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Best Sticker Companies of 2023

Stickers can provide great value in promoting a brand, product, or event if you are a businessman. With custom stickers, you can create whatever your mind thinks of, as it allows flexibility.

Best Sticker Companies

Stickers are used everywhere around us. Whether you stick them on your products as labels or you like to apply a custom design on your laptop. Moreover, stickers are a great way to express something and can have a significant meaning to them. They are vibrant and carry powerful messages.

Stickers can provide great value in promoting a brand, product, or event if you are a businessman. With custom stickers, you can create whatever your mind thinks of, as it allows flexibility.

Furthermore, you can gift stickers to customers that carry a good message. According to a study by Printful, customers are attracted by stickers, and they tend to stick them around and remember those brands for a more extended period.

However, finding the best sticker printing company is difficult because of the high availability of options in the market. Do not worry, as we have brought 6 of the best sticker printing companies of 2023 that offer custom stickers of various options that can serve your needs the best way.

The Best Sticker Printing Companies

1.    Label Goat  - Overall Best Sticker Printing Company of 2023, Editor's Pick
2.    Sticker Shoppe - Wide Variety of Custom Stickers with High Customization Options
3.    Sticker Mule - High Quality and Premium Stickers at a Reasonable Price
4.    Sticker Guy - Renowned Sticker Printing Company Selling Personalized Stickers
5.    Custom Stickers - Premium Quality Vinyl and Custom Printed Products
6.    Make Stickers – Affordable and High-Quality Stickers for Multipurpose Use

#1. Label Goat - Overall Best Sticker Printing Company of 2023, Editor's Pick

Label Goat

Label Goat is our winner of the best sticker printing company of 2023. The company was founded recently by a group of individuals experienced in the printing and designing industry. They aimed to launch an affordable, high-quality sticker printing option for the masses that offered a wide range of applications.

Label Goat is one of the leading sellers of custom print stickers used for various purposes. Label Goat is your best bet if you own a brand and are willing to partner with a sticker printing company for your product labels.

The company offers stickers for food, packaged goods, beverages, cannabis products, containers, and cosmetics. The company even provides many customizations such as shape, paper type, lamination option, size, and color with these options. You can order a minimum of 500 stickers at a very economical price.

Label Goat sells high-quality stickers that are scratch-proof, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and tear-resistant. All the materials used in the manufacturing of Label Goat stickers are of the highest grade, which results in long-lasting stickers that do not fade.

You can receive your stickers in one to three working days. With every order, you can avail yourself of free air shipping.

Label Goat believes in educating customers so they can make the best decisions for themselves. For that, they have launched their blog that addresses users on how to make the best use of stickers.

More importantly, the company offers premium customer service to all users. You can easily contact Label Goat by filling out a contact form. A customer care representative will be with you within 12 hours.



•    High-Quality Sticker
•    Ordering Available in Large Quantities
•    Multi Purpose Stickers
•    Free Shipping across America
•    Affordable Prices
•    Premium Email Support
•    Rapid Fast Deliveries

•    Limited Sizes Available

#2. Sticker Shoppe - Wide Variety of Custom Stickers with High Customization Options

Sticker Shoppe

Sticker Shoppe has been around for quite a long time. They have been selling stickers for over a decade. The company sells a variety of stickers, such as bumper stickers, political stickers, military stickers, and car stickers. Sticker Shoppe deals in more than 1,000 sticker categories. Their popular sticker range is die cut vinyl stickers.

They sell a range of preset-designed stickers through their website. Apart from that, you can also place orders for custom-designed stickers through their website.
The company sells premium quality adhesive stickers. They also offer stickers decals for applying to your car. The best part about these decals is that they come with a 3-year outdoor rating. This makes the sticker long-lasting. Sticker Shoppe sells stickers that are ideal for applying on windshields and windows of cars.

All products come with clear application instructions so that users get the best use out of their stickers. You can email the customer care department through an embedded form on their official website. Moreover, the company allows you to send quotes for custom stickers you wish to order. The customer care department usually responds within 12 hours.

Sticker Shoppe dispatches orders every business day, which results in preset stickers reaching your destination in only 1-2 business days. However, custom designs take around 5-7 business days as these are printed on demand. Sticker Shoppe also provides mail-order options to its customers.


Sticker Shoppe offers free shipping on all orders across the United States of America. Overall, the company pays high regard to customer satisfaction. Hence, they have a 30-day return policy, subject to a 10% restocking fee on all orders.

The brand has received plenty of positive customer reviews that are available to read on its website's review section.


•    A Wide Range of Stickers is Available
•    High-Quality Stickers Decals
•    Best Die Cut Vinyl Stickers
•    Over 1,000 Categories of Stickers are Available
•    Long Lasting and Durable Stickers
•    Free Shipping across America
•    Ideal Customer Support


•    Demand Items are Mostly Out of Stock

#3. Sticker Mule - High Quality and Premium Stickers at a Reasonable Price

Sticker Mule is a top-rated sticker printing company based in the United States of America. The company is powered by a remote team who collaboratively operates across 17 different countries such as Poland, Italy, France, Finland, and more.

