program has created a great number of business professionals who outshine this domain.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, Indian women are inclined more toward this program which has increased their contribution to the business domain from 13% to around 18%, as per the report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom).

How Accessible Is Online MBA For Women?

Imagine a world full of businesswomen & female entrepreneurs. Can you think of the level of organization & balance we will have not only at the industry level and in our society? Online MBA is one such step that has been taken in the direction of empowering women not only in our country but at an international level. 

With its vision to make India the top-ranked country in female entrepreneurship, CollegeVidya , a leading Indian learning portal, is continuously striving to provide quality education in online mode. This mode of learning is aimed at candidates who didn’t get the chance to enroll in a regular mode of education either due to financial constraints or relocation issues. Online MBA programs listed at CollegeVidya have hit a great number of candidates, especially women in our country. These women are not just working women but it involves housewives & girls from rural areas as well. 

Among 100 admissions taken in Online MBA through their portal, 43 were female candidates. This count is the highest as seen in the past few years. They also reported an increase in female enrollments in online MBA by many folds in post-pandemic time as reflected in the stats below. 

MBA admissions

With an easy-to-navigate & accessible web portal, the percentage of female candidates pursuing online MBA is showing a significant increase as reflected in the graph below.

MBA admissions

As per the above-mentioned stat, 9.13 lakh women are pursuing online MBA in India, making it second on the list of countries producing many businesswomen & female entrepreneurs.

Top 3 Highest Opted Online MBA Specializations By Women

As per a report, the business sector in India is expected to grow 5% by 2029. This employability growth has made MBA one of the top choices for everyone serving the business world. Thanks to online MBA, now women can also take part in this race & secure better professional opportunities for themselves. 

Here are the top 3 online MBA specializations that have become more popular in the past few years.

•    Online MBA in Finance: It is one of the most popular specializations of MBA. This paves the way for candidates in sectors like taxation, finance,  wealth management, etc. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job rate in this MBA major is going to increase by 18% by 2030.

•    Online MBA in Marketing: This particular major offers quite rewarding career opportunities. The job growth rate in this specialization is set to grow 10% by 2030 as per BLS.

•    Online MBA in Data Science: This is quite a new & trending specialization of MBA offering high ending packages. As per BLS, the growth rate will grow by 25% by 2030 in this major.

Women Entrepreneurs

Services Offered by CollegeVidya

Being an educational portal, it only lists several government-recognized universities & compares them to provide you with the best-in-industry. The portal customizes your needs by asking a few questions based on your budget, last qualification, scores in the last qualifying exam, hours you can commit to your studies, etc.

Educational assistance

Here are some of its services that assist you in your educational journey:

•    An Educational Advisor/Friend: The portal works on an AI-driven model that customizes your requirements by asking some questions & provides you with a list of universities offering your course of interest.

•    Career Guidance & Mentorship: It even provides you with counseling with some of the best industry experts if you get stuck in choosing between the universities.

•    Proof of Authentication: There are many university options available & it becomes quite difficult to choose the one that is credible & holds validity in the industry. This online portal does this task for you & only provides the list of 100+ government-accredited & recognized universities that protect you from scams.

•    Something for Everyone: It strongly believes in making education accessible to all. With this mission, the portal has listed universities that provide online MBA at a reasonable fee budget. They even offer EMI service even if the university does not provide it.

•    Post-admission Services: A highly dedicated team also helps candidates who have no idea how to enroll in an online program & are clueless about the technicalities involved in the process. They also assist in accessing LMS, Assignment/Project submissions, and in attending Webinars with Industry Experts.

•    A Friend For Life: Once you get associated with this portal, you will get a career-guiding buddy for life. Even after completing your course, you can still connect with their mentors for any kind of support & advice. They even connect you with your batchmates for a broader career prospect. 

With all these services, you can easily enroll in an online MBA program & outshine your profession. 

We all know that it’s not an easy task to take care of everything, but being a woman, you certainly do it, that too, with perfection. So, let’s take a step forward & do something that is for your good. Do not let a “degree” come between you & your success. Break the barriers & join the team of the world’s leading female entrepreneurs.