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Marriage Predictions By Famous Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

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Marriage Predictions By Famous Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

Marriage prediction will work only when you yourself are alert and interested/serious about such predictions. One can get marriage prediction using date of birth. Astrology predictions using horoscope by date of birth indicates all about marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

Accuracy of any astrological predictions depends on two factors mainly: the source that is giving predictions and your own sincerity in taking the predictions. Yes I mean it and you will realise it while reading further. Marriage prediction means predictions for all marriage-related aspects. Marriage prediction starts from knowing the right time for marriage, who will be your future life partner, you will have love or arranged marriage, your compatibility with your soul mate, how will be your progeny and like this many other aspects related to before and after marriage. 

When we talk about marriage predictions, we need an astrologer. But how far these predictions will help us depends on our efforts and intent. Yes, marriage prediction will work only when you yourself are alert and interested/serious about such predictions. Why am I saying alert -because you need to judge the right astrologer carefully to depend on marriage predictions. Serious because the person himself should be interested in getting married: sometimes too much focus on career will hamper marriage prediction come true. Consider: parents consult astrologer about daughter's marriage, take predictions, but the Girl wants to go abroad for further studies or wants to focus on career and not interested to marry.

So how will astrology predictions for marriage come true? I am writing this here because this is the plight of many parents coming to me when their child is not getting married in spite of all the efforts from their side. Sometimes, surrounding socio-economic circumstances will affect marriage prediction failure. So, astrology prediction for marriage will surely work provided you get them the right way, from the right astrologer and yourself want to take these predictions sincerely. And this applies to second marriage also. 

Marriage predictions by date of birth
One can get marriage prediction using date of birth. Astrology predictions using horoscope by date of birth indicates all about before/after marriage. Let us see how we use astrology for marriage prediction by birth details. 
•    Out of twelve houses in your birth chart, the 7th house is the main house seen for marriage. 7th house denotes all partnerships in your life, and marriage is a partnership only with your spouse. The 7th house is the main house seen for all major aspects of marriage. 
•    Then we see 2nd house to examine the accumulation of wealth, family expansion, and children, which is very important for any married couple. 
•    The next house seen for marriage prediction is the 4th house, the house for family life and family happiness. 
•    The house seen for love marriage, and romance is the 5th house for marriage prediction. 
•    It indicates whether the person will have love marriage or arranged marriage with the help of family members. The relation between Lordship of 5th and 7th house and planets positioned therein indicates if the person will have a love marriage. 
•    Then 8th house is seen for marriage prediction by date of birth. This denotes sex life and relationship one will have with the in-laws and also if there can be an element of extra-marital affairs in the relationship. 
The above factors regarding marriage can be seen from horoscope in addition to many more things. But these are all technical things that only an astrologer can see about marriage from a birth chart. Now let us understand from a commoners' viewpoint what marriage predictions using astrology means. 
Marriage predictions using birth chart indicates who will be your life partner, when you will marry, whether you will have a love marriage or arranged marriage? And once you know all this, you need nothing more. Now let me explain how astrology helps in marriage time predictions. 

Predictions for marriage time
The first thing for marriage is to know when will you married. Your horoscope indicates right time for your marriage, and one can get predictions for marriage time. There are defined cycles in the horoscope indicating when a person will get married? The time of marriage can be known through the positioning of the first, second, fifth, seventh, ninth, and their Lords. Then these positioning are also seen in the Navamsa. The 7th house" s Dasha depicts the time of marriage, but along with that, the Dashas of the first, second, fifth, and ninth house also helps to give the results related to this. 

After planets, the second main aspect is the dual transit of Saturn and Jupiter. Along with the Dashas if Saturn and Jupiter affect the seventh house or its lord together, then this is known as a dual transit, and that time becomes the time of marriage. In the yearly horoscope the marriage time can be calculated through Vivah Saham.
Now once you know the time when you will get married: comes the next question: whom will you marry? Who and how will be your life partner for future? 

Who will be my life partner

The seventh house of the horoscope is known as the house of life-partner. This tells you about the life partner of a person. With the help of the sign present in the seventh house and the qualities of its lord etc., it is possible to predict about life-partner. The lord of a sign is auspicious or malefic; demonstrates the behaviour and capability of the life partner. If there is Mars as the lord of sign, life partner's enthusiasm and exuberance will be on the higher side; playfulness will be more because of Moon. The relationship of the lord of the seventh house with the tenth house predicts life partner will be in a job or profession. In the same way, by reading many other specific combinations in horoscope, we can know the background of the life partner, the direction from which the life partner will come. We can even predict about looks, appearance, and name of life partner. Once you have so many predictions about your life partner, what else do you need? In a relationship, you know your potential soul-mate largely. But in arranged marriages, be it through family, friends, or matrimonial sites, your search gets refined if you know so many things about life partner. It is like searching for life partner with a clear direction based on life partners' predictions. But here again, you need a good astrologer to evaluate the positives and negatives about the lord of the seventh house, and know about the fact that if its lord is debilitated, retrograde, Margi or involved in a planetary tussle. The factors or the karakas and their condition are seen for making predictions about future life partner. Now let us see how will you marry: you will have love marriage or arranged marriage according to your birth chart. 
Will have love or arranged marriage
Next in the marriage predictions is to see you will have love or arranged marriage? For marriage, examination of Navamsa kundli along with the Lagna chart is important. If any of the Yogas are strong in both charts, then Love marriage or arranged marriage will happen accordingly.  

Possibility of Love marriage - To check the possibility of Love marriage, we need to see the relationship between the 5th and 7th house. An auspicious combination here gives positivity to Love marriage. The position of malefic planets or malefic effect on the second, sixth and eighth house can become a reason for marrying by running away, secret marriage, or any other kind of inauspicious effect. The combination of Venus and Mars, the relation of ascendant and Trikon Bhav becomes the reason for a Love marriage. The planets Rahu, Venus, and Mars in the seventh house make a possibility of Love marriage. The relation of the ascendant, fifth, seventh, and twelfth house demonstrates Love marriage. The presence of the fifth and seventh house in each other's Nakshatras also makes a possibility of Love marriage. You can read if you will have love marriage on love marriage predictions by date of birth

Possibility of arranged marriage - If the combination of the ascendant is weak or not there with the fifth and seventh house, then love marriage will be pretty difficult. For Arranged marriage to happen, the combination of the seventh house, its lord, twelfth house, and its Lord and eleventh house and Lord is essential. The auspicious relation of the first, second, seventh, and eleventh house and their Lords with Sun, Moon, and Jupiter increases arranged marriage chances. The relation of fourth, ninth, second, and eleventh houses also makes an arranged marriage likely.

One can read much more insights on Marriage astrology. My advice is you should know the best time for you to marry, it is fine if you love someone, understand the importance of horoscope matching before tying final knot. Else make best use of astrology to find the best life partner according to your date of birth. Use free calculators available on different astrology sites but for God sake do not base your final decision of marriage on such results. I also have given many such facilities on my website. But I always say: these results are only generalised guidelines and one should consult an astrologer before taking final leap. Do not be miser spending small fee but you should also know how to judge a good astrologer. I am sure if you can follow these simple steps, only not you will marry in time but will also have a blissful marital life. Still any specific questions, call my office on +919278555588/ 9278665588