Sticker Mule ships its stickers all around the globe. They have currently shipped their stickers to over 70 countries globally. Their range of stickers is available in 16 unique languages, and they support 7 distinct currencies.

Sticker Mule has worked with some of the many renowned organizations around the globe, which includes Google, Netflix, Uber, and Adobe. Their unique selling proposition is to design customer stickers at the flick of a switch and deliver your orders quickly. On top of that, the company provides free shipping on all orders across the United States of America.


Sticker Mule makes custom stickers, custom t-shirts, customer product packaging, and custom labels. Their range of stickers includes vinyl stickers, die cut stickers, square stickers, kiss cut stickers, die cut single stickers, clear stickers, circle stickers, holographic stickers, and various other sticker types.

All stickers are made using premium materials, resulting in a durable and long-lasting product. Their stickers are weather-resistant and fade-proof.

The best thing about Sticker Mule products is the diversity of options available. They are the perfect sticker printing company for your brand as they can provide a wide range of products to promote your brand. These include customer shirts, labels, and magnets for gifting.

As of now, Sticker Mule has received more than 130,000 customer reviews on its website. Their overall customer rating is 4.8 out of 5.


•    High-Quality Premium Stickers
•    Delivery Available Worldwide
•    Supports 16 Different Languages and 7 Currencies
•    Free Shipping across America
•    Awesome Merch Printing Available
•    Rapid Fast Shipping Globally
•    User-Friendly Website
•    Online Proof Available


•    Free Shipping is Not Available Globally

#4. Sticker Guy - Renowned Sticker Printing Company Selling Personalized Stickers

Sticker Guy has been operating since 1993. The company offers a specific range of stickers. Their products are extremely high quality because they are printed manually. Sticker Guy uses a silk screen process to print stickers. This is an entirely manual process that results in premium-quality stickers. If you are looking for simple stickers with minimal customization, Sticker Guy is the guy you need.

The company sells custom die cut stickers, political stickers, applicable roll labels, drum head stickers, bumper stickers, more than one kiss cut sticker, and square cut stickers. The screen printing process manufactures high-quality stickers at exceptional pricing.


Their popular range of stickers is all-weather vinyl, black and white, and red and black. The company charges you based on the number of colors in a sticker. Their pricing is highly competitive compared to other players in the market.

Sticker Guy believes in high-quality manual sticker printing. They argue that digital printing has drawbacks that result in average-quality stickers. The best way to print crystal clear and attractive stickers is screen printing.

The company has revamped its website into a more user-friendly and attractive platform where customers can easily place their orders. They have received close to 6,000 reviews on their official website.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide free shipping on their orders. If you wish to save on shipping, you can pick up your orders directly from their nearest warehouse. Sticker Guy takes considerable time to produce stickers since they are manually printed. The average turnaround time for a batch of stickers is around 2 weeks.


•    Premium Quality Manual Sticker Printing
•    Affordable Pricing
•    Bright Colors
•    Custom Printing Available
•    User-Friendly Website
•    Positive Customer Rating

•    Limited Designs Available
•    High Turnaround Time
•    Free Shipping is Not Available

#5. Custom Stickers - Premium Quality Vinyl and Custom Printed Products

Custom Stickers was launched in 2015 by a couple named Ryan and Melissa. The venture began as the couple's first business after both left their corporate jobs. The company is constructed on the core values of providing supreme customer satisfaction to all users through premium quality products.

Custom Stickers use high-quality digital printing to print vibrant multi purpose stickers. They sell a broad category of sticker products such as vinyl stickers, sticker sheets, custom clear stickers, and holographic stickers.

You can design your stickers easily on the Custom Stickers Website. Once your design is made, you can get an online proof of your design within a business day and make any revisions if you want to.

Since Custom Stickers use a digital printing method, they offer a swift turnaround. Once you approve your design, the company will send it within 2 business days. Orders across the United States of America are free from any delivery charges.

The unique quality of Custom Stickers is the durability of their stickers. They are weatherproof, sunproof, and even dishwasher-proof. The colors of the stickers don't fade till eternity. The stickers are given a rating to last for more than 5 years.

There are no minimum order quantity limits when shopping with Custom Stickers. They sell high-resolution stickers thanks to their modern printing techniques. The company has employed numerous graphic designers to ensure that high-quality stickers are prepared. The company sells premium stickers at a very reasonable price.


•    High-Quality Stickers
•    Huge Collection of Ready Designs
•    Clear Labels Available
•    Laminate Coating Stickers are Available
•    Fast Turnaround
•    Affordable Pricing
•    Free Delivery across America


•    Limited Options in Terms of Designs

#6. Make Stickers - Affordable and High-Quality Stickers for Multipurpose Use

Make Stickers have been operating in the United States of America for quite a while now. Their headquarters is in Illinois. They use the Pantone machine system of printing to print high-quality custom stickers. Their modern printing techniques offer premium-quality customer stickers at great prices.

Make Stickers have made the sticker printing process a whole notch easier by allowing customers to upload their designs directly to their website. You can also create a design easily on their preset templates. Make Stickers offers proof of your final designs online before they are processed for printing.

