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Top Three Disruptive Crypto Projects To Add To Your Portfolio: Polygon, FTX Token And Moshnake

In this piece, we'll highlight three disruptive crypto projects that will make a great addition to your portfolio.


Not all tokens are made the same, nor are they all equal. Similarly, all tokens don't make the same impact on your portfolio. As a savvy investor, you should focus on projects with solid utility. It is also essential to keep your eyes on the news. That said, we'll highlight three disruptive crypto projects that will make a great addition to your portfolio.

Let's start!

Polygon (MATIC) The Layer 2 Solution
Polygon is a layer-II solution making blockchains more scalable and less congested. Layer-II solutions are side chains working on a bigger blockchain, enabling users to process transactions faster. With layer-II solutions, the main network will process transactions fast and cheaply. This will also bring an influx of transactions to the ecosystem.

Polygon protocol works like its geometric name. Polygon in geometry means a shape with a finite number of sides. Similarly, the Polygon network has numerous sizes and shapes. Polygon is an add-on to Ethereum and is working to improve the network.

Polygon was formerly known as Matic. It rebranded, changed its name, but still retained its ticker (MATIC). MATIC is the utility and governance token of the Polygon network.

FTX Token (FTT) The Utility Token 
FTX token is the utility token of the FTX crypto exchange. The token enables users to have access to different rewards. It offers users discounted trading fees. There are also other benefits of holding the token.

One such benefit is the price increase. While we can't tell if there will be a massive price increase, many factors can influence a price move. The exchange is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms. It offers unique products that are not offered on other major exchanges. It makes available offerings like tokenized stocks, leveraged tokens, and futures trading. 

Among FTT's numerous benefits, the most exciting is collateral on futures trading. Another is that the token can be staked for passive returns.

Moshnake (MSH) The New Crypto
Do you remember the classic yet popular snake game? The snake game was where you had to navigate the arena with your snake searching for eggs while trying not to hit obstacles. If you do, how was the experience? Many have attested to enjoying that game; we expect you did too. If you relished the game, then Moshnake is for you.

Moshnake has similar characteristics to the old snake game. Moshnake even offers more thrills than that game. Why? Moshnake is built on blockchain technology and uses NFTs and tokens to reward players. Players are made to compete in Battle Royale Arena with their NFT snakes while searching for rewards. 

The rewards can come in various forms. Players can find surprise crates, eggs, and Moshnake tokens (MSH). In surprise crates, you can find venom potion or immutability serum. The venom potion is used to revive locked snakes (snakes that have exhausted their survival capacity). It can also be mixed with immutability serum to hatch new eggs into snakes. These snakes can be raised to also compete in the arena (or for sale).

Before players can enter the arena, they must purchase Venom tokens and snake NFTs. The venom token can be gotten by swapping the Moshnake token (MSH). It is used for in-game purchases such as entrance fees, competition fees, venom potions, and many others. Players must pay an entrance fee and get a snake before playing. The snakes are moderately priced and come in different forms. You can find the Cobra, Viper, Krait, and Mamba snakes. All these snakes are differentiated by their capabilities, which determines how they will perform in the arena.


Like many NFT games, there are bountiful ways to earn money on Moshnake. Some of the ways to make an income include;

●    Hatching Eggs
●    Snake NFT sales
●    Moshnake token rewards
●    Staking Moshnake for passive returns
●    Holding Moshnake for long-term price increase

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