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My Parents Chose To Live In A Retirement Community And They Are Very Happy

Author: Uma Chellappa

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Usha Natarajan and Rama Krishnamurthy are two sisters in their 40s and have a good ten to fifteen years before they can hang their boots, but the two families are already planning their retirement years. The duo is already scouting independent living facilities in the hotspot of Coimbatore. "I love the idea of waking up to the natural beauty of mountains and trees," says Usha, who works in the Bangalore IT sector as an analyst. "I want a garden of my own, and a villa to live in would be great," chimes her older sister, Rama, who is itching to give up her congested house in Mumbai for a more spacious one in a neighborhood that allows you to breathe in the natural air. 

What's driving people like them to seek retirement homes so early, one could ask? 

For starters, it is the right age to plan, says Karthik Shankar, 52, CEO of a start-up who shuttles between cities between work to look after his aging parents. We are seeing our parents struggle with age-related troubles, household work, and loneliness. They are unwilling to move with us and resist change of any kind. We don't want to repeat their mistake of not having a retirement plan that puts our safety and comfort above everything else. 

The middle-aged generation - also known as the sandwich generation, who are caregivers to their aging parents and have children who will fly the nest soon - belonging to the middle-to-higher income group are the thinking class who want to sketch out a retirement plan that allows them a comfortable living that's independent and yet can provide them with assistance (with meals, laundry, and healthcare) when required.

While the ones in their 40s and 50s are proactively choosing to invest in retirement communities, the present boom of the senior living industry is because of septuagenarian couples like Mr. and Mrs. Swaminathan, who were ahead of their times in buying and moving into their retirement home by a leading provider in Coimbatore when they were in their sixties. Mrs. Swaminathan shares, "Our only daughter is married and settled abroad. We had anticipated this day and also accepted the fact our current residence, which was not in a gated community and lacked simple facilities like a lift, was not going to be a wise choice as we grew older. Plus, we would need security, support with housework, and emergency health care at some point. Hence, we decided to move when we still had active years left." 

The system of living with kids in old age is a concept that's fast dying out. With rapid globalization, adult children moving to other countries for better prospects is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Most people after sixty do not want to leave their homeland or city to settle in a place vastly different in terms of weather and culture. The idea of having an independent life, pursuing hobbies that got left on the back burner in their prime, or using their free time to give back to society is a compelling factor in favor of modern-day independent retirement communities. 

Senior Living Homes are rising high on the demand chart, as the aging population in India expects to double in the coming years, says Shreya Anandapadmanabhan, director of Vedaanta Senior Living, a growing brand name in the industry. Shreya bases her opinion on the various statistical reports that estimate the 60+ age group to touch 194 million by 2031 (from 138 in 2021). It's a huge market awaiting providers like us who are committed to offering quality services at affordable rates, adds Shreya. 


Independent retirement communities have come a long way from the erstwhile concept of 'old-age homes'. These communities are replete with all the modern and luxurious amenities like a gym, reading library, clubhouse, jogging tracks, restaurants, and so much more. Usually set in locations that are in the lap of nature, with lush green fields and verdant mountains, these homes are an answer to people like Usha who itch to move out of the concrete and chaotic city life.


Senior Living Communities offer far more than just a space that scores high on location, infrastructure, and amenities. Many seniors lose the sense of purpose as their adult children and grandchildren chug on with their lives. The communities help them connect with people their age and offer several avenues to do meaningful activities. Sometimes, families of seniors do not understand (and cannot provide) the level and depth of support one needs as they age. They require homes that are adequately proofed against falls (one of the most common causes of grave and even fatal injuries in senior adults), a doctor-on-call to attend to chronic troubles, on-demand ambulance service, and critical first-aid at all times. We have saved countless lives due to the alert and prompt responses from our paramedical staff, adds Shreya.

Mr. Krishnan, a resident of Vedaanta Satsang, sums it up when he says that retired life should be about enjoying the phase without worries about mundane work, health, and being dependent on children. When retirement communities give it all on a platter with clean air and excellent food to boot, what else do you need?


About Vedaanta Senior Living -

Vedaanta Senior Living is a specialized senior care enterprise founded in 2015 by accomplished professionals who spearheaded India's largest senior care housing chain and brand. Our vision at Vedaanta is to provide seniors with top-tier care and comfort at an affordable cost.

What began modestly in 2015 has, in just eight years, blossomed into one of the rapidly advancing companies in the senior living sector, with a portfolio now comprising more than 12 communities across Bangalore, Chennai, Hosur, Guruvayoor, Coimbatore, and expanding.

Our primary mission at Vedaanta is to simplify the lives of the elderly by crafting senior-friendly retirement communities and offering a spectrum of essential, emergency, basic, comfort, lifestyle, and advisory services.

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