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Faceit Boosting: Best Services To Buy Faceit Elo Boost

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Faceit Boosting: Best Services To Buy Faceit Elo Boost

Looking to enhance your Faceit Elo rankings? Find out the best Faceit boosting services to buy from and elevate your CS2 performance.

Faceit Boosting
Faceit Boosting

To say that Faceit is a popular platform would be the biggest understatement of the year. With millions of fans around the globe who play it religiously, CS2 or CS:GO is a contender for one of the most beloved LAN and multiplayer games in the history of the industry. However, as most gamers know, getting good at it isn’t easy. That is where boosting services comes in.

Boosting is a very natural part of the online gaming industry, and in this article, we will showcase the services that are best suited to handling all your Faceit needs.


If you are in the market for a boosting service to take your game to the next level, you might want to consider Eloboss. This company has been in the business of boosting for many years and has a solid reputation among its loyal customer base.


General Information

The company offers a Faceit elo boost service that is performed by expert players who will either play on your account or with you to help you climb up through the elo. The professional Faceit gamers on the Eloboss team are both skilled and personable, and they are committed to helping you reach your goals.

They never use bots, vertigo, or any other unfair means to boost your elo. This means that you have complete immunity against account suspensions. The boost will proceed until your target Elo is met. By relying on professionals, you will improve your Faceit level match performance and achieve a higher competitive elo.

Pros and Cons


Quick Start: The service will start in 15 minutes after the successful payment.

  • Elo Insurance: They guarantee that you will go up a couple of levels every day and never get a single rollback. But if it happens, they will undertake to restore the rating for free or refund the money.
  • Lobby Boosting: There is no need to transfer data from your account, you can play with your booster in the same lobby and grind elo. In the lobby, they apply a coaching approach to Faceit boosting . In every game you play, you’ll be able to identify where you went wrong and begin working on that. You will gain nothing but useful experience through this service, based on support from expert players whom you can learn from to improve your own game.
  • Extremely Skilled Personnel: The vast majority of Eloboss’s service roster consists of professionals from 4500 Elo on main accounts. Their accomplishments include the HLTV profile, FPL-C, and ESEA G/S. 
  • Convenient Dashboard: Your own private Eloboss portal allows you to chat with a boosting agent live, set appointments that take your time zone into account, monitor the status of your Faceit order in real time, and store sensitive information safely.
  • Security: The Members Area is encrypted with 256-bit SSL to ensure the safety of your Faceit accounts. The pros will also boost your account in family-view mode if that is what you request. Steam Guard and two-factor authentication can remain active. If you do not want them to use your permanent password while logging in, they will simply ask you for a one-time code. The Faceit accounts of all customers are completely private.
  • Large amount of payment methods supported: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, UnionPay, Cartes Bancaires, PayPal, Paysafecard, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Klarna, Przelewy24, Sofort, Link, Multibanco, Blik, Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, USDC, etc.) and others.


  • Support agents communicate only in English, there is no support for other languages.
  • It's hard enough to get a better discount than the one they have on their website.

The service isn’t perfect, though. Here is a lowdown of what you can expect:



Work starts on your order within 15 minutes of payment. 

There is no support for languages other than English. 

Replenishment or Refund available if you get an Elo rollback 

It’s hard to get a greater discount than the basic one. 

Best pro gamers in the business at your service. 


Lobby Boosting with Coaching Approach 


Dashboard with order tracking 


Your information is encrypted with 256-bit SSL 


Large selection of payment methods 



  • Unlike many other sites that only tell you the account boosting cost after you get in touch, Eloboss is very upfront about its service fees. If you go to the website and scroll down below the Faceit tab, you will find an embedded calculator that will allow you to find out exactly how much you will pay for the services you desire.
  • All you have to do is enter your current Elo, your desired Elo, and everything else you want to get out of the service. The calculator takes all this into account and gives you a realistic estimate of how much the Faceit boosting service will cost. This is the kind of transparency that makes boosting here such a breeze.
  • Your current elo and the desired elo must be specified. Please remember to check any other boxes that apply.
  • Fill out the checkout form with your name, email address, and preferred contact method (Discord, Steam, online chat, etc.). Do this carefully so that they can send you an invitation to the Members Area at the email address you supply.
  • Your Faceit order will be confirmed in your Eloboss account by a member of the team, and an executor will be assigned to you within 15 minutes of you placing an order. After that, you can chat with the boosting agent at dashboard.


  • Eloboss has a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. That’s about as legit as it gets. The point is that you can't fake or buy fake reviews on Trustpilot. From the sheer number of positive reviews, we can see that they’ve succeeded.
  • When you scroll down on their boosting website and look at their Instagram profile, where they post their results and shows that they have worked tirelessly to achieve this level of loyalty from their Faceit customer base.

So, Should You Get Faceit Boost Done?

With the way the world is today, it is very difficult to find time to do everything we love. Between work, family, friends, other social obligations, and hobbies, anyone who is not a hardcore gamer might find it very difficult to devote sufficient time to Faceit to rise through the levels and become a legend. However, for many people, the need to improve remains strong.

That is the main reason why people go for boosting. Whether it be paying a professional to raise their elo or playing with the gamer to learn new and advanced strategies, boosting means so much more to so many people out there who simply want to do better at a video game. That simple desire to get help is one that we can all empathize with. 

If this sounds like it applies to you, then go ahead and take advantage of this service , and if you’re going to do it, you might as well engage the best there is.


What is Faceit Elo Boost in Simple Terms?

A Faceit boosting service simply involves you hiring someone else to play your game for you. Usually, this is a pro gamer. You either hand over your account to the pro so that they can play when you’re not online, or you can play in tandem with them and learn new tricks in the process. It’s as simple as that.

Can I be Banned for Faceit Boosting Service?

As long as you don’t use any illegal methods for boosting your Faceit account, there are no risks of you getting banned.

Can my Account or CS2 Skins be Stolen?

No, because you don't give access to the steam authenticator and boosters usually don't have access to your e-mail, thus they can’t trade anything without your agreement.

How Long Does the Faceit Level Boosting Take?

Depends on the boosting order itself, but usually boosters provide from 10 to 12 Faceit wins per day, which leads to two level promotions per day.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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