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Anadrole Review - The Best Bodybuilding Supplement Out There

Are you a gym buff who wishes to have bigger muscles, but no amount of training seems to be working out well? Check out my Anadrole review to find your answers.



Gaining muscle mass is no child's play and takes a huge amount of commitment, hard work, and sacrifice. And even after doing all that, often the results aren't as good as you would've expected.

That's when health supplements come into the picture, but they have their own implications. While the effective ones are often illegal, the legal alternatives don't give the desired outcomes. At least that's what I used to think before my cousin told me about Anadrole.

Hello, I am Mohamed Elhosary, and welcome to my corner of the internet. Today I will be serving you my Anadrole review, which I curated with hands-on inputs from my fitness-enthusiast cousin, and a lot of research.


My Experience

Well, you know how relatives and neighbors can be at times, right? They take it upon themselves to tell everyone what is wrong with their careers, bodies, or life in general. Only a few years back, my cousin used to be really skinny and attracted such useless body-shaming comments from a lot of people.

That took a toll on him and left him desperate for an attractive physique and a buff body. He used to spend hours in the gym, but considering his fast metabolism, gaining just didn't seem to be his cup of tea. Hate to tell you this, but he struggled with his body image and went through a really dark period.


But, eventually, he realized that he doesn't owe anything to anybody and should not wish for a certain type of physique just to please someone. That's when he had a shift of mentality and changed his motivation behind working out.

Honestly, I am a firm believer that healthy practices attract more rewarding and healthy things in your life, and on similar lines, my cousin eventually discovered Anadrole. He integrated this legal steroid into his training regime, and with appropriate hydration, a proper diet, and a good sleeping cycle, he went through a major transformation and experienced a huge glow-up!

Above all, it makes me ecstatic that my dear cousin worked his way through the issues, found the right motivation for exercising, and is thriving now. We had a reflective chat the other day, and he asked me to compile this Anadrole review on his behalf as a token of gratitude. So, here I am! Let's get this review started.

What Is Anadrole?

Manufactured by a US-based company called Crazy Bulk, Anadrole is an all-natural legal steroid supplement that has four major objectives:

1) Speeding up muscle gains

2) Enhancing the muscle strength

3) Building endurance

4) Boosting stamina

And from the point of view of a chemist, I can say that the product does excel in all four of these aspects. I'll cover the details while telling you about the composition of this A-grade muscle-building supplement; until then, let's talk more about what this product actually is.

Anadrole is a legal steroid that doesn't contain any ingredients that can potentially be abused by a user. Typically, major gains are obtained by steroids that don't really follow the legal guidelines, but that's not the case with this one. It is approved by the law and offers fantastic results, so basically, it is a win-win situation.


The supplement is a 4-in-1 deal and is effective for the all-around development of physique and endurance. One clear upside is that you wouldn't need to consume multiple supplements specializing in different areas simultaneously. Whether you want to gain muscle mass or boost your stamina, Anadrole is a one-stop solution.

Having covered the basics, I'll move on to dissect the supplement and break down its composition now. The true essence of a product lies in its chemistry, and a thorough knowledge of the components can make its overall functioning quite clear.

What Is Anadrole Composed Of? (Anadrole Ingredients)

1. Tribulus terrestris


Tribulus terrestris is an annual plant belonging to the caltrop family, and as absurd as it might sound, it is actually an invasive species - proclaimed as a noxious weed. One wouldn't expect a weed to be of medicinal significance, right? Well, all I can say is that nature works in mysterious ways.

The plant has been used as a traditional pharmaceutical for centuries and is a hotshot ingredient to date when it comes to health supplements. In addition to being a potent muscle enhancer, Tribulus is also an efficient blood sugar regulator and keeps that precious heart of yours in perfect health.


Protecting the heart seems like too big a claim right, but there are viable reasons behind that. The caltrop has blood sugar level and cholesterol-lowering capabilities, which means it can regulate blood pressure well. Stable blood pressure directly implies that there wouldn't be any blood vessel damage, and consequently, there won't be any extra pressure on the heart.

