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Masterclass Review

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Masterclass Review

MasterClass is designed as an online learning platform, targeted primarily at adult users who want to learn additional skills or expand their understanding of certain subjects.

Masterclass Review
Masterclass Review

There's a well-known quote from celebrated sci-fi author Robert A. Heinlein in his summary of a well-rounded human being: "Specialization is for insects."

I've enjoyed debating the merits of Heinlein's idea over the years - often with subject specialists, who tend to find it slightly insulting. I think there's a lot to be said for becoming a specialist; we need experts. The point, I think, is that there's always a good reason to expand your skill set.

MasterClass is an online learning platform where anyone can learn about almost anything from - guess who - subject specialists.

I guess that sometimes, maybe we can have our cake and eat it.

I've put together this MasterClass review to describe my experiences using the platform, and to help you understand if you could benefit from its wide range of video lessons from celebrity instructors. I'll cover:

  • How to use the platform
  • What it offers
  • My favorite courses
  • Who it's best for (and who it's not so good for)
  • How it holds up against the competition
  • Whether it's worth the money

You can sign up now for $15/month, giving you access to a wide range of expertly taught classes in a learning program that Heinlein would surely have approved of.

Well, let's get to it.

Overall Rating

  • Range of courses: 8/10
  • Quality of tuition: 10/10
  • Supplementary resources: 9/10
  • Ease of use: 9/10
  • Accessibility: 9/10
  • Pricing: 9/10
  • Customer service: 7/10

Overall score: 8.7/10

What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is designed as an online learning platform, targeted primarily at adult users who want to learn additional skills or expand their understanding of certain subjects. While there are numerous platforms offering a similar service, MasterClass's USP is the truly impressive range of celebrity instructors it has fronting its video lessons.

World-renowned experts and high-performers in every niche are ready to show you how they got where they are, and share the lessons they learned along the way. You can learn chef skills from Gordon Ramsay, creative leadership from Anna Wintour, or political strategy from Karl Rove and David Axelrod (I have to admit, I did a double-take when I saw that pairing - more to follow).

Courses are divided into 11 categories, so you can easily browse the subject areas that interest you most. Each course contains a set number of MasterClass videos, and I'll say that the number of video lessons in a course doesn't necessarily equate to value. Videos typically range from 10-30 minutes, but there's no standard video length, so it's worth investigating how many hours you'll get from each course.

The education program is purely informational. You won't be tested on your knowledge or have to pass an exam to "qualify" - what you get out of it depends entirely on you. You can also download supplementary reading materials on each course for offline learning, which is an advantage of MasterClass over some of its competitors.

MasterClass courses are designed to be taken at your own pace, which really suits people with busy lives. Folks with high-pressure jobs or kids (or both!) don't get enough opportunities to "learn for fun," and the platform's aiming to fix that. I, for one, am very grateful.

Learn more about MasterClass and sign up for classes here.

How Does MasterClass Work?

The platform has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. If you've ever used an online streaming service, you'll get the picture. You can browse by category, check out your favorites and recommendations, or search for a specific course.

Here's how to get started.

Creating an Account

Creating a MasterClass account is really simple - hit the "sign up" button at the top right of the page.

You'll then be asked what your goal are for using the platform. You can select any number of options on the list - this will guide your recommendations once you've signed up.

Creating a MasterClass account
Creating a MasterClass account

The next question is about how much time you intend to spend learning. Again, this isn't prescriptive - you're not signing a contract! It's just to help the platform guide you to the appropriate courses. If you've only got 30 minutes per week available, it will recommend bite-sized programs.

Creating a MasterClass account
Creating a MasterClass account

You'll then be provided with an immediate list of suggestions based on your indicated interests. You can scroll down this page to find the courses that MasterClass thinks are most appropriate for you. Clicking on any of these courses will give you a brief overview, although the episode-by-episode breakdown is behind the paywall.

