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How To Use Kratom For A Chronic Pain Relief (Best Kratom For Pain Relief Revealed)

We will talk about the types of kratom that work best, and dosage ranges you can experiment within to get the best pain relief results.


How To Use Kratom For A Chronic Pain Relief

There are plenty of pain relief options out there, but each has its problems. Opiates especially are widely used, but have significant addictive properties. So is using kratom for chronic pain relief a better option?

I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know right now. I’ll explain how kratom works, so you understand how it interacts in your body to relieve pain.

We will talk about the types of kratom that work best, and dosage ranges you can experiment within to get the best pain relief results.

I also cover the different formats of kratom, capsules, powder, liquid shots, and even chewable gummies available, so you can decide which would work best for you.


If you want to check out high-quality kratom products in advance, these are some of the product ranges I’ll be talking about:

How Can Kratom Help With Pain Relief?

The leaf from the kratom tree is complex, containing many compounds that have varying effects.

It’s a spectrum drug because how it affects you changes with dose. At low doses, kratom is more stimulating and focusing, with lower levels of calming, pain relieving, and sedating effects.

But as the dose increases, so the stimulating than focusing alkaloids and other ingredients (kratom is a member of the caffeine family) diminish, as the effects of sedation and pain relief from other increasing levels of alkaloids start to overwhelm predominates.


So it’s both about the dose of the kratom, and the type of kratom which will define how well it can help with pain relief.

It helps with pain relief by interacting with the opioid receptors in the body. At lower doses is a partial agonist, but more fully as the dose increases to minimize pain signals. It is therefore classed as an atypical opioid for pain relief.

Its effects are similar to morphine and codeine, and in fact, the alkaloid that is found most in red kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, has been found to be significantly more potent than morphine, but obviously that’s dose dependent and would require a very high dose of kratom to reach the levels of morphine relief.

What Is The Best Kratom For Pain?

There are three vein colors of kratom, each has slightly different balances of alkaloids which make them more or less effective for pain relief.

  1. White vein kratom is the most energizing in its alkaloid profile. It is therefore not so good for calming and pain relief at moderate doses. However, as with all kratom, once you get to a high dose, it will become increasingly sedating and pain relieving, but it is not the first choice you should make.
  2. Red vein kratom is the least energizing but has the best profile for pain relief. It should be your first choice, but be aware that it becomes sedating more quickly than white kratom.
  3. Green kratom is usually balanced between white and red. It’s more energizing than red, but not as good for pain relieving. It’s a good option during the day, because at moderate doses it will still offer some numbing of pain and calmness, without it being overwhelming. Conversely, it won’t energize you and potentially feel jittery in the way that white vein kratom might.


You’ll read loads about strains of kratom. I really wouldn’t worry about that too much, especially in the beginning. For many companies there is no difference at all, it’s actually just the same powder labelled up differently.

But even if it is different kratom, the differences are minor and as a beginner you probably wouldn’t even notice differences. You just need to pick the right vein color, primarily red kratom types, and ensure that you get great quality kratom that is rich in alkaloids to have the best and most even experience that delivers chronic pain relief.

What Format Of Kratom Is Best?


When it comes to choosing the format of kratom to use for pain relief, there are so many options that many people get really confused.

These are the options you have:

  • Standard kratom powder
  • Ultra Enhanced kratom Powder
  • Super kratom powder
  • Kratom Extract Powder
  • All of the above in capsules
  • Kratom liquid shots
  • Kratom extract liquid shots
  • Kratom in chewable sweet gummies

The cheapest way to get good quality kratom is to buy kratom powder. The problem with kratom powder is it’s very bitter to taste, and it’s very dusty. That makes it difficult to consume. You will mostly mix it in with milkshakes or choose to do this.


You can also get ultra-enhanced and super kratom powder. This is more potent than standard powder. So you would need less for the same effect. This is also the case with kratom extracts, which are even more potent.

Any of the above types of kratom powder in capsules is a great option for pain relief, because of the ease of using it. No weighing powder, no worrying about dose, it’s precise and easy. Capsules cost more than powder to buy though.

Kratom liquid shots, including the more potent extract liquid shots, are the most expensive kratom formats you can buy. On the positive side, they are digestible more quickly than any other type, and have an immediacy and ease-of-use the only capsules can match.


Chewable gummies are a great option if you want a more casual approach to taking kratom. They are expensive though, and don’t have such high doses. But they do mean that you can take smaller and more regular doses through the day with ease and without anyone wondering what you are doing.

Dosing Kratom For Chronic Pain Relief

Once you’ve chosen the format for the kratom you’re going to take, and choose mostly red kratom, but potentially green kratom strains, it’s time to look at the dosage range you’ll use.