Lastly, the plant also boosts libido by increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood. Which reminds me, if you are looking for something to help get your sexual desire back, you might like the over the counter testosterone booster.

2. Whey Protein Concentrate (200mg)


Are you familiar with whey protein? For those who don't know, it is the leftover liquid obtained when you process milk to make yogurt or cheese. Now, this component is rich in all the essential amino acids required by the body and is an extremely enriching source of protein. And you know it well, an amino acid is the building block of protein, which, in turn, is the primary contributor of muscle development in the body.

Since it contributes significantly to muscle gains, whey protein concentrate is a pretty common ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. On top of that, whey also causes a surge of anabolic hormones like leucine and insulin that further stimulate the synthesis of protein.


During muscle training, you primarily break the muscle fibers in the part that you isolate in the workout session. It's because of these breakages you feel so sore after a hardcore training session, and you must give your body some time for muscle recovery.

Additionally, muscles get stronger and bigger if you increase your protein consumption right after such breakdown. That is why whey protein is an excellent pre and post-workout meal.

Did I tell you that this legal steroid is also used by people who want faster fat burning while saving their lean muscle mass? Along with muscle-building supplements, just replace your processed carb portions with natural carbs or protein and notice the change yourself!


3. Soy Protein Isolate (200mg)

Soy protein isolate is another significant component of Anadrole.

Soybeans are believed to be nutritional powerhouses and have considerable positive effects on the body. Soy protein isolate is extracted by defatting alcohol-washed soybean and doesn't contain any fibers or sugars. It is a very rich source of nutrients like phosphorous, iron, manganese, and copper.

Just like whey protein, soy protein isolate is also a rich source of essential amino acids, especially the branched ones. Effective for muscle gain and increasing muscle mass, some experts claim the ingredient to be even better than casein and whey protein.


Trainers suggest taking soybeans every day so that you consume more and more soy protein and undergo quick gains. But for people like me who don't like its flavor, supplements are a good medium to get the required dose.

4. Shilajit Concentrate 4:1 (100mg)

Shilajit concentrate, also known by the names asphaltum and black bitumen, helps in enhancing body strength and muscle growth. Along with that, it boosts the number of red blood cells and the supply of oxygen in the blood.

And what does increased oxygen in the blood mean? Yes! You know it, it means enhanced energy, increased stamina, and surging libido.


That said, shilajit is one of the most loved herbal and natural ingredients used for muscle protein synthesis in anabolic steroids. The experts at Crazy Bulk realize the true potential of this ingredient; in addition to building lean muscles, it helps in warding off fatigue, fights aging, infertility, and anemia.

5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (50 mg)

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an energy-enhancing compound that boosts the production of ATP, imparting more energy in blood vessels and muscles. You know, generally, anabolic steroids are all about gaining and bodybuilding, but Anadrole has a unique blend formula that speeds up the muscle-building process and builds stamina too.


How Does Anadrole Function?

Now that I've acquainted you with all the ingredients of this anabolic steroid, it'll be easier to grasp its functioning.

First and foremost, Anadrole minimizes weakness and fatigue. Ever experienced an energy failure or shutdown while exercising when you want to go on but your body just doesn't cooperate? That usually happens if you're running short on sleep or haven't been looking after your diet properly.

That's why trainers suggest taking Anadrole as a pre-workout supplement. It speeds up the ATP generation as well as the breakdown, thereby significantly lowering the chances of energy slumping when you hit them dumbbells in the gym.


Curating a well-balanced and proper diet is no less than science. You need to balance out the carbs and proteins, take in just enough fat to keep you going without gaining it on the belly, and don't forget about the roughage and fibers! It can be a handful at times, and a little bit of assistance can help you go a long way.

You can stop worrying about protein intake once Anadrole is included in your routine. After all, you'll be getting it regularly from the supplement itself. It metabolizes in the body and creates a surge in the nitric oxide and oxygen supply which eventually leads to the production of more red blood cells.


