WATCH | Car Driver's Reverse Maneauver In Police Chase On Ghaziabad Elevated Road

A viral video captures a car driver executing a daring reverse stunt on an elevated road in Ghaziabad.


A viral video unfolds a daring scene on Ghaziabad's elevated road as a car executes a reverse stunt. Photo: Twitter

A video capturing a high-speed chase between Ghaziabad Police and a white Hyundai i-20 on the Raj Nagar Extension Elevated Road has gone viral on social media. Lasting for 47 seconds, the footage shows the car moving in reverse, with police vehicles following suit, going against the flow of traffic.

The circumstances leading to the chase are not entirely clear, sparking online discussions about the safety implications and adherence to traffic regulations. The incident has garnered attention and raised questions about the appropriate procedures for police pursuits.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Nimish Dasharath Patil addressed the incident, stating in a video posted on X, "Today, a video is going viral on social media according to which a car i20 is running in reverse gear on the elevated road. The driver is being chased by a police vehicle. On getting more information about the incident, it was found that it was running on elevated at around 9.30-10.00 pm last night."


He added, "The police control room received information that an I-20 car was coming from Rajnagar, driving recklessly, with a complaint of drink-driving. On the basis of this complaint, when the police tried to stop the vehicle, he started driving the vehicle in reverse gear. More information is being sought regarding this incident, and necessary action will be taken after the investigation."