There are several problems with dosing kratom:

  • Each type of kratom is different in strength and alkaloid balance
  • There are variations between the kratom sold by different vendors
  • The quality of the kratom will affect dosing
  • Storage of the kratom will affect dosing
  • Everyone reacts to kratom slightly differently
  • When you eat before you dose kratom will affect dosage

So as you may have guessed, experimentation is the key here. But especially if you’ve never tried kratom before, you may be nervous about how it feels, and what happens if you take too much.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you through things here. Although it’s difficult to give you an exact dosage, we can give you brackets to work in:


  • 1 – 2 g is a low beginner dose
  • 3 – 4 g is a low beginner full-spectrum dose
  • 5 – 6 g is a strengthening full-spectrum dose
  • 7 – 8 g is a strong full-spectrum dose
  • (Above 8 g of good quality kratom not recommended)

You really only want to be dosing this once per day, especially in the beginning when you are finding your feet with kratom.

Personally, if you have got good quality kratom that is rich in alkaloids, and you’ve never tried kratom before, then I would start with a single gram. You’ll probably not feel anything other than ever so slightly energized. You’ll know something is in your body, but that will be about it.


Then work up a gram at a time. You should be feeling something minor but notable around three or 4 g, and the full effects of kratom are between four and 5 g. It’s good to work up through the gears and feel each shift.

For pain relief, the average person is looking at anything between 4 and 6 g. For total pain relief, maybe up to 8 g is needed, but note that many people will feel very sleepy and lethargic on this level of dose.

So experimentation is the key, and working up a single gram at a time until you find your sweet spot, then going slightly higher, is the way. That way you will know how it feels, and what works best for you.


My Experiences With Using Kratom To Relieve Chronic Pain

Before I go any further, I want to reassure you about using kratom for chronic pain. I’ve had sciatica for many years, and sometimes it's debilitating. Two or three Ibuprofen, or even something like codeine, sometimes doesn’t touch it.

This makes working, moving, doing anything, particularly painful, especially if I’m stretching in any way.

Kratom really helped me to deal with the symptoms. I tried lots of different types, but found that high quality premium kratom capsules for pain work best for me.

Primarily, I use red kratom capsules from both Kona and Kratora, particularly Kratora Thai Red kratom capsules.


I found that kratom to be smooth, classic in its red kratom effects, and thoroughly soothing. It’s deeply calming, and four or five grams completely removes my sciatica pain for up to five hours.

Because of the length of relief it gives me, it allows me to get on with most of my day completely pain free.

Sure, you have to be careful. I don’t go near extracts or anything like that, I stick with powder in capsules.

But if you want more immediacy, then liquid kratom shots definitely offer that. Just be careful about the dosage because some are very potent, and the recommended dose is actually half a bottle, not the complete bottle in one go.


Can Kratom Stop All Chronic Pain?

It’s perfectly possible the kratom stops all chronic pain. However, it depends on the chronic pain you are suffering.

The level of pain you are suffering will obviously affect how much kratom will take to get rid of the pain, and how long that relief will last.

Some people use red kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms, which can bring significant physical cramping and pains that last for days. People report complete relief from those symptoms using regular moderate doses of red kratom.

So how completely it gets rid of your pain will depend on the dose you take, and the frequency of your dosing.


However, always be cautious, and try not to take more than one moderate dose of kratom per day if you possibly can stand it.

Remember that even though you are using kratom, you can still use common painkillers to supplement the kratom. Just don’t use opiates, because they are full agonists of the opioid receptors, and kratom also acting on those receptor sites can amplify any problems you might face.

The key to all this though is to find the best quality kratom you can. The richer in alkaloids content is, the more balanced it is, then the better the experience will be and the more thoroughly it will deal with your pain.


Good quality kratom strains from Kratora or Kona kratom will help to deal with this significantly. An immediate hit, the shots from MIT45 will definitely get to work fast, and will almost totally dead in pain you are suffering in less than an hour.

Just be careful with red kratom especially at higher than moderate doses, because it can cause a lack of sharpness and drowsiness.

Kratom Side Effects & Warnings

Kratom can have some side effects, and there are a couple of warnings I need to give you, so that you can experiment safely.

Kratom can build tolerance. Therefore, as I’ve explained, you should use the minimum dose, find your sweet spot, and then stick with that as infrequently as you can.


Kratom can build addiction if you use repeated high doses, because it can work as a full agonist of the opioid receptors at high doses. So again, only use the dose as you need as infrequently as you can.

Overall though, compared to opioid medications, you can get a similar level of relief, with far less interaction on the opioid receptors, creating lower chances of dependency, and used sensibly, minimal levels.

Certainly in my experience, using it two or three times per week when the pain is worse, has worked wonders for me. There have been no side effects, and no tolerance or dependence have built in me.


