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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023 - Why These 5 New Cryptos Will Provide 200% More Gains In 2023

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023 - Why These 5 New Cryptos Will Provide 200% More Gains In 2023

Bitcoin continues its price rally leaving the crypto market all green. Let us explore 5 new and high-potential cryptos expected to gain 200% in the year of 2023.

Bitcoin Price Prediction
Bitcoin Price Prediction

In the past two weeks, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency (by market cap), has left experts and analysts bewildered. Nobody expected that the gradual failings of 3 renowned crypto-focused banks would have opposite effects on Bitcoin. According to various data sites, BTC prices have been soaring and attempting to hit the $28,000 mark this month. All that remains is to know how BTC will perform for the remainder of 2023. 

But the past has trained us not to put our hopes in short-term upward movements happening in the crypto market. It’s wise to have a few aces up your sleeve, which are mostly new cryptocurrencies, to gain consistently throughout 2023. The current favorite projects are Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), Metropoly (METRO), and RobotEra (TARO). 

Bitcoin price prediction for 2023: BTC wild ride has just begun 


The chart above represents how Bitcoin has been in an overbought region, but past records reveal that it’s not permanent. It’s possible that the BTC price will fall in the coming days if the momentum doesn’t assist it in overcoming resistance levels. Right now, BTC needs to break through one of the most important and particularly tough resistance levels between $30,000 and $32,000.  


Min Price 

Max Price  










Bank instabilities have taken over the global financial market, urging people to look at crypto as a decentralized alternative. Cryptocurrencies are not under one person’s authority, offer unmatched security, and have real-world utilities. Experts are not sure about the ongoing rally, but BTC will be seeing a lot more support from institutional investors. 

Top 5 Alternatives to Prepare for Bear Season in Crypto 

Bitcoin has rallied several times before, taking with it the entire crypto market, but when it falls, it takes away everything. This is why veterans know better than stocking up on mainstream cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin moves are bullish. This is the perfect opportunity to look into new and emerging crypto presales that have a better chance at breaking out with up to a 200% gain in 2023. Let us introduce you to 5 unmissable new crypto presales. 

Love Hate Inu – LHINU 


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Though meme coins have not been so successful in recent times, that could change with Love Hate Inu. This unique meme coin comes with a fun and innovative vote-to-earn platform where players can easily spend some quality time. With Love Hate Inu, meme coins are not just about memes and hilarious illustrations but also voting on interesting topics. 

But why is a voting platform at the top of this list? Well, that is because this particular project is a gold mine for opportunist investors since it is currently going through presale. Other than being developed using cutting-edge technology, Love Hate Inu is the only vote-to-earn crypto out there.  

This is a community-first project that rewards stakers, voters, and creators, but participants are the ones choosing a meme poll. The native token LHINU supports staking and creating custom polls to vote on them according to community guidelines. The cherry on top is that both creating polls and voting on them will earn LHINU tokens.  

Fight Out – FGHT 


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Looking for a project that could gain more than 200x this year? Then do not ignore Fight Out. This revolutionary play-to-earn crypto is the fastest growing game to be in presale since last month. Its successful presale progress will give you several reasons why Fight Out could be the undisputed champion of P2E cryptos. 

Fight Out has already raised more than $5.7 million in a few weeks, indicating strong support from its ever-growing community. The reason why people are hoarding its native token, FGHT, is the presale bonus, which is up to 67%. Additionally, in less than a day, FGHT will experience an upcoming price increase, making it expensive soon before the presale ends on March 31.  

C+Charge – CCHG 


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To revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, a new breed of eco-friendly crypto presale projects has emerged. This project is named C+Charge, and it is based on a decentralized P2P payment system that supports EV charging stations. What C+Charge does is incentivize users to charge their EVs with CCHG, the native token of this project. Currently, CCHG is in its 7th presale phase, having raised $3.2 million. 

This eco-friendly concept has the potential to fix the EV industry from the inside out by allocating every user an electronic wallet. But the reason why interested individuals won't get a better time to buy CCHG is due to its imminent price increase and upcoming BitMart listing on March 31. The C+Charge team has planned to celebrate the beta launch of its official game by gifting one lucky winner $300 worth of CCHG tokens. 

Metropoly – METRO 

There is no shortage of innovative crypto projects but none have managed to combine real estate with blockchain like Metropoly. This exciting crypto is offering a marketplace of real estate NFTs backed by real world properties for a minimum of $100. Powered by Ethereum blockchain, Metropoly is destined to reach higher than no other NFT marketplace has until now. 

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RobotEra – TARO 

Metaverse and blockchain gaming have dominated all discussions in 2023, which is why budding projects like RobotEra are making exciting progress. RobotEra is the next big P2E metaverse gaming title in the making, and you can participate in the future through its presale for native tokens, TARO. As TARO will be fueling the entire RobotEra metaverse, owners will unlock several benefits as soon as the game launches. 

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Wrapping up 

Though BTC price predictions look quite reassuring, at this point, adding new cryptos to your portfolio seems like a better option. Buying any one or all of LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, and TARO will take your profits through the roof in no time once they secure listings.