Make Stickers team consists of expert graphic designers that make your stickers look bang on. Their specialty is bumper stickers and kiss and die border stickers. All stickers are processed with respect to a rigorous quality standard, ensuring only the highest quality products make it your way.

Make Stickers is the best brand for small businesses that do not require a whole load of stickers. The minimum ordering limit for the company is only 50 units. Orders are shipped within 2 business days with free shipping across the United States of America.

Make Stickers has a user-friendly website that allows customers to place their orders easily. The company has received more than 33,000 customer reviews on its website, with 5,500 Google reviews. Make Stickers manages an Instagram and Facebook page where they post updates regarding the latest designs and prints.

You can easily approach the customer care team by calling them on the toll-free number. Furthermore, you can even message them through the website. The customer care representatives often respond within 12-24 hours.


•    Simple and Premium Sticker Printing
•    Litho Stock Sticker Printing
•    Large Quantities Printing Available
•    Awesome Merch Printing Available
•    Experienced Graphic Designers
•    Free Shipping across America
•    Premium Digital Print Quality


•    Relatively Expensive than Other Brands

How We Made the List of the Best Sticker Printing Companies

Sticker printing costs you some serious bucks if you wish to print plenty of stickers for your business. Therefore, it is vital to choose a sticker printing company wisely. A poor brand can end up shipping you low-quality stickers that will cost you serious money.

With so many options in the market, we shortlisted the best 6 based on some benchmarks and criteria. Here is what we looked for:

Print Quality

Print quality is also referred to as print resolution. Stickers must be printed in high resolution. For larger stickers, resolution is key since a low resolution can result in a pixelated sticker. Furthermore, a high-quality print is required for products since it sends a favorable image to consumers. Print quality is the primary factor we looked for in printing companies.

Material Quality

The material quality of stickers determines their durability. If a sticker is printed on a laminated coated piece, it lasts much longer than regular paper print. We carefully selected companies that use high-quality materials for their stickers.


If you run a business, you will require several stickers for multipurpose use. These can be shirts, mugs, magnets, and product labels. Nothing is more appealing than a sticker printing company that serves a business's needs.

Hence, our focus was also to search for companies that provided a complete solution to businesses to meet their sticker needs.


Pricing is a crucial factor for stickers since most of us need a bulk order of stickers. We looked for companies that provided excellent value for money. All the companies listed in this post offer a large number of stickers at a nominal price.

Turnaround Time

There are days when you need printed stickers at concise notice. In that case, companies that offer a quick turnaround on orders are ideal. We looked for companies that provided fast turnaround on their orders without compromising quality. We have included some brands that use digital printing to efficiently print a large number of stickers at a speedy rate.

Custom Printing

The ability to custom print designs is critical as well. We searched for companies that allowed customers to easily create custom designs of their desired stickers without much hassle.

Customer Service

Customer services, such as answering queries, return policy, and online proofs, are at the heart of customer satisfaction. We specifically targeted brands that provided a majority of these elements. Furthermore, we combed the internet to discover honest customer reviews of our shortlisted brands. We articulated the final list based on genuine customer reviews.

FAQs Related to the Best Sticker Printing Companies of 2023

Q1: How long do printed stickers last?

The best type of stickers is vinyl and adhesive type. These stickers last a lot longer than paper stickers. This is because they stick firmly to any surface and remain there for extended periods. Apart from that, the life of a sticker also depends on where it is placed. Stickers placed in a dry place tend to last longer than those stickers affected by harsh weather.

Q2: What are custom stickers made up of?

Customer stickers are usually vinyl, paper, or BOPP.


Vinyl is durable and can last up to 7 years without damage. They are used for printing stickers since they stick easily and last longer. Vinyl is also referred to as gold standard sticker printing material. They are used in cricket bats, helmets, and cars.


Paper stickers are the cheapest options available in the market. However, they do not last very long. They are ideal for temporary events and things. They wear out easily as a result of harsh weather. Their colors also fade because of strong sunlight or water exposure.


BOPP is a plastic material. It lasts for several months and is a very cost-effective option. BOPP can withstand harsh weather conditions for several months. They are perfect for temporary events.

Q3: What are common types of stickers?

The most common high-demand stickers are sticker sheets, die cut stickers, and label rolls.

Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are the collection of multiple stickers onto one sheet. They come with a backing material that allows easy stickers to peel according to your use. Sticker sheets are popular for generic labels or icons. They are also known as kiss-cut stickers.

Die Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are premium stickers made on the specific design that you want. They are cut through the backing material. Die-cut stickers are more expensive than sticker sheets since they are much more personalized.

Sticker Label Rolls

Sticker label rolls are a collection of generic stickers on one roll. They are most suitably used as product package labels that are quickly applied by installing the rolls onto a machine.


After reading through, we hope you found this article valuable and the 6 best sticker companies mentioned in this article worthy. All these companies are currently the top sellers of customized stickers in the US market, so you can trust anyone of them as per your needs.
Always conduct your research as well before trusting a sticker company. Read customer reviews from review sites to solidify your final decision further.
Good luck and have fun with your stickers.

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