March 30, 2020
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Outlook Appeal To DGP, Telangana

Threats to the safety of Madhavi Tata, Assistant Editor, Outlook magazine.

Outlook Appeal To DGP, Telangana

July 2, 2015

Th Director-General of Police
Telangana State

Sub: Threats to the safety of Ms Madhavi Tata, Associate Editor, Outlook magazine

Dear Sir, 

We have been receiving a number of emails, anonymous SMSes and tweets threatening the physical safety of Ms Madhavi Tata, who is Outlook magazine’s correspondent based in Hyderabad. She has also been subjected to sexist abuse.

These threats have come following reports in newspapers, TV stations and websites of a legal notice purportedly sent by a senior bureaucrat attached to the Telangana government to Outlook, in response to a satirical snippet titled "No Boring Babu", carried by the magazine in its July 6, 2015 issue.

May I please request you to look into the matter and take every step that is necessary to ensure the safety of our reporter?

We will be happy to furnish any information that you may require to facilitate this.

I would request you to treat this matter as 'Most Urgent'.

Yours sincerely 

Krishna Prasad

Cc: The Hon'ble Governor of Telangana
The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Telangana
Chairman, Press Council of India
Chaiperson, National Commission for Women


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