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Which Is Most Important House In My Horoscope: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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Which Is Most Important House In My Horoscope: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

All twelve houses in the horoscope assume different significance but at different stages of life. All the twelve houses have a strong intrinsic relationship with the rest of the houses; therefore, you cannot ignore any house or be concerned only about the most important house in your horoscope.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

The planets are the actors, the houses in a horoscope are the stages of life in which the actors (planets) play out their role. All planets and houses have an equally important role in a person’s life but at different stages of life, so neither any house is most important in horoscope nor any planet. 

I read at a dentist signboard – you don’t need to take care of all 32 teeth; take care of the one you need most. Can you decide the best teeth for you? In the same way, can you decide which part of your body is the most important? If you cannot decide on either of these two, how can one say which is the best house in your horoscope? Or which is the best house in astrology or the best planet in your horoscope?

Your horoscope consists of twelve houses that start affecting your life the moment you are born. But yes, each house in the horoscope has different importance or role to play at the different stages of your life. So one cannot say which is the most important house in a birth chart? All twelve houses in the horoscope assume different significance but at different stages of life. All the twelve houses have a strong intrinsic relationship with the rest of the houses; therefore, you cannot ignore any house or be concerned only about the most important house in your horoscope. I will give just one example: your 7th house (the house for marriage and married life) directly impacts your 10th house, the house for career. You suppress your 7th house or compromise with it; this will directly affect your 10th house. A person too focused on a career can sometimes overlook or give indifferent treatment to the 7th house, but this is not right. Any bumping road in married life can affect your profession and career. 

Another significant point is that all these twelve houses in horoscope assume different impact on the life of males and females. It is because priorities, lifestyle and responsibilities for females and males are different in many aspects. Most important in horoscope, say the 10th house, the house for career and profession may assume greater importance in a male’s horoscope as compared to female. Though over time, this 10th house has started playing an equal important role in a female’s horoscope also. So one has to balance out the different houses in the horoscope in line with which particular house gets importance at what time and stage of life.

 Significance of different houses in astrology

Let us understand what these twelve houses in astrology are and how do these different houses in horoscope impact a person’s life. 

  1. Start with the 1st house, the house of YOU, your ascendant. The first house also represents your childhood, self-awareness, appearance, personality, capabilities to initiate and how you perceive the world around you. It shows the purpose of your birth and your perception to handle the different aspects of life. This is the mother of all other houses, say like an Index to the book. A strong ascendant gives an edge to the person to handle the situation in life upfront and with confidence. The more benefic planets in this house, the stronger the person is. A weak ascendant or more malefic planets here makes a person face hindrance and struggle in life in achieving any goal. The importance of the first house starts with your birth and remains till the time person breaths last. One can say 1st house draws the blueprint of a person’s life.
  2. The second house signifies possession, your own money, the sense of self-growth & the ability to express yourself. This house represents how effectively you are able to present your personality. If the 1st house represents you, the 2nd house signifies how effectively you can express yourself. So a weak 2nd house can lessen the brightness of your 1st house also. 
  3. The Third house represents early education, siblings, intellect and the lower mind of the person. This house starts building the foundation of your career (10th house) if you select the right stream. 
  4. The 4th house in astrology is your childhood, emotions, consciousness, upbringing, be it mother or father, inner emotional security and attachment. This house also governs your domestic life, including relations with your parents. This house also denotes the pending Karmas that you brought with you from the previous births. So one cannot ignore the importance of this house in astrology which prompts you to know about your flawed karmas of past life and teaches you the art of dealing with pending Karmas diligently and consciously.
  5. The 5th house in astrology denotes children, your pursuit towards pleasures, hobbies, love tendencies and creative self-expression. Now understand that this house does not signify the marriage, but if your 5th house is weak, you cannot do justice to your 7th house in terms of Love and enjoying pleasure. A spoiled 5th house can even give you tendencies of excessive sexual desires to affect your 7th house. Same way, the 5th house also denotes risk-taking, speculative, and even gambling tendencies that you understand can directly impact your fate (9th house) and career ( 10th house).   
  6. The 6th house is another important house in astrology in your horoscope. This house denotes health, eating habits, physical ability to work and your mundane daily tasks. This house in astrology also helps to know about diseases and the ability to combat the same. Therefore, a weak 6th house can affect many aspects of life means different houses in your horoscope.
  7. 7th house in astrology in a horoscope, as we know, is an important house in a horoscope mainly because it denotes marriage and spouse. But do you know it also represents relationships at the workplace, partnership in business or contract. So, a blemished 7th house can affect persons’ professional life as well in terms of gaining or losing from professional relationships.  
  8. Now talk about the 8th house of astrology in a horoscope. This house is polar opposite of the 2nd house and denotes regeneration, inheritance, will, legacies, losses, personal sacrifices, alimony, spouse’s money and joint relationships. The 8th house is the house of transformation where one needs to sacrifice some to gain some. Sometimes at some stage of life, the traits governed by the 8th house like inheritance, personal sacrifices, partner’s possession & alimony etc., become necessities of life.
  9. The 9th house is also an important astrology house in your horoscope. The 9th house denotes your fate (bhagya), religion, learning, ethics, vision, higher education, dreams, spiritualism and wisdom. If your 9th house is not compatible with your 3rd house, your beginning to boost your “fate” the 9th house is lacking. A good association of 9th house with 7th house has a direct impact on your fate. Also, if the 9th house is too strong, it can lead a person more towards spiritualism at the cost of family and married life. 
  10. Now comes the 10th house, which we all know is the house of career and profession. It further represents status, honour, reputation & community power that a person will enjoy. We have understood the intrinsic relationship of all houses until the 9th house with this house, so it does not need further explanations.  
  11. The 11th house signifies community, large groups, friends, self-realisation and regulation. To be successful in life in profession and domestic life, one must have a good 11th house to gain in the above traits in life. 
  12. Finally, the 12th house, the house of losses or the house of exit, illness, hospitalization, self, house of confinement, grief, widowhood, sorrows and like that. But then this house is also the house of salvation. Now, if someone had all eleven houses in a good position, why would one get sudden sorrows, hospitalization or bad health? There is a general perception, more the planets in 12th houses, more the losses but let me tell you, two best known Indian Bollywood Stars have more than 3 to 4 planets in this house.

 Results of different planets in different houses/signs

Many say the presence of more harmful or malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu in a particular house in horoscope will always give adverse results. Similarly, more presence of friendly planets like Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in a particular house will always give favourable results. It is not correct. Even a harmful planet with lower operating energy cannot be very harmful to the native. Similarly, the best of the planet with lower operating energy may not bestow the perceived results to the person. Finally, the results of different planets in different houses depend how you deal with the weaknesses and strengths of any house in your horoscope. The results of different planets in different houses cannot be the same for all on any universal method.  

Therefore, one should not say which is the most important astrology house in horoscope or which planets are best or worst in any house. Your life is governed by 12 houses and 9 planets, and one needs to realize which astrology house is important at what phase of life. You cannot build your 9th house without having an unblemished and robust 7th and 10th house. It is like at some stage of life, you need the mother more than the father, at some stage, you feel the need for the 7th house more than the 10th house and vice-versa. 

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