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Top 3 SEO Agencies In Edinburgh, UK

Here is a complete guide for you to find the best SEO agency Edinburgh. I have done intense research on all the competent agencies, both online and offline, and have handpicked the three best SEO companies in Edinburgh.


SEO Agencies in Edinburgh, UK

With a booming business sector, it is no wonder the number of SEO agencies has been growing in Edinburgh and the UK recently.

Searching for a trustworthy SEO agency without wading through a sea of Google results?

I feel you.

While it seems pretty good to have more options, I bet you are one among those who find the options quite overwhelming.

That's precisely why I’ve curated this comprehensive list of best SEO agencies in Edinburgh that work with brands throughout the UK, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Our aim is to ensure you find the best SEO agency for your company, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty.


The SEO landscape is fiercely competitive, with agencies making all sorts of claims to win your business. But don't be swayed by empty guarantees. Whether you're a fledgling startup or an established brand, you deserve to work with a genuine SEO expert.

So let's dive in and explore SEO agencies in Edinburgh specialising in performance, B2B, eCommerce, small business, and enterprise solutions. Rest assured, we've got all the bases covered!

Here is a complete guide for you to find the best SEO agency Edinburgh. I have done intense research on all the competent agencies, both online and offline, and have handpicked the three best SEO companies in Edinburgh.


My quick yet concise guide will help you save a lot of time and effort. Above all, it will help you reach the right SEO partner for your needs.

Best SEO Agencies in Edinburgh

SEO Agencies in Edinburgh

Based on the criteria I have detailed in the rest of this guide, here are the three best SEO Agencies Edinburgh has to offer.

  • GrowthFactory (Best SEO Agency for 2023)
  • The SEO Company Edinburgh (Most Affordable SEO Company)
  • Favoured Edinburgh (Best ecommerce SEO)

Now it is time to take a closer look at each of the services these SEO agencies offer and why they are the best of the best in Edinburgh.

Helping you find the best SEO company for your business.

GrowthFactory is a famous brand name in the Edinburgh SEO circles. Founded by digital marketing expert Robbie Allen (winner of the prestigious Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year award), GrowthFactory adopts a unique approach to providing SEO services.

GrowthFactory understands that the competition in the digital marketing industry is extremely high and has devised the most effective ways to tackle it.

The highlight of GrowthFactory is that they don’t believe in the traditional concept of an SEO Edinburgh agency.

Instead, they have introduced their unique service: “Fractional SEO Director”.


Acting as your Fractional SEO Director GrowthFactory will advise you on various SEO and marketing strategies that get the most from your marketing budget.

Saving you time and money when it comes to your SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

After helping a number of clients increase not only website traffic but revenue and app installs this SEO Agency it is no surprise to hear they currently have a wait list.

To ensure their clients get the best possible results from their investment in SEO they only work with eight clients at the same time.

At GrowthFactory, you will receive services like the following.


  •  Keyword research
  •  Content strategy
  •  Competition analysis
  •  Site audits
  •  Content generation
  •  Content optimisation

Local SEO

Google Business Profile Optimisation

Content optimisation

Ecommerce SEO

  •  Digital PR

GrowthFactory, are able to offer exceptional value as they have created their own in house AI SEO software. Which provides premium-quality optimised content.

Client reviews and feedback on GrowthFactory’s official website and other social media handles share that you will start experiencing the benefits of their services within just three months.

Reviews and case studies mention that they have regularly doubled the website traffic of their clients. While others experienced 10x growth in organic traffic in just forty-five days.

I noticed that they even offer a free video audit of your current SEO performance or you can book a consultation call with GrowthFactory.


The SEO Company Edinburgh, are the most affordable SEO company for 2023. You will receive all the essential SEO services to improve your brand’s visibility online.

They offer website optimization and content generation for clients. The agency also provides local-specific SEO services, which help you rank better locally.

SEO Company has already collaborated with a number of clients spanning various industries and has created great results.

They are known for their affordable yet trustworthy services in and around Edinburgh.

From my findings The SEO Company Edinburgh offers SEO services from only £500 per month, which is a great entry level option for Edinburgh businesses with a tight budget.


