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Rad 140 SARMs Review – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

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Rad 140 SARMs Review – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

Beyond the anabolic steroid results, the results obtained from SARMs are less effective but also less dangerous. Not all SARMs are weak but some of them have proven to be potent for bulking. All the useful information and knowledge about SARMs must be gathered before adding it to your bodybuilding cycle. 

Rad 140 SARMs Review
Rad 140 SARMs Review

In my personal RAD 140 SARM review, I will tell you the basic things about how RAD 140 SARM works and how can you use it to have the results just like I had. 
In the world of SARMs, RAD 140 Testolone SARM shares the highest anabolic index which means it has the power to produce huge muscle and strength without major side effects. Click Here to see Prices

Beyond the anabolic steroid results, the results obtained from SARMs are less effective but also less dangerous. Not all SARMs are weak but some of them have proven to be potent for bulking. All the useful information and knowledge about SARMs must be gathered before adding it to your bodybuilding cycle. 

About Me

I was a normal-looking guy just like you, but hard work, dedication, and a touch of SARMs made me the way I am now. If you think using SARMs without anything is going to provide you with the best results, you are tripping because that’s not possible at all. SARMs like steroids are synthetic compounds that surely work fast but everyone needs to have their own specific cycle goals and how they want their physiques to look after 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days. 
I have been using RAD 140 SARM for not so long and what I found will make you buy one for yourself too. 

RAD 140 Testolone SARM Review

The best sports supplements in 2022 are not steroids anymore but SARMs which have been designed with critical caution. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are now safer treatment than steroids which are also popularly sold under prescription for muscle wasting and multiple other forms of medical conditions. 

In the professional arena, bodybuilding and many athletes are currently buying products that are less harmful than steroids and have fewer or no negative side effects. SARMs are more conventional than steroids and they promise the best results following the cycle. RAD 140 testosterone boosting SARM which comes by the name Testolone. It is made by Radium Health Inc which after claiming the long and short-term side effects of anabolic steroids created Testolone for what it does in users. 

Testolone Rad 140 SARM was manufactured as a part of medical treatments i.e. breast cancer, muscle wasting, testosterone deficiency, and many others but its recent use in sports has been deemed illegal. 

A Brief Review of What Does RAD 140 Do?

RAD 140 Testolone stimulates the androgen receptors in the body, the only difference lie is RAD 140 only activates certain androgen receptors and not all. Testolone SARM is more prone to activate the receptors dwelling in the muscles and bones, thus it helps with muscle gain more rapidly than other SARMs. 

Rad 140 works instantaneously soon after ingestion, the compound rapidly binds to the muscle receptors and signals the body to build its size. Within a week, Rad 140 users might notice an increased level of performance, muscle growth, faster recovery, and significant fat loss. 

You can compare this with the anabolic steroid Sustanon, a derivative of the testosterone hormone which works for muscle gain as well as fat loss. 

My RAD 140 SARM Personal Results

I have been on the RAD 140 cycles once and let me tell you don’t buy it from any place nearby. SARMs are hard to find in US and Australia because of the strict law, some online retailers can supply you with quality RAD 140 Testolone, and before the cycle, you should keep the following things in mind. Click Here to see Before and After Results

Before starting the RAD 140 cycle, you should calculate the dosage per day which in my case was 20mg/day. The length of the cycle is also important here, which can be either 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or sometimes 16 that depends on your bulking cycle goals. 

You have to train your body by utilizing explosive exercise training and adding 500+ caloric surplus in your diet. As a Post Cycle Therapy protocol, you should also add a Testosterone Booster because RAD 140 SARM is suppressive to testosterone hormone when used for 12-16 weeks.

    RAD 140 Results after 30 Days

Starting the RAD 140 cycle, users shall see the visible changes within 14 days but you need to maintain regular training and diet to complement the bulking cycle. Results should be expected from RAD140 after 30 days in the overly enhanced testosterone levels that make up muscle mass and improve physical performance. 
RAD140 SARM isn’t approved for human use so you must find the right source for personal use. In the first month with Rad140, you ought to see some performance-related changes and I didn’t come close to the muscle gains, not yet. 

    RAD 140 Results after 60 Days
At a very low dosage of RAD 140, some users got to see the visible changes within 8 weeks cycle. This goes with increased muscle hardness, extensive fat loss, and improved muscle thickness which is something every user notices with Rad 140. I gained over 10 lbs on the scale and it was worth seeing RAD 140 working its magic without me experiencing any side effects except mild hair loss. 

