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Century Real Estate's Second Consecutive Great Place To Work Certification Is A Testament To Its Commitment To Workplace Excellence

Century Real Estate: Setting a New Benchmark in Workplace Excellence with Second Consecutive Great Place to Work Certification


Great Place To Work Certification

Century Real Estate, a leading real estate developer, has earned the coveted Great Place to Work certification for the second consecutive year. The recognition underscores Century Real Estate's ongoing dedication to cultivating a workplace culture that empowers its employees and fosters diversity, inclusion, and continuous growth.

The Great Place to Work survey focused on five key parameters - credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The company scored an outstanding 84% setting a new benchmark in the real estate industry on various fronts. This remarkable result reaffirms the company's commitment to providing a workplace where employees feel valued, respected, and proud to be part of the Century family.


Emphasizing a culture of recognition, Century Real Estate thrives on a multitude of rewards and recognition programs that instill a sense of healthy competition, inspiring individuals to surpass their limits. The company's diverse workforce, comprising individuals from various industries and graduates from leading business management institutes and top-tier colleges, injects fresh perspectives, encourages innovative thinking beyond traditional real estate norms, and fosters collective knowledge and expertise to propel the company forward.

Innovation is ingrained in every role at Century Real Estate, with a strong focus on empowering individuals to explore new opportunities and push the boundaries of conventional practices. The company's commitment to being a tech-enabled workplace is evident across all departments, from Design and Projects to Sales and Marketing, with a workforce that readily embraces and adapts to cutting-edge technology platforms.


Life at Century is a vibrant blend of work and play, offering ample opportunities for employees to pursue extracurricular interests while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The unparalleled growth witnessed at Century, exemplified by numerous members of senior management who have risen through the ranks, underscores the ethos of the company as a foundation for professional development and advancement.

These collective efforts have propelled Century Real Estate to this recognition and translated into significant growth for Century Real Estate with a 4X growth in revenue over the last 4 years.

Century Real Estate's dedication to excellence in all these facets firmly establishes it as an employer of choice not just in the real estate industry but also in the Bengaluru corporate world as a whole.

As Century Real Estate continues its transformative journey, the company is actively expanding and eagerly welcoming top-tier talent to join its dynamic team and contribute to the next phase of unparalleled growth.