Favoured is a full service digital marketing agency based in Edinburgh who have earned appreciation for its reliable performance and top-rated creative services.

They focus on developing valuable content and building targeted digital marketing strategies.

Established in 2018, the brand has already assisted around 30 companies to reach over 10 Million customers. They have an impressive client community, which includes:

  •  Durex
  •  Elvie
  •  Kodak
  •  Omni
  •  Veet
  •  Wessex Distillery
  •  The Art Newspaper
  •  M TV, etc.

The Search marketing department, located in Edinburgh of this agency consists of various SEO-focused services.

They tailor-make SEO strategies for clients and ensure high visibility through intense technical research and effective implementation. The Search Marketing section is dedicated to services like:


  •  Search engine Optimisation
  •  PPC, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etc.
  •  Digital PR
  •  Measuring and reporting

If you are looking for a full service digital marketing agency that actually knows what they are doing when it comes to SEO then Favoured are your best option.

The team have a strong knowledge of how to grow an ecommerce brand from a social media advertising perspective as well as truly understanding ecommerce SEO.

I hope it helps you find your next SEO agency that you want to partner with to help grow your Edinburgh business.

Why hire an SEO Agency in Edinburgh?

SEO Agency in Edinburgh


An SEO agency is important in Edinburgh as it currently provides one of the most powerful marketing tools.

SEO can make or break any business or service provider. It optimizes your website's content to reach the top of the online search results.

An affordable SEO agency and a good SEO strategy can improve the brand value of a business in the following ways.

1. Improves Visibility

  •  Appearing at the top of the search engine search results is crucial for getting good visibility for your page.
  •  The right SEO strategy would increase your visibility among similar content and pages.
  •  Search engines usually consider the structure and content of a page to pick it first. An SEO agency ensures your business page has all the qualities a search engine seeks.
  •  SEO agencies use keyword searching, link building, content optimization, etc., to achieve the desired results.


2. Improves Organic Traffic

  •  Many marketing agencies use bot views to make it look like your page, and business are getting more activity.
  •  But an SEO agency ensures that the views and traffic a business gets are organic.
  •  Organic traffic is what benefits the most for a business.
  •  SEO agencies in Edinburgh use quality content and social media well to improve the organic traffic on customers’ pages.
  •  Making the websites and pages mobile-friendly is another major initiative from Edinburgh SEO agencies.

3. Improves User Experience

  •  The uniqueness of SEO agencies is that they do not stop just improving the traffic on the customer’s page.
  •  SEO agencies work to retain the traffic that happens at the customers’ pages.
  •  SEO agencies make impressive landing pages that lead visitors to buy something from the page.
  •  SEO agencies also ensure that the landing page and the website are simple and intuitive enough to provide an accessible experience to the visitors.
  •  Collecting feedback is another service offered by SEO agencies. They collect the user experience data from the website and provide it to the business owner to make changes accordingly.


4. More Effective than Paid Advertising

  •  Many business owners depend on PPC marketing and paid advertisements to promote their business. But they only provide minimal results.
  •  Having a dedicated SEO agency lets you devise a customized marketing plan that helps build the business.
  •  When advertising only reaches a particular section of the people, SEO agencies use various strategies that appeal to a larger group of people.
  •  Also, SEO strategies are observed to produce more long-lasting results than traditional marketing methods like advertising.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency in Edinburgh?

Here is what to look for when hiring an SEO Agency

You can easily choose the best SEO agency in Edinburgh by following the steps below. Researching the best SEO agency in Edinburgh and picking it up accordingly is essential.


Because you are supposed to partner with the agency for a relatively longer time.

So, it is ideal to take some time and find the right SEO agency for you rather than rushing into making any decision.

1. Do Proper Research

You have to do proper research on the best SEO agency options that you have in Edinburgh. You can use various criteria or parameters to choose the best among them. Some of the parameters you can use for the research are as follows.

Real results

  •  Ask to see real results that can be attributed to the SEO companies work.
  •  Bonus points if you can see Search Console data of the SEO campaigns the agency is working on.



  •  Find each SEO agency's certifications and check the certification's credibility.
  •  Google Premier Partner identifies the top 3% of agencies in all fields. You can use its service to find the best-certified SEO agencies.


