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Chemyo Review (2023): My 60-Day Results With Their SARMs

If you're looking for an honest Chemyo review, and are trying to decide if you should buy from them or not, then sit back and read this article from start to finish, because we'll cover everything you need to know before making your first purchase.


Chemyo Review

Chemyo has been around 2014, and is one of the most reputable SARMs suppliers on the market. In fact, as we wrote about before, they have the best SARMs for sale right now.

But, why is this? Well, I've been buying and using SARMs for almost 10 years now, so I've tried many different companies. Today I'll explain why Chemyo is the #1 vendor to date.

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

•    My Chemyo Review & Experience
•    Is Chemyo Legit? Are Their SARMs Real?
•    My Results With Their SARMs
•    What SARMs Do They Sell?
•    Chemyo vs. Other Vendors
•    Chemyo Discount Code
•    ...and more


So, if you're looking for an honest Chemyo review, and are trying to decide if you should buy from them or not, then sit back and read this article from start to finish, because we'll cover everything you need to know before making your first purchase.

Chemyo Overview


First, before we get into a lot of detail, let's just give a quick overview of this company. I give them 5/5 stars personally, due to their high quality SARMs and research chemicals, amazing customer support, free shipping, and 3rd party testing.

No other vendor on the SARMs market now can match their overall quality of service and product, so it should come as no surprise that they have such a great reputation online.


Here's an overview of why we like Chemyo:

•    High Quality SARMs - Due to their intense quality control processes, Chemyo SARMs boast the highest purity out of any other vendors out there. None of their competitors can even come close to the level of purity and quality that Chemyo SARMs have.

•    Amazing Pricing - Considering the high quality products they sell, and the intensity of their 3rd party testing, their prices are insanely cheap. Most competitors that are 3rd party tested with the same level of scrutiny as Chemyo has prices that are 50% more.

•    Very Good Reputation - In the SARMs industry, it's very common for companies to pop up overnight, and then shut down after just 6-12 months, taking everyone's money. Not Chemyo, however. They've been providing reliable services since 2014, and are here to stay.

•    Range of Products - While other companies might have a wider range of products, what good does it do if their 3rd party testing is faked, or inconsistent? Chemyo is the only company with this level of quality research chemicals, that also has a wide range of products.

•    Fast & Free Shipping - While their international shipping isn't free, all domestic shipping within the US is free when you spend over $100. Seeing that any SARMs stacks or even individual SARMs will often cost $100-200, this basically means free shipping.

•    Payment Options - Many SARMs companies only accept a few payment options, like maybe Bitcoin or Venmo. Chemyo's website accepts all types of payments though, even credit cards and E-Checks, which is very rare for a SARMs company.


•    Money Back Guarantee - This business stands behind their products 100%, so much so that they're willing to offer you a full money back guarantee if you don't get the results you want. How much more could you ask for?
Overall, Chemyo is my favorite SARMs vendor these days, due to their intense third party testing process, their fast shipping, amazing customer support, great pricing, and of course, SARMs that actually deliver on what they promise.

Chemyo SARMs Catalog


So, first off, what SARMs does Chemyo sell? Pretty much all of the major SARMs you can expect to see on their website. Not only that, but they sell both liquid SARMs and powder, too.


While they don't have any PCT supplements, or that many other research chemicals aside from SARMs, what they do have is absolutely amazing quality and guaranteed to be pure.

Here's some of the SARMs Chemyo has for sale:

•    Ostarine - $69.99 (Buy Here )
•    RAD 140 - $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Cardarine - $59.99 (Buy Here )
•    MK 677 - $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Andarine S4 - $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Myostine YK11 - $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    S23 SARM - $69.99 (Buy Here )
•    SR9009 - $79.99 (Buy Here )

All of these compounds are induction sealed in 50ml bottles, and are in liquid solutions. This is the best way to do it, because it gives SARMs the longest shelf life and preserves them better.


Chemyo Quality Control

No Chemyo review would be complete without mentioning how rigorous their third party testing process is. To this date, I've never found a single company with higher standards than Chemyo has. Not even Proven Peptides (and they had some really good stuff).

Chemyo has the highest quality control out of any SARMs vendor currently selling SARMs, hands down. Their 2-point verification process ensures 99.9% purity in every product.

I've been ordering from Chemyo for at least 4 years now, and compared to every other company out there they are outstanding. Whether you want to get capsule form, powder form, or liquid solution in their extra large 50ml bottles, their purity is guaranteed.


