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Celebrities React To Sushmita Sen Suffering A Heart Attack

Sushmita Sen recently opened up about having faced a heart attack. The actress is one of the fittest in the film industry, and she having had a heart attack is something that’s scaring everyone. Celebs open up about prioritising health.

Sushmita Sen

The recent news of actress Sushmita Sen getting a heart attack has shocked not only her fans but others from the industry as well. It is high time health is given priority, they say. Talking to Prateek Sur, celebs from different walks of life open up about their take on how people need to prioritise their health before anything else.

Mitaali Nag

Sushmita ji’s news was certainly a shocker especially because she has always been so fit. Health is a treasure. And being healthy is one of the blessings in today’s life. Being healthy depends on our lifestyle to a great extent. What we eat, how we eat and what kind of physical activities we include in our daily life certainly adds up to our health. However, sometimes people also inherit some life-threatening diseases. So, if one has a family history of heart ailments or BP or diabetes then one has to be really vigilant about how to prevent or control them. A lot of times we tend to ignore basic health issues owing to our busy schedule or hectic life, not realising that these minor issues could be alarms for a bigger problem. I feel health needs to be given equal importance in one’s career.

Sheeba Akashdeep

Something like that happening is also a genetic predisposition- stress and lifestyle could aggravate it and bring it on too- but a fit - healthy, happy person like Sushmita getting it is an anomaly.

Sudhanshu Pandey

We can't see the person in photographs smiling and assume that they are happy and healthy. I don't know what Sushmita Sen's lifestyle would be, or whether she actually lives a very healthy lifestyle. So, I personally believe that if you really take care of your body, the body takes care of you because that's a natural phenomenon. Until and unless we push the natural process of the body and a natural way of its functioning, things work fine. If we don't interfere, the body will not give you shocks like that. So, I personally feel that it is very important and it's imperative that the body is taken care of if you don't want your body to give you any shocks.

Nivedita Basu

Sushmita Sen's news was obviously quite an eye-opener though it has been in the industry this whole fear over the past few years I think post-pandemic where it comes out in an open where people have been dealing with stress and it has come in unknown ways. So we had a family doctor who told me that the stress can also be for something that you want to wear in the evening for a wedding or you have to go to a function and have to finish a meeting or you have to shoot to deliver. So we kind of keep pushing our body more than it's needed. So, a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, no drinking is nothing. What stress does nothing else does. So, I want to live a healthy life for my kids.

Aadesh Chaudhary

This news was shocking. The most important thing is to be happy. Stress is the biggest enemy of health.

Charrul Malik

It was very shocking since she has been very active doing Yoga and other forms of exercise and she used to showcase a lot on her Instagram as well. She is hardly 47. So I think the health scenario nowadays is very unpredictable because post covid I think a lot of changes are there in our bodies and we don't know how our body is reacting. There has no research been done on it. We all have taken the vaccine and we have seen a lot of changes in our body. It's not because of the vaccine but Corona. It has changed our whole immune system. On top of it, yes there's a lot of pressure on celebrities to keep themselves fit but Sushmita Sen as such was not overworking. She was not working on a daily basis. So I don't think that was the angle. Maybe it can be genetic. It is tough and challenging nowadays to strike a balance between professional, personal and healthy lifestyles. So it is very shocking. Celebrities when they put it out there. They create awareness for people. Otherwise, normally every 10th person is having some or the other issue. Especially this one article about Mumbai where the majority of people are unhealthy. So it is very alarming and I think each one of us should take care of our health. Life is very unpredictable and one should stay happy and spread positivity.

Sneha Jain

Even I was shocked to know that Sushmita Sen just suffered a heart attack. She is so fit and fine and is into Yoga and workout so much. I have seen her videos and she is super fit. It's like life is so uncertain. I can say that part of our work pressure does harm our health as somewhere or the other we are not giving rest to our inner system. We are working hard but we are not able to give that space of time to our inner selves. We are just running in our life. We are sleeping less, we are not able to have proper food because we have a tight schedule. We are in an era where we are having our food while working and are not getting enough sleep. You should be passionate about work but you should also take holidays for your body, and mind. Pamper yourself. These all are very important. We have to balance it out along with our work. We have to give space to our body.

Hansa Singh

When a healthy person gets a heart attack, we always get shocked. As how and why etc clogs our mind. But heart is all about good health which comprises not just physical but mental and emotional too. Which we tend to ignore, or hide. Or feel not so important. We must understand that a healthy mind and a healthy body is a must. The stress that we go through today makes me believe the world is toxic to another level. We actors live dual lives. But in the process sometimes we become robotic. And that’s a red flag. Happiness is the main thing. A smile that warms your heart is an indicator of good health. I always tell people that it is very important to listen to your body.

Ekta Sharma

Yes, I do believe that the pace and the pressure of career and personal life is injuring us silently and we are not acknowledging it. People are dealing with a lot of stress. I felt very sad and bad to hear this news about Sushmita Sen as I'm a fan. She's a person so happy and chirpy and may not know what a person is going through inside.