  •  It is advisable to pick an SEO agency with remarkable working experience.


  •  Look for the agency’s policies on their official website to confirm their transparency.
  •  Check whether the agency properly documents the SEO work.
  •  You should also cross-check the prices advertised on their website and what they request in person.


  •  Find an agency that provides constant updates on the progress of the work.
  •  Check whether the agency maintains a policy regarding the work status updation.


Client Ratio

  •  Client ratio refers to the employee-to-customer proportion. The client ratio is essential to check whether the SEO agency has enough manpower to cater to all its customers.
  •  It is advisable to find an SEO agency with a relatively lower client ratio. This will ensure you get enough attention and care from the agency.

2. Use Various Sources

It is preferable not to stick to one way to find out about SEO agencies. Many people resort to online research alone to find agencies. You can also use other trustworthy methods like the following to find efficient SEO agencies.

  •  Social media
  •  Referrals
  •  Industry events and conferences.


3. Read Genuine Client Reviews

You can use various platforms like the following to get trustworthy client reviews on each SEO agency.

  •  Google Business Profile
  •  Social media sites
  •  Third-party review and analysis sites
  •  Bing Places

Following are the significant aspects that you have to look for in the client reviews.

  •  Customer service
  •  General Reputation
  •  Price for the services
  •  Expertise and experience
  •  SEO rankings
  •  Response time
  •  Reporting services

4. Interact with Previous Customers

Interacting with some of the clientele of the agency is always advisable. It gives you a better understanding of the agency’s operations. You can try to find answers to the following questions from the clients to get a better hold of the company’s services.


  •  How long have you been partnering with the SEO agency?
  •  Would you recommend the agency to other businesses? Why?
  •  Have you achieved all your goals working with the agency?
  •  How quickly does the agency return your emails and calls?
  •  What is the one area in which the SEO agency can improve?

You should collect the client list from the agency itself, if possible. If they are happy to provide the client list, it would also mean that they are confident in their services.

Now that you know what to look for, let's dive in and see the best SEO agencies you can work with in Edinburgh, UK.


Time to find your SEO Agency (GrowthFactory Best for 2023)

Choosing an SEO agency demands a lot of research on their services, customer care, previous clients, etc., especially in a place like Edinburgh, where many options exist. Based on intense research,

I have concluded that GrowthFactory is a brand you can trust the most for SEO services. Their one-of-a-kind concept of fractional SEO director has already created great results.

Marketing experts also forecast that GrowthFactory’s innovative approaches enable their clients to gain incomparable results in the future, too.

What can an Edinburgh SEO Company do for you?

If you have ambitious goals for your brand, a leading SEO agency can be the game-changer your business needs.


Whether you already have an in-house marketing team or you're managing things solo, an SEO agency can seamlessly integrate with your operations.

They bring to the table advanced insights and cutting-edge tools that can significantly simplify your marketing efforts.

You don't want to be replacing your SEO agency every 6 due to a lack of results, communication & time spent on your campaign.

So it is for that reason I wrote this guide on the best SEO Edinburgh has to offer. To ensure you can work with an SEO agency in the UK that fits your exact needs and is a recognised and accredited service provider.


SEO Edinburgh FAQs

To round off this guide of the best SEO companies in Edinburgh, I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to finding an SEO service provider in Edinburgh.

1. How do I find the best SEO agency in Edinburgh?

You can find the best SEO agency in Edinburgh using online reviews, review websites, personal referrals, social media, etc. You can also use reputed services like Find That Agency to find the most effective SEO agencies in and around Edinburgh.

2. Which is the best SEO agency in Edinburgh?

The GrowthFactory is considered the best SEO agency in Edinburgh. However, it is not a traditional SEO agency. It introduces the concept of a fractional SEO director. This SEO director will be personally involved in the SEO requirements of the customers. Founded by Robbie Allen, GrowthFactory is noted for its highly effective SEO approaches.


3. Is SEO marketing expensive in Edinburgh?

SEO marketing can get expensive in Edinburgh. But it depends on the SEO agency that you choose to work with. Edinburgh's service providers, like GrowthFactory and Favoured, offer affordable yet high-quality SEO services.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.