Not only is their powder 3rd party tested before they even begin turning it into a solution to sell, but even after they manufacture their goods, they're 3rd party tested again. This is how they can ensure that every product they sell is 99.9% pure.

My Chemyo Review


Take a look at the results I got from Chemyo here. If these results don't scream "high quality products" and "highest purity SARMs" I don't know what does. One of the easiest ways to tell if a SARMs vendor has good products is whether or not the results can back it up.


Like I said, I'm big fan of Chemyo. I found their website, placed an order for their RAD140 solution and Ostarine solution, and I was given free shipping. The products were shipped the very same day, the prices were very fair, and the delivery was very quick.

Here's the stack I took for those results:

•    Ostarine Dosage: 25mg/day (Buy Here )
•    RAD 140 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here )
•    Cycle Duration: 4 Weeks
•    PCT Protocol? Yes (Buy Here )

This stack ended up costing me around $150, but if you buy their value packs and use the coupon code "MD10" you can probably get it for around $100 or so here.


Good Prices

Most users agree that Chemyo's prices are second to none. Especially when you consider how reliable their purity, quality, and fast shipping is, they could easily double their price.

...but, they don't do that, because they value their audience and customers. Each price on Chemyo is a bargain. All of their bottles are 50ml bottles, which are 70% larger than any of their other competitors out there.

In short, the research chemicals that these guys have for sale are 2nd to none, not only in terms of purity and quality, but also in terms of price and how much of a bargain they are.


Easy Payment

With SARMs companies, often times completing your sale is difficult. Sometimes they only accept weird payment methods like Bitcoin, or Venmo, and don't accept credit cards.

Not Chemyo, however. Not only do these guys have the best SARMs for sale in the entire industry, but they accept more payment methods than Swiss Chems, or any other vendors.

Chemyo accepts the following payment methods:

•    Bitcoin
•    eCheck
•    Credit Card
•    Debit Card

While there is a fee on debit and credit cards, this is common for the SARMs industry. Many major credit card processors like Visa or Mastercard don't like SARMs companies, so they give them a bunch of fees, which you (the consumer) now has to eat.


But hey, that's a small price to get some of the best SARMs on the market.

Fast Shipping

Back in the old days when you wanted to buy SARMs, you would often have to wait over a week before they were even shipped. Then, up to a month before delivery.

Thankfully, with Chemyo, things are much different. I've never ordered anything from them that didn't have a fast delivery. In fact, my last order was delivered in under a week.

On top of that, they even have free shipping when you place an order over $100, and seeing that most SARMs cycles and stacks will cost over $100, the shipping is basically free.


High Quality SARMs

Every SARM for sale that Chemyo chooses to carry is of the utmost quality. This company has gotten well over 500+ positive five star reviews from numerous satisfied customers.

In fact, here's some of the reviews for their individual SARMs:

While Chemyo doesn't sell PCT supplements, they have virtually everything else for sale, ranging from SARMs, to hair loss supplements like RU-58841 and much more.

Chemyo Coupon Code


No Chemyo review would be complete without giving some type of discount code. After all, this is a company that values their customers and wants you to keep coming back for more.


So, they've given me a coupon code that never expires. This coupon will last forever, and you can use it on every single order you place with Chemyo. Use the code "MD10" for 10% off.

You can use the code "MD10" on any of their products, like:

•    Ostarine (MK2866) | $69.99 (Buy Here)
•    RAD 140 (Testolone) | $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Cardarine (GW501516) | $59.99 (Buy Here )
•    MK 677 (Ibutamoren) $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Andarine S4 | $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    Myostine (YK11) | $79.99 (Buy Here )
•    S-23 SARM | $69.99 (Buy Here )
•    Stenabolic (SR9009) | $79.99 (Buy Here )


You will get 10% off any products using this code (MD10) so save it and don't forget.

Final Thoughts


Is Chemyo legit? In summary, yes - absolutely. In fact, they're one of the most legit companies currently selling SARMs and research chemicals. Everything is incredibly potent and pure.

They're willing to go the extra mile, too. One time the Ostarine I ordered was broken in the mail, and they replaced it totally free of charge. That's the mark of a great company.

Remember - if you decide to buy from Chemyo, just use the code "MD10" and you'll get 10% off your entire order. That code lasts forever, never expires, and is good on anything.


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