Creating a MasterClass account
Creating a MasterClass account

When you decide to create an account, you'll be directed to the payment plan screen - I'll cover this below. You'll need all the usual information on hand to create your account, including:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Home & billing address
  • Credit card details
  • Contact phone number

You can also use your Google or Facebook account to sign into the service. It's as simple and straightforward as you'd expect.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It's worth noting that MasterClass doesn't offer free trials. If you want to try out its video lessons, you'll need to make an initial payment to create your account.

However, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all users. If you try the platform for up to 30 days and discover you don't find it useful (or if you simply don't have as much time on your hands as you'd hoped), you can request a refund.

Payment Plans

Here's a breakdown of the MasterClass payment plans.

Payment Plans
Payment Plans

As you'd expect, the "default" membership is set to the middle ground, or the "Duo" plan. Unless you really dislike watching videos on your phone or tablet, I'd really recommend this one.

I find that downtime often occurs when I'm nowhere near my computer. If I've got half an hour free when I'm traveling or waiting for an appointment, that's the perfect time to watch MasterClass videos. With the exception of some of the arts-focused videos, I don't need high resolution or a large screen.

Likewise, if you have a home PC and a laptop for travel, enabling two devices is a huge advantage. Say you go to bed with your laptop and realize you can only watch MasterClass courses on your desktop because you opted for the Individual plan. It's annoying.


That said, if you're a one-computer kind of person, the $10/month Individual plan is still pretty good. You can access courses on one device, and you still get most of the benefits of the more expensive packages.

Except one, and that's the ability to download courses for offline viewing.

Again, this might not inconvenience you. If you're only ever planning to watch at home on your computer with a stable internet connection, you won't need offline availability. But there's no watching videos when you're on a flight or staying in a hotel with lousy Wi-Fi.


As outlined above, the $15/month Duo plan is my favorite. Pick your devices wisely - I'd choose your main computer plus a tablet. Your phone is another good choice, but I enjoy the slightly larger screen and video quality on the tablet.

Critically, the Duo plan lets you download every course Masterclass offers for offline viewing. Having a few classes stored and ready for when you need them is good practice.

I tend to prioritize more conversational, informative videos over "skills-based" courses for downloads. I can listen to David Sedaris muse on the creative process and subtle humor anywhere at any time, but if I want Chef Ramsay to teach me how to chop vegetables, I'll be in my kitchen with my laptop perched on the countertop, trying my best not to throw chunks of onion onto the keyboard.

Overall - the Duo plan is my recommendation.


The Family plan comes in at $20/month, and that's pretty good value for upgrading to 6 devices. Putting "family" aside for a moment, that could really suit an individual who has a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. It could also let you watch videos on your work laptop. In case your boss is watching over your shoulder, I do not condone this.

This package is great if you and your partner share an interest in learning new things. Whether you have separate interests or you're keen on taking courses together, you get great value and a new shared pursuit.

Families with older kids may also benefit from this plan. Most programs in the MasterClass course library are accessible to learners aged 14+, although high school-age kids may not appreciate the idea of extra homework. However, your kids may really enjoy and benefit from some of these programs as they become more interested in the wider world.

I'd certainly recommend the Family plan if you've got the extra $5/month to spare. Greater convenience, more opportunities, and at a very reasonable price.

Choose your pricing plan on the MasterClass website.

Selecting MasterClass Classes

There's no limit on the number of MasterClass classes you can watch, whichever plan you're on. Once you've signed up, the platform is your oyster.

I'd recommend starting with two shorter courses that you know you're already interested in before you start browsing odd topics. One could be a skills-based course (e.g. cooking classes), and the other could be a broader, more conversational topic (e.g. leadership skills).

My reasoning is that this will give you a good idea if you find video lessons useful for either or both of these course types. If you discover that online courses don't really work for you, it's best to learn this early on - that way, you can claim the 30-day refund.

Supposing you do get on with both courses - and I really think you will! - you'll immediately discover what makes MasterClass different from other online platforms and get an in-depth, engaging experience. You can then branch out to topics in any sector you choose at your leisure.

Customer Support

The MasterClass Help Center includes a list of useful FAQs. If you need further assistance, you can contact the MasterClass support team by submitting a request using the button on this page.