It’s normal for bodybuilders to use RAD 140 SARM for 8 weeks cycle but that’s only for those who haven’t reached the advanced levels. With 30mg/day Testolone dosage, professional bodybuilders expectedly to receive more benefits in terms of muscle growth and lowered fats in the abs. 

    RAD 140 Before and After Results 120 Days

Before using RAD 140, I was having low testosterone levels and it was difficult for me to have muscle growth at a fast rate. Testolone helped me maintain lean muscle mass and cut the fat to make the muscles look promisingly dense. Having an adequate testosterone level is essential for muscle gain and Testolone saved me from using those steroids with a plethora of negative effects. 

Right after the first month, I began to see remarkable changes in my stamina and size. With almost 15 lbs ahead of my former weight, I noticed RAD 140 SARM works to make you buff as well as stronger. You can pack a substantial amount of strength and this particular boost in physical performance is unlike anything you have seen. 

RAD 140 Testolone SARM makes you a powerlifter in a couple of weeks and that’s an unbiased fact. I have been on Testolone for 4 months now and I couldn’t feel the need for stacking it with LGD 4033 Ligandrol or MK 2866 Ostarine SARMs. I have already got pounds of lean muscles which any intermediate bodybuilder could ask for and now I am having a fat-free and stress-free body. 

How to Take RAD 140

Without not know SARMs at all, it is certainly a dangerous step to involve RAD 140 SARM in your bodybuilding cycle. After compiling a hefty amount of clinical and manufacturing data, I came close to the source which deals with authentic and clear RAD 140 compounds. Most companies are distributing SARMs for investigational purposes and it would cost you extra few bucks than most supplements for bodybuilding.

Taking RAD 140 too many results in excessive side effects which can never be overlooked. 

Thus sticking to a 10mg/day dosage is recommended and exceeding the 20mg/day dose can be fatal to the body. Even in the dosage of 1mg/day, RAD 140 Testolone has powerful effects on the body so you may see the changes within two weeks or so. 

Before my RAD 140 personal review, many bodybuilders also attempted to experiment with SARMs in 5-20 milligrams per day dosage. Most bodybuilders who used 10mg/day dosage received the ideal results with minimal side effects. Professionals advise sticking with the 20mg/day dose of RAD 140 but since it’s a research compound, I wouldn’t advise going beyond the 10mg/day dose because that will put your vital organs at risk. 

Most facts shared by the scientific community about RAD 140 are based on anecdotal experiences. At the start, most users who initiated the Testolone cycle stopped it after 6-8 weeks of use because they began to experience testosterone hormone shutdown. 

Is RAD 140 Safe?

Modern-time bodybuilders claim RAD 140 as the alternative to anabolic steroids which have been used for a long time and exhibited some life-threatening side effects on their health. 

RAD 140 in Stores Near Me

If you are aiming for SARMs which are the most powerful chemicals for bodybuilding after steroids, then you must not look for them at local stores. In 2022, there have been so many SARM scammers that have been distributing false quality SARMs illegally from companies you never heard of. Click Here to Get Rad 140 in stores near me

There is currently a number of retailers which sells the RAD 140 Testolone SARM for research purpose and you can also get them for personal use but at your own risk. Not every SARM is a peptide neither every peptide are SARMs, the preference should be on buying the 3rd party-verified RAD 140 compound which is more legal than most. 

Let’s see the availability status of RAD 140 around the world. 

RAD 140 GNC in USA

Made for research purposes, RAD140 is hard to find at GNC USA because of many reasons. The most resounding reason is GNC is a retailer of natural supplements that can also uplift the performance level at the gym, but none of those supplements matches with Testolone SARM. 
Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast rarely uses anything like SARMs and if they do, they purchase it from a very cautious and authentic place and not the GNC!

RAD 140 Chemist Warehouse in Australia

In Australia, many people refer to RAD 140 as RADARINE which has gained massive popularity among hardcore bodybuilders. RAD140 has been found used by athletes in Australia recently and they were banned from the sports. That’s because Radarine or Testolone is a Prohibited Substance for all athletes in the world and it is also covered by the Australian Poisons Standards so using it is strictly illegal. 

SARMs belong to the group of performance-enhancing drugs which bodybuilders abuse from time to time. But in reality, they are only investigational compounds that haven’t been passed on to human consumption, so far as we know, RAD 140 SARM's only use is for the treatment of male contraception, cancer, and muscle wasting disease. 