If you need it more frequently than that, then it still stands, and many people take it every day and can stop whenever they want. It all comes down to ensuring that you are aware of your body and mind, and take the minimum dose as infrequently as you can.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of the kratom to minimize the dosage you need. This will allow you to get the maximum alkaloids, but not in a way that will become a full agonist of the alkaloid receptors, meaning that it starts to work more in a way like morphine or an opiate medication.


So as with everything, if you want chronic pain to be relieved using kratom, you need to experiment sensibly, ensure that you are rigorous in minimizing your doses, and don’t let the pain sway you into consuming large amount of kratom which could actually cause more problems in the long run if you continue to use it.

Where To Buy Premium Kratom Capsules For Pain Relief

I hope this guide to using kratom for chronic pain has been helpful to you, and that you will feel more confident about the prospect of experimenting with good kratom to ease chronic pain.


I want to talk you through the three top kratom vendors right now. What is the best kratom for pain? Well, these sellers have it for sale because they offer kratom that is good quality and rich in the alkaloids you need.

All three of these companies are certified for production practices, have strong links to Southeast Asia supply chains, great track record and user reviews, and at all advocates of kratom regulation to ensure responsible use and research.

1. Kona Kratom

Kona kratom sells great quality powder and capsules. Rich in alkaloids, batch tested and guaranteed, these are a very good kratom retailer.


Highlights from red kratom include:

  • Red Bali for its rich classic red kratom effects
  • Red Maeng Da for its stronger red kratom effects at a reasonable price

all of the kratom they sell is available in powder in capsules. Click on the type of kratom you want, and select packs of powder or packs of capsules.

Prices are good, mid-priced, but exactly what you would expect from really rich kratom that has all of the alkaloids you need for pain relief.

GMP certified, responsible, great information, a long track record, and really passionate about the kratom they sell.

I know that these guys are well in touch with the supply chains in Southeast Asia, especially Borneo, and the kratom that they say it is, is what you are getting. They are not one of the sellers out there who will bag up any old kratom with different strains when in reality it’s all the same.


So if you want safe and high-quality start your kratom journey for pain relief, then Kona is definitely a company to look at.

2. Kratora

One of the original best kratom vendors I’ve ever found, Kratora has everything you need to relieve your chronic pain and experiment wildly.

The best starting place is a variety pack. The red variety pack contains five strains, including Malay and Bali kratom, for a very low and accessible price.

They also sell kratom gummies. These are generic, so blended kratom rather than red, but they will still have calming and pain relieving effects as long as you regularly consume them.


Kratora also have a wide range of kratom capsules, including:

  • Red Bali kratom capsules
  • Red Thai kratom capsules
  • Red kratom capsules Maeng Da

If you’re just starting out, capsules could be best. You’ll get an exact dose, and you won’t have to deal with the powder either.

Plus, they are discreet. You can take your total dose in one go, when you are more experienced, dose two or three times during the day to minimize the pain and keep the effects as high and constant as you possibly can.

For me, this company is just superb. They sell everything you need, and it’s all great prices as well. They’ve been around for 20 years, and I’ve never been disappointed with an order I’ve made.


The capsules are a newer development, and other same rich red powders you will find in the loose powder products, so don’t think that you are getting different kratom in the capsules.

All round, this is one of the great starting points for kratom, because of the variety packs, capsules, gummies, and loose powder.

Best Alternative For Instant Relief: MIT45 Liquid Kratom Extract Shots

The great alternative to powder in capsules is the high-quality liquid kratom shots available from MIT45.

I’m telling you; they have a fantastic range. Five different shops, ranging in potency, from the lowest (MIT45 Boost) the highest (Super K X Strong).


What I love about these shots is that they are liquid extract shots. That means it’s not kratom powder suspended in the liquid, it is created from extracted kratom alkaloids.

They are boiled down in very high quantities, meaning that you get a liquid that has a higher level of alkaloids than could ever come from standard kratom. It’s then skimmed and filtered, that liquid is used as the base of these high-quality shots.

The more potent ones are actually instructed as double use, so you drink half of the shot rather than the whole shot. That’s because they can contain up to 1200 mg of kratom, the equivalent of around eight or 9 g of standard powder.


But what you’ll get with responsible use is immediacy. There’s no preparation, no messing about, and no waiting for the effects to kick in in the way that you get with any other format.

Especially on an empty stomach, the liquid will be digested very quickly, and you’ll start to feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes, with full relief coming in around 45 minutes.

MIT45 also makes high-quality kratom gummies. If you don’t want to mess around with any paste from the kratom at all, then gummies are a great place to start, because they are allowed to consume without any of the taste or texture problems.


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