Alternatively, you can contact the team via phone between 6 AM and 4 PM PST on 1 (855) 981-8208.

Offline Viewing

I find the ability to download courses for offline viewing really useful. It's rare that I'm without an internet connection, but like most citizens of the 21st Century, I fly into a panic when I don't have the world at my fingertips.

As I said earlier, I often discover that my downtime comes at times when I don't have the best connection, such as when I'm traveling. I love being able to make use of downtime to learn something new, and if especially if I don't have any of my favorite podcasts saved, MasterClass videos are a godsend.

Learn whatever you want, whenever you want - sign up for MasterClass here.

MasterClass Courses by Category

MasterClass instructors are drawn from a diverse range of niches - it's honestly quite impressive how many huge names the platform has attracted since its inception in 2015.

We'll get to the names soon. First, I think it's helpful to get an understanding of what subjects you'll find on the platform, which have the best offerings, and which may be regarded as works in progress.

For the sake of readability, and because I haven't tested literally every single course on the platform, I'll avoid exhaustive name-dropping in this section and focus on subjects. You'll find my recommendations for courses by specific instructors just below this section.

Arts & Entertainment

The arts & entertainment section of MasterClass is well-populated with courses, with several being focused on TV & film. There's some overlap with the "writing" section here, but you'll find courses on screenwriting and filmmaking from industry leaders.

Comedy is another subject that pops up a few times. For those who think that "being funny" is something that only comes to some people naturally, it's well worth diving into these materials. You'll not only learn that being the class clown doesn't necessarily translate into a successful comedy career, but also that you can learn how to make people laugh even if it's not an instinctive talent.

There are also some great courses on acting. While it's true that if you're interested in trying your hand at acting, there's nothing quite like hands-on experience, you'll gain some valuable insights into how great actors with diverse careers have found their niches, as well as an understanding of the challenges actors face.


This section focuses on issues that any business leader will recognize as critically important, and it's no surprise that communication is one of the topics that comes up again and again. Learning different communication styles is essential for managers to get the most out of their employees and themselves, and you'll find several approaches here.

Other topics include branding, both as an individual and as a company, and the importance of leadership in business. Many of these topics are thought-provoking without following such a structured curriculum as some other niches, so I've found they're perfect for when I want some thought-provoking lessons without a prescriptive learning element.

Strategic decision-making is another core subject - we can always learn from others' experiences here.

Community & Government

The community & government tab has slightly fewer courses than some of the other niches MasterClass offers, but there are some high-value topics covered here. Video lessons often bridge the gap between political analysis and philosophy, with multiple courses focusing on independent, critical thought.

Making meaningful change is another topic covered in depth - again, this borders on philosophy, as we must ask what "meaningful" change really looks like. Delicate subjects like diplomacy and international relations are handled thoughtfully.

Whether you're simply interested in making sense of the news (which feels increasingly difficult today) or you see a career in politics in your future, this section is an excellent starting point.

Design & Style

This is an interesting section - some courses take an educational approach, helping you understand the fundamentals of certain types of fashion (e.g. hair styling, clothing design, makeup). Meanwhile, others take a more business-focused approach, showing you how to transform your talents into a viable business in your chosen niche.

There are also several courses in this section that deal with interior design; you'll find some overlap with the "home & lifestyle" section. I'm not always 100% clear how these courses are categorized, which is why I'd recommend using the search function if you're interested in a certain niche rather than expecting it to be neatly categorized.


Like acting, there's only so much you can learn about how to make food without actually... making food. But backed up with practice, some of the culinary arts courses here teach you valuable techniques such as knife skills that can really elevate your home cooking.

My only critique of the "practical" side of MasterClass's food courses is that if there's one thing YouTube has proven itself good for, it's teaching amateurs how to cook. Do we need MasterClass for this when there are already so many free courses available elsewhere?

Well, the practical lessons are backed up with several enlightening courses about specific cuisines, food culture around the world, and niche subjects such as wine tasting. While I wouldn't get MasterClass if food was all I was interested in learning about, I do appreciate what its online courses have to offer.