Expecting SARMs like Rad 140 Testolone available in Chemist Warehouse Australia is just an illusion that cannot turn into reality. 

RAD 140 Boots Store in UK

If you live in UK and want to buy RAD 140 SARM, you simply have to visit the official website of SARMs that are UK-based. 

Only a few websites of RAD 140 sell authentic SARMs that are growing in demand but still illegal for personal use. The first company that strikes your mind is SARMs UK which sells scam-free and high-quality RAD 140 testolone under proper guidance. 

RAD 140 Costco Store in Canada

Canadian health authority strictly bans the use of Testolone unless given for BREAST CANCER TREATMENT. Tons of research is available on steroids used against breast cancer, however, SARMs like RAD 140 Testolone have a very limited number of studies available on them. 

There are tons of Testolone brands available online, but I don’t know if they all ship to Canada. If you face any problem regarding the SARMs shipping then you must not buy from them. Local vendors in the US only distribute the SARM supplements across US, but their attempts to send this outside the US are usually caught up by the customs rules of the other countries. If you are interested to learn more about Testolone visit Canada based website to have the best quality ones. 

RAD 140 Price

The pricing part is the second most difficult thing about SARMs, yes they are expensive as they should be because SARMs are the latest compound in the market. 
Let’s calculate the Testolone expense based on the cycle length. 

•    For a 4-week RAD 140 cycle, you must at least require $100-$200, plus $70 for the testosterone booster as a PCT option if you are somehow caught up by the testosterone suppression. 
•    For the RAD 140 8 weeks cycle, you may be spending over $300 because a single pack of Testolone wouldn’t be enough. 
•    RAD 140 12-16 weeks cycle may cost $300-$450 which also involves testosterone booster as a PCT aid. 

Where to Buy RAD 140 Online

You must always be prepared and have Post Cycle Therapy supplement your side during the RAD 140 cycle. It will be relatively easier to find the PCT supplements than the original SARM like RAD 140. Right now, there are currently legal and authentic websites selling SARMs for sale. Click Here to Buy Rad140 Online

Some of the examples are Purerawz, paradigmpeptites, and SARMs4you which are known for dealing with some authentic compounds for research purposes. 
You could find pure and medical-grade SARMs for research purposes and that’s why bodybuilders turn them in for personal use. If you are not into SARMs side effects, then you can also purchase safe and natural SARMs available all over the world but originating from the USA. Around 25% of youths are using legal steroids and SARMs in 2022 for similar purposes for which professionals are using Sustanon steroids and Testolone SARM. 

There is always room for safe options in bodybuilding which you can find over there. 

Concluding My RAD 140 SARM Personal Review

In a nutshell, SARMs are not dietary supplements that can be used by anyone targeting having a bulkier physique and outrageous strength. 
Unlike steroids, SARMs are less harmful but this doesn’t qualify them to be 100% safe like legal SARMs over the counter. Many companies are making RAD 140 testolone so it can overcome life-threatening conditions such as breast cancer. Not every store that you see selling dietary supplements isn’t qualified to sell SARMs because they are been banned in many countries including the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. 

Bluntly speaking, RAD 140 shouldn’t be your only choice for bulking cycle and testosterone enhancement. RAD 140 side effects that you can see at any site are life-debilitating and often left users with permanent medical conditions. 

Better than Testolone, Ligandrol, Ostarine, and Cardarine SARMs for bulking, you could rather at least try the legal supplements claiming to mimic SARMs like RAD 140 and they are also available over the counter which is a big relief. Click Here to Visit Official Legal Sarms Website

RAD140 Testolone FAQs

Q1: Does RAD 140 suppress natural testosterone?

A study performed in 2010 found that After 28 days of dosing with RAD140, the testosterone levels in all three groups were suppressed to approximately 200−300 ng/dL, with similar suppression in all groups, although testosterone levels were significantly different for only the 0.01 mg/kg group.

Q2: Is RAD 140 safe for women?

Although it is not known to be particularly androgenic, there is little available information regarding the safety profile of RAD 140 in women and women should be cautious with participating in clinical research with RAD 140 until more information is available.

Q3: Can RAD 140 cause hair loss?

While it is not known to be particularly androgenic on its own, RAD 140 administration can free testosterone that is otherwise bound to SHBG in the male body and this can indirectly increase the risk of hair loss.

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