Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Seized Bomb Explodes In Patna Court; Cop Hurt

A box of seized crude bombs went off inside a packed Civil Court in Patna causing injuries to a sub-inspector of police.

Crude bomb (Representational image) Crude bomb (Representational image)

A crude bomb went off inside the crowded Civil Court premises in Patna, on Friday, injuring a police officer who had brought the explosive for investigation purposes.

The sub-inspector of police has hurt his arm but is out of danger, said Sabiul Haq, the SHO of the Pirbahore police station under which the site of the incident falls. "The injured SI, Umakant Rai, is posted at Kadam Kuan police station. Some crude bombs were seized in his area recently and he had brought these to the court as part of the standard investigation procedure," he SHO.

Rai was carrying the bombs in a box which he placed on the table of the assistant prosecution officer concerned when the explosion took place. Bystanders said they initially thought the sound was of a tire burst common in the area that remains choc a bloc with vehicular traffic. However, they realized what had happened upon spotting Rai, covered in soot and writhing in pain.

Investigations were on to find out whether the bombs were properly defused before being brought to the court, said the Pirbahore SHO.