Home & Lifestyle

This is the smallest section on the MasterClass platform, with only four courses as of the time of writing. One of these is also about designing your interior space, which feels like it could possibly fit into the "design & style" category, but that's fine.

Other topics include dog training, gardening, and how to make floral arrangements. To be fair, all these courses are interesting to me! But I'd like to see some more expansion and variety in this section, which I know MasterClass is planning.


The music section is pretty broad and covers an impressive range of subjects. There are numerous courses on music production, which is fascinating even if you've never picked up an instrument, and some excellent material on electronic music production.

There are also instrument-specific courses, which like acting and cooking, won't teach you exactly how to "do" the thing - but they'll give you a better picture of how certain instruments work, what their roles are, and an insight into musicians' lives.

Singing is also well-represented, with plenty of tips from amazing vocal artists on how to control your voice, expand your range, and get more out of something you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Science & Tech

I was slightly surprised that the science & tech section is one of the smaller niches MasterClass offers. There are some great subjects here from amazing people, but I'd like to see it slightly better represented in the future.

The course on conservation here is one of my all-time favorites, and there are some universally useful video lessons on how the scientific thought process can be applied even outside of strictly scientific practices (and how it's sometimes abused).

Intriguingly, there's also a course on criminal profiling from an FBI Special Agent, which is not what I was expecting to find in a fairly small section. However, if you're already a sucker for true crime documentaries, you'll doubtless find plenty to get stuck into here.

Sports & Gaming

The sports & gaming section has plenty of material on games that are extremely popular online now, with classes on poker and chess. If you like to play or even watch others play these enduringly popular games online, prepare to have your analytical skills buffed.

Interestingly, these are supplemented by a course on streaming - it seems MasterClass has leaned into the contemporary side of gaming, and this may be especially valuable to younger users. Streaming is increasingly considered a viable lifestyle choice but is fraught with risks and challenges. This course may also be helpful if you have kids with an interest in streaming!

Traditional sports are also represented, with video lessons on everything from basketball to Formula 1 to rock climbing. Also, I know I said I wouldn't namedrop in this section, but there's a course on skateboarding from the evergreen Tony Hawk, who will truly make you believe that you're not too old to make a fool of yourself on the street in front of your house.


The wellness course selection is on the smaller side, with 10 courses available at the time of writing. It covers a good range of topics, though, and has some of my favorites - positive habit-forming and mindfulness are central themes.

The wellness niche is, if anything, even more oversaturated than cooking. However, I actually like using a well-vetted online learning platform like MasterClass for my wellness material because low-quality wellness podcasts are a dime-a-dozen.

Why is this different? Well, I can usually tell if a cooking instructor knows what they're doing in the first 2 minutes, but you can waste half an hour before a "wellness" guru exhausts their USP and just starts repeating the most generic stuff. I'd rather have my wellness experts vetted.

There's also good information on sex and relationships, which all of us can always learn more about - no exceptions. You don't have to agree with everything, but listening is a great start, and I rate these courses highly. This section is rounded out by some well-designed lessons on self-expression.


There's a great variety of writing courses on MasterClass, and this is one of its strongest sections. This is partly because storytellers tend to be excellent narrators when they're talking about something they're passionate about, and MasterClass has collected some of the best.

You can learn about the art of storytelling in general or take a deep dive into genre fiction niches. Thrillers, mysteries, fantasy, and science fiction are all explored in depth, and whether you're interested in trying out your skills as a writer or just love reading, there's tons of valuable information on how writers create characters, structure stories, and more.

There are also several courses on poetry. I'll admit - while there are certain poems that I've always enjoyed, it's not an art form I've ever truly grasped. It can be difficult to understand the nuances of why writers choose certain meters or line structures, and it's explained here by some of the best. Really great stuff!

Discover the full range of courses available on MasterClass today.

Best Video Lessons on MasterClass

Of all the classes I've tried on MasterClass, the ones below are my standout favorites. Some have a natural advantage because they're on topics I'm especially interested in, but others have been enlightening simply because of the excellent teaching.