Moreover, more red blood cells imply more oxygen-carrying capacity, and in this way, a positive feedback mechanism is generated, which may consequently lead to increased endurance and stamina. Simply put, Anadrole is your best bet if you want to survive a little longer on the treadmill without blowing your lungs out.

What Are The Benefits Of Anadrole?

Anadrole is a potent blend of natural ingredients and has multi-dimensional benefits. Here's how it helps in building a jaw-dropping physique:

1. Increases Muscle Growth

I shared my experience with you already, and since I saw my cousin build lean muscles mass myself, I find this supplement quite reliable. The primary benefit of Anadrole is that it helps you jack up your physique.


Do you know about anabolic reactions? Metabolism mainly consists of two types of responses: catabolic and anabolic. The latter is responsible for all sorts of build-ups and gains that take place in the body, including the growth of muscles. Anadrole is an anabolic steroid and thus, contributes to such building-up reactions.

2. Speeds Up Muscle Gain

Almost every average-grade supplement incites some positive changes in the body over time, but Anadrole is at the top of the game because it ensures muscle growth - that too without much delay.

You might start noticing some bulking up right from the month you start these capsules. Just keep up your training with healthy meals, and you'll see a new and improved version of yourself in a short period of two months.


3. Increases Red Blood Cells

A good red blood cell count is immensely important not only for bulking up but for any type of physical changes. After all, when your body is adapting to a new weight, be it heavier or lighter, it needs extra energy to regulate and adjust to those changes.

The supplement takes care of the body's energy requirement by increasing the red blood cell count, so you can keep all your focus on your fitness routine. An increase in stamina will also help you work out like a beast in the gym.


Pricing Scheme Of Anadrole

Protein supplements and steroids generally fall in a slightly high price range, and Anadrole isn't exempt from that, provided it is produced by an elite brand like Crazy Bulk. The company also produces several other efficient legal steroids for you to check out like Anvarol and many other products that may help in brain development and weight loss.

Each pack of Crazybulk Anadrole contains 30 capsules and costs around 65 dollars. However, you might get a little discount on ordering from the official website . According to the dosage instructions, you should take two capsules with water before breakfast, which means you'll need two such packs in a month.


Additionally, the advised routine includes training for two months and taking a gap of ten to twelve days for recovery. And if you notice some positive transformation, you can repeat this regime again. So, you know the drill now!


1. Who can use Anadrole?

Anyone can use Anadrole as it is one of the few legal steroids available on the market that do not use any toxic or addictive ingredients in their formula. It is consumable by people of all ages and sexes, provided that you stick to the recommended dosage.

But I'll suggest clearing it with your physician beforehand, especially if you suffer from any chronic illness. Sometimes people who are on regular medicines might not react too well to the supplement, so it is always good to take proper precautions and ask your dietician.


2. How to take Anadrole?

According to the guidelines and instructions, the recommended dosage for Anadrole is two capsules per day. You can take them with water before breakfast, but there's no harm in popping them post-workout either.

3. Is Anadrole safe?

Anadrole is a legal anabolic steroid and is absolutely safe for oral ingestion; in fact, it has several positive effects on health. But to answer your question, there aren't any drawbacks or health hazards in taking this protein supplement. It has been properly tested by trusted laboratories and certified by reliable organizations.

Final Words

Well, that's about it for my review guys, and I think I've covered everything I intended to tell you. Did you find my cousin's situation relatable?


Well, if you've been through something similar, then I'll urge you to retrospect and check the motivation behind wanting a certain type of body. Wanting to work on yourself and improve health is amazing, but not at the cost of your mental peace.

If you genuinely want to feel strong in your body and get all jacked up, then I recommend giving Anadrole a try. It helps in building muscles and endurance along with boosting stamina and muscle strength. Including it in your routine will take your body transformation journey to the next level.

And one final thing, you will get that "dream body" someday; just don't forget to have fun along the process!


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