October 21, 2020
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'We Could Have Easily Postponed This Summit'

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'We Could Have Easily Postponed This Summit'

I will begin with what the hon. Minister accept that Hizbul Mujaheedin was the first to call for a cease-fire. He has also accepted that the brain behind the Hizbul Mujaheedin is the Pakistan Government. The nation is entitled to know as to what forced the Hizbul Mujaheedin to come around and say that they are ready for a cease-fire unilaterally. 

Had we waited for some time, I am of the opinion, that the relations that we have seen going down in the Agra Summit, would have a better prospect. When the world is moving in a direction of caging Pakistan to see that cross-border terrorism or terrorism that is sponsored by Pakistan with the help of Taliban is stopped, India is moving in a different direction by giving not only legitimacy to General Musharraf but also making him the darling of the Generals and the hero of his country.

As we know, along with China, along with US when everybody is pressing Pakistan against terrorism, we are in a better position to bargain at that time. 

The point is, when General Musharraf was not agreeing for an agenda, we could have easily postponed this Summit, and had it at a better time when it was suitable to India. If they accepted the existence of cross-border terrorism and stopped it, we would have a situation where we would have normality in Jammu and Kashmir and a normalisation of relations with Pakistan. 

Even if I might say that you have succeeded internationally, by meeting Mr. Talbott and putting across cross-border terrorism as the major issue as far as India is concerned, by the Agra Summit we have once again brought in Kashmir as the main issue.

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