George Stephanopoulos Teaches Purposeful Communication

As a political figure and commentator, there aren't many people as well-qualified as George Stephanopoulos to show you how powerful communication can be in any environment. Besides a wealth of fascinating insights from his career, these lessons include practical tips to help you communicate to maximum effect in any situation.

It's a 14-video course designed to improve your skills as an orator, leader, and analyst. One of my top choices.

Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership

This 12-video course from Vogue's Editor-in-Chief takes you through the journey of someone who made it to the top of her field and stayed there. Anna Wintour has a wealth of experience to offer both budding entrepreneurs and those looking to get ahead on the corporate ladder.

The course is especially relevant to those who work in creative industries, but there are insights here for aspiring business leaders in any field.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication

How can you not love Neil DeGrasse Tyson's breathtaking enthusiasm for his subject? In this 13-video course, he explores how a sound understanding of the scientific method equips us to understand and question the world around us. There's also a strong focus on understanding our own cognitive biases and recognizing that our thoughts must always be subject to change and development.

His passion and excellent articulation elevate this to one of my favorite MasterClasses.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking I & II

If you wanted one person to give you practical advice in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay would probably be high on your list. Right?

Thanks to MasterClass, you won't even have to deal with him yelling at you when you make a mistake. Ramsay is a surprisingly patient teacher and explains not just how culinary skills are performed, but why they're important.

Dr Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

This is one of my standout "surprise" favorite courses. Dr. Jane Goodall is renowned for her extensive work with chimpanzees, and you'll discover a new world as this 29-part class takes you through the fascinating insights she's made through her research to the importance of conservation on a local and global level.

One of the reasons I love this course is because it presents actionable solutions from someone who understands the picture on the ground. Conservation is so often painted in broad strokes by policymakers, but the subject becomes far more engaging when you begin to understand the critical role that people and businesses can play by getting directly involved.

RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity

Hands up - I don't actually follow Drag Race. However, I was glued to RuPaul's 16-lesson course on self-perception, self-expression, and finding how to live and present your most authentic self.

There are some incredibly powerful stories in this series, and lessons are skilfully drawn and presented in a way that anyone can recognize and relate to. It's also just a fantastic learning opportunity for anyone who doesn't know much about the world of drag - highly recommended.

Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling

Neil Gaiman is one of the most accessible and beloved storytellers around today, and you'll discover why when you try this course. This course has 19 chapters, and presents a well-structured approach to the creative writing process that's equally valuable to novice writers and seasoned wordsmiths.

Gaiman's gentle good humor, self-deprecating nature, and professional insight make this one of the most enjoyable courses to follow. You'll also learn how storytelling has value far beyond the world of fiction - it helps with communication, building relationships, and much more.

Jocko Willink - Critical Leadership Training

Here's an interesting one. I tried this course from self-proclaimed "knuckle dragger" and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink alongside Anna Wintour's course on creative leadership to see how the two approaches contrasted.

While the tone is certainly different, you'd be surprised at how many of the key lessons are the same. Understanding different approaches to leadership is essential when you're developing your own, and I'd highly recommend checking out a broad range of sources.

Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication

This course is on the shorter side, with only 7 video lessons, but in that short space, it provides a wealth of knowledge on one of the most difficult and taboo topics in our society - sex.

I mentioned earlier that no matter who you are, you can always stand to learn more about how sex and communication work together in relationships. Give this course a try, and you'll understand what I mean. If there's even one thing you hadn't considered before (and there will be more!), that one thing could improve the most important relationship in your life. Don't be shy!

David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor

Like Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris is simply a fantastic narrator, and his his 14-part course on storytelling and humor is like settling into a warm bath of gentle, thought-provoking Good Advice. As with leadership, there are many ways to tell a story, and the more you understand, the closer you'll be to finding your own style.

Sedaris' writing has always been prized for its keen sense of observation, and besides specialist writing advice, you'll learn to appreciate just how much is going on in the world around you - and what a great source of stories you already have on hand.

