November 24, 2020
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'We Have No Other Alternative But Talk'

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'We Have No Other Alternative But Talk'
This is an important national as well as an international issue. However, it would not be wise to view Agra Summit talks as a total failure. It has two aspects. We need to look at the outcome of this talk from the view point of success as well as failure.

Media management was not handled well and we lacked a bit in our homework too. We should have prepared structured agenda once the invitation had been extended. Musharraf Saheb wanted the Kashmir to be a core issue. He liked to meet only Hurriyat Conference leaders. He did not like to meet the Chief Minister, Shri Farooq Abdullah.

Though India took exception to Musharraf meeting Hurriyat leaders, he ignored it. This is one of the reasons for the failure of talks. He adopted a very rigid approach. He behaved in a way that did away with the diplomatic norms while our country was strictly following diplomatic norms. Our civilized way was taken as our weakness. But we have a culture and civilization behind us.

They refused to abide by Shimla Agreement and Lahore Agreement. This was another reason of failure of talks. They do not treat cross border terrorism an issue. The congenial atmosphere created as a result of Lahore declaration was diluted due to Kargil war. There is only one alternative to the violence, that is holding peaceful talks. The success of the talk summit is that Hon. Prime Minister and the Minister of External Affairs tried to restore an atmosphere to hold talks, which was vitiated due to Kargil war.

The foreign mercenaries have showed their cowardice by attacking Amarnath pilgrims in India. This is not an issue of Hindu-Muslim communalism, rather it is an issue that relates to cross border terrorism. The brother of Shri Abdul Rashid Shaheen, the Member of this House was shot dead on 11th July.

His fault was that he was a patriot and treated Kashmir as an integral part of India. Both Hindus and Muslims are paying the cost of their patriotism. I would not like to defend or criticize the Government on the issue of Agra Summit talks since it is an international issue which is very sensitive. Mulayam Singh Yadav talks of India-Pakistan Confederation. However, it is not practical in the changed scenario. It is a mere utopia.

According to the resolution passed by this House on 22nd February 1994, Pakistan must vacate the part of the J&K occupied forcibly by it and any act of interference by Pakistan in the internal affairs of India would be dealt with strictly. Would it not be the contempt of this House if we make any statement deviating from the spirit of that resolution?

I would like to know from Hon. Prime Minister and the Minister of External Affairs as to how far we have succeeded to realize the objectives enshrined in that resolution and what would be our future course of strategy in this regard. The Prime Minister must take this aspect into consideration before going to Islamabad.

I would like to suggest that our experts and diplomats should seriously think over it. We want that the talks should be held with a structured agenda and we must take all precautions in this regard. This is definitely a success and achievement that the door of negotiations have been opened and we have no other alternative but talk.

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