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Exodus Effect Reviews – Can You Buy This Oil Book At Walmart And Amazon?

The Exodus Effect book contains essential bible scriptures that have been long forgotten. It contains detailed instructions on how to prepare anointing oil derived from the bible, making use of additional secret ingredients not included in modern translations.


Exodus Effect

Do you love reading the bible to learn about the interesting things contained within its pages? If so, The Exodus Effect is here to help you discover how to make anointing oil according to the bible. God created anointing oil in the book of Exodus and all the ingredients required are listed in detail. This special oil has many advantages for physical health and wellbeing, such as providing strength when ill or reducing pain. It also holds spiritual significance, nourishing your faith if you believe in a higher power. 

What is the Exodus Effect? 


The Exodus Effect book contains essential bible scriptures that have been long forgotten. It contains detailed instructions on how to prepare anointing oil derived from the bible, making use of additional secret ingredients not included in modern translations. The book lists the steps, components, and processes of preparing anointing oil as per biblical standards. If you follow these steps, you will be able to produce anointing oil that was originally created in the bible. The anointing oil does not contain hallucinogenic substances like THC; rather it includes natural ingredients that will aid your spiritual journey and invigorate your body to fight illnesses. Anointing oil is mainly used for the consecration of priests and other Christian functions. This book provides knowledge unavailable anywhere else - secret ingredients not seen before. 


The anointing oil you create from the bible will not be the same as the oil used by the Israelites when they were in the wilderness if you follow its steps. In the Exodus Effect, there is an extra ingredient that is not mentioned in all modern bibles because it was lost in translation. Using the oil has many health benefits, and the Exodus Effect lets you take advantage of those benefits from your own home. 

The book has incorporated both religious and scientific points of view. Their claims that the missing ingredient is based on science need to be supported. The Exodus Effect is a Christian book, but the claims in the book have been researched, and there are scientific references. To ensure that the interpretations in the book were accurate, the authors incorporated both religious and scientific points. 

Who created the book the Exodus Effect? 

In addition to being Christians, both Andrew and Bennet are committed to God's word. Both creators contributed to the book according to their respective roles as pastors and doctors. Dr. Bennet contributed to the scientific viewpoints and helped verify and create evidence of the statements made in the book. They both belong to Divinity Origins LLC, which publishes the Exodus Effect. 

What are the benefits of the Exodus Effect? 

By reading the Exodus Effect book, you can make anointing oil as the Israelites did in ancient times. Pastor Andrew and Dr. Bennet have adapted and tested the bible's recipes to create a modern version of this age-old remedy. They believe that certain key details may be absent from the holy scriptures due to misinterpretation of original documents; therefore, some special ingredients may be missing from their made-up concoction. 


The term Kaneh-Bosem is mentioned many times in the bible, and according to the duo, the term refers to cannabis. However, the cannabis used to create anointing oil does not contain THC, as mentioned previously. Exodus Effect’s anointing oil is immediately absorbed by the body, which relieves pain and inflammation. The oil is rich in antioxidants, which allow the body to heal illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes. As a result, the oil will stimulate your brain and keep you active all day long. 

There is a money-back guarantee on this guidebook, which will improve your sleep, aid in weight loss, and boost your brainpower. 


The steps of creating the oil can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle through food or religious events. In addition to recipes, the book also includes tips to help you improve your lifestyle and gain more peace. The Exodus Effect is one of the many ways in which the bible can benefit you. People who read this book will gain tips on how to get a wholesome life using natural ingredients. It is beneficial for Christians and non-Christians alike. 

Exodus Effect Ingredients 

According to the Exodus Effect, anointing oil is made from the following ingredients: 

Olive Oil 

In many kitchens around the world, olive oil is the most commonly used cooking ingredient. It has a number of beneficial properties, including reducing inflammation and controlling cholesterol. According to research, it reduces the risk of stroke. In addition to aiding in weight loss, it also prevents diabetes. 



Aside from its pleasant smell and taste, cinnamon is used in many delicacies around the world. It is also used in the preparation of traditional medicine. Cinnamon bark is used for digestion. Besides detoxifying and purifying the body, it is also a natural ingredient. 


The wise men gave this to baby Jesus when he was lying in a manger, and it has benefits like curing ulcers, syphilis, arthritis, and strengthening immunity. 


In addition to strengthening immunity, reducing blood pressure, and regulating sugar levels, this ingredient has many advantages. 


Anointing oil contains cannabidiol, a secret ingredient derived from the hemp plant. It relieves pain, reduces stress, and reduces anxiety. 


There are additional ingredients that are mentioned in the book. There is also information on healing, faith, and anointing oil. Some of the bonus sections are: 

Divine Pet 

You will learn how to make anointing oil for your pet in this section. 

Hidden Prayers 

Prayers on healing and 33 scriptures have been added. 

Lazarus Effect 

Additionally, you will learn how to stay healthy, look and feel younger, and live longer. 

How Much is the Exodus Effect? 

The Exodus Effect book is sold at $67. You will be able to access the Exodus Effect book as soon as you make payment. It can take up to five days for the results to become evident. However, results will differ depending on the individual's medical history. 


From the comfort of their own homes, everyone can access and benefit from the original anointing oil. 

Exodus Effect anointing oil contains ingredients that have been used for centuries to relieve pain, improve memory, and improve sleep quality. Moreover, you will get spiritual benefits in your home and life. People who have read Exodus Effect have reported that after using this organic and plant-based anointing oil, they felt better.

Exodus Effect Conclusion 

According to Pastor Andrew, the secret to a long and healthy life lies in the ingredients used to make this holy anointing oil. Exodus Effect claims you can heal yourself with special anointing oil. According to the author, daily use of Exodus Effect oil can also improve immunity, reduce chronic pain, alleviate chronic pain, and provide other health benefits. The Exodus Effect can strengthen your spiritual well-being and strengthen your faith in God.