Campaign Strategy and Messaging - David Axelrod and Karl Rove

This one blew my mind a bit when I saw the title. Barack Obama's election guru and George W. Bush's political strategist have teamed up to deliver an impactful, wide-ranging masterclass on how to effectively manage a campaign.

Thankfully, they also talk about their unlikely friendship and professional partnership, because otherwise, I would still have so many questions.

As with all the best classes, this has applications outside its native setting. While the political aspect is so interesting and often eye-opening, there's much to learn here for entrepreneurs, brand managers, and anyone who wants to learn about creating and managing an image under tough circumstances.

Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

I know, in the news, it's all about Magnus these days. But this 29-video series from one of chess's all-time masters will teach you more than you ever thought you could know about the world's greatest game.

Kasparov is an excellent communicator and shows that the mindset of a chess strategist doesn't have to be something that you're "born with." Patience, practice, and creativity all blend together in this workshop.

Steve Martin Teaches Comedy

This 25-part course takes you through the fundamentals of how comedians work, and I promise you'll be surprised by the results. More than anything, it's crazy how much work goes into the most successful comic routines and shows; "off-the-cuff" flashes of genius play second fiddle to careful workshopping and remorselessly throwing out bad ideas.

You may not fancy having a go at the brutal world of stand-up comedy, but who doesn't want to tell better jokes?

Serena Williams Teaches Tennis

This is another one of those courses that you'll need to be ready to back up with practice - that's Serena's number one lesson. And boy, is this a series of high-quality video lessons from one of the sport's all-time legends.

I love tennis, but it's an incredibly challenging sport. Besides the outrageous levels of physical fitness required, the technical side of the game is... well, very technical. From groundstrokes to positioning, Serena Williams breaks down all the key aspects of the game in this engaging 10-video course.

Discover your new favorite MasterClass classes from the professionals!

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

The total cost of a MasterClass annual membership is as follows:

  • Individual plan - $120
  • Dual plan - $180
  • Family plan - $240

Pricing varies depending on country, so if you're outside the US, the pricing page will be listed in your local currency.

How much does MasterClass really cost for what you're getting? With unlimited access to MasterClass classes once you've signed up, I think the flat pricing model is much more attractive than many of the other online learning platforms on the market.

Of course, it depends how much you use it. If you only have 30 minutes per week available, you could argue that $10 per month for around 2 hours of learning could be better value. However, that's still... not actually that bad. Think of how much college classes cost per session.

Meanwhile, if you're planning to use the platform more frequently, the pricing is excellent. You can learn a host of new skills for less than you'd spend on most streaming platforms.

Choose your pricing plan now.

What I Love About MasterClass

I'll get to the point - I love MasterClass. I think it's a fantastic learning opportunity with excellent features.

Here's what I think really stands out about the platform.


This is one of the best features of a MasterClass membership compared to other platforms. Located on the right of the screen, this feature lets you take notes while you're watching a video, making it easy to keep track of ideas that you'd like to return to without having to set up a separate doc.

I'm a terrible note-taker by hand (my handwriting is dreadful), so being able to take notes without clicking away to a different screen is incredibly helpful for me. You'll also be able to click back to wherever you were in the video when you made the note, jogging your memory when you want to expand on your previous train of thought.

Downloadable Guides

MasterClass courses come with a downloadable companion workbook. The size and depth of this workbook depend on the course.

The videos will always be the main learning resource, but the workbook is an excellent feature that helps you organize your thoughts, spend extra time on key concepts, and elaborate on ideas that might've only been touched on briefly in the video.

Many online learning platforms don't provide downloadable materials (or if they do, they're often very limited), so I'm a big fan of this resource.

My Progress

MasterClass lets you keep track of where you left off with a section called "My Progress." You just know that you'll be interrupted and have to break off halfway through a video at some point, so this is a really neat addition that minimizes the need to go back and watch material you've already covered or skip around looking for your place in a video.

MasterClass Articles & MasterClass Live

Besides the video courses and downloadable guides, MasterClass routinely publishes articles related to its core subjects. It's just one of those things - it doesn't have to, but it does. The platform really cares about providing a well-rounded learning experience.

You can also check out MasterClass Live, which features live videos from many of its featured tutors. "Live" is a bit misleading, as you can still watch these videos after they're published! They may not always have the same level of polish as the courses, but there's some great material here.

What I Think MasterClass Could Improve

MasterClass frequently adds new classes, and I hope that this trend continues and accelerates.

I think the platform separates and structures its topics well, but I've always been a bit surprised that some categories only have a few courses available. For instance, I'd like to see more courses available in the "home & lifestyle" and "wellness" sections; it feels like a missed opportunity to present these as independent sections but then have a relatively small, niche set of programs.

There are also some user-reported issues about issues contacting the MasterClass team (see below). I've never personally had any problems on this front, but it's worth bearing in mind.

So is MasterClass actually good? Yes - absolutely.

For a platform that has been around for less than a decade, it's already attracted an impressive array of A-list experts on an astounding variety of topics. Most of its categories have diverse, in-depth guidance on a huge range of related topics. Its writing classes and leadership courses are great examples.

Discover the best MasterClass courses available today.

Who is MasterClass Best For?

MasterClass is a great platform for anyone interested in learning more about a new subject or niche from the very best. It's perfect for people who don't have a lot of time on their hands and for whom taking up in-person classes might just not be possible.

Based on my MasterClass experience - 100%.

Who is MasterClass Not Good For?

If you want to become a true expert in any field, you'll have to transition away from video classes at some point. Even the best MasterClass courses can only teach you so much about practical subjects like sports.

So what is the disadvantage of MasterClass? Pretty much the same as with any online learning platform - the medium works really well to give you an overview and valuable insights, but it's not a full school experience.

MasterClass Review: What the Users Think

MasterClass has a 2.8/5 overall rating on Trustpilot, with 5-star reviews making up the majority (54% at the time of writing).

Here are a few of the most recent MasterClass reviews from Trustpilot.

MasterClass Review
MasterClass Review
MasterClass Review
MasterClass Review
MasterClass Review
MasterClass Review

It's worth noting that the MasterClass team tends to respond to unfavorable reviews on Trustpilot, which is good to see. A pet peeve for me is when businesses won't answer to negative feedback - I can tolerate problems if the business is interested in fixing them.

Pros & Cons

Here's a quick list of the main pros and cons I've identified in my MasterClass review.


  • Large range of courses
  • Superb quality of tuition
  • Great note-taking features
  • Downloadable courses & written workbooks
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to use


  • Some subject areas need expansion
  • Customer service has been questioned

Check out the platform and get started.

MasterClass vs. Other Online Learning Platforms

So why choose MasterClass over the other online learning platforms on the market? Let's do a side-by-side comparison.

What is Better - SkillShare or MasterClass?


SkillShare is a digital learning platform with a huge range of courses and the attractive offer of a free account. This gives you access to a very limited number of courses, and they tend to be a lot shorter than those on MasterClass.

SkillShare costs $14/month, which is more than MasterClass's Individual plan, but slightly less than its Duo plan. This lets you access a huge range of resources. So what's the catch?

The quality and depth of tuition is the main drawback. MasterClass prides itself on offering education from world-leading experts, so you know you're learning from the best. Overall, this is a case of quality over quantity - I'd choose MasterClass any day.

MasterClass vs. Udemy


Udemy is another platform with a gigantic range of courses. These tend to be priced individually, so you'll pay per course rather than for access to a diverse range of classes.

Courses on Udemy also tend to be much shorter - many are less than two hours. This means that the level of depth you'll get on any given subject is very limited compared to the lengthy, structured courses on MasterClass.

The Last Word

I have never regretted my MasterClass subscription for a moment. I don't think you'll regret yours.

Nowhere else can you access courses from such an accredited group of experts for such a low price. The quality of the tuition is sky-high, the range of subjects gives you so much to dig into, and it's become my favorite online learning tool since I signed up.

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