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Wholetones 2Sleep Gen2 Reviews - Does It Work To Improve Sleep?

Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 is a device that plays four different frequencies to promote better sleep and overnight healing. This device offers three hours of music, though most people are already asleep within 15 minutes with no other support.


Wholetones 2Sleep Gen2

What is Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2?

Millions of consumers around the world struggle to fall asleep, leading them to drag themselves to their doctor to get sleeping medication. Many patients try natural methods to fall asleep first, but all of the valerian root and melatonin in the world is sometimes inadequate to beat the sleepless nights. Medication has its advantages, but there is always the risk that an adverse reaction could happen. For some consumers, this risk may seem worth it when they are at their wit’s end with insomnia.

Instead of taking that risk, consumers might be interested to see what Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 offers. The creator of this device claims that it will help consumers to get to sleep when they want every night, keeping them resting through the night so they can wake up with a readiness for the day in the morning. Developed by musician Michael S. Tyrrell, this device was inspired by his own struggle with sleep, which was only remedied after meeting a piano player in Jerusalem that exposed his own secret.


Once users get a full night of sleep with Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2, they’ll notice that their morning is a welcome time, rather than a dreaded one. There won’t be all of the mood swings, and users won’t lose focus when they are mid-sentence. The necessary role that sleep plays in mental and physical health cannot be underemphasized, and consumers have to prioritize this time of their day as much as their work and family time.

Why Makes It Work?

This device is entirely based on the psalms of King David that are found in the Bible, though Michael came across them when he was listening to the aforementioned piano player (who was also named David). Michael discovered that the seven psalms he saw had their own frequencies, and each of these frequencies could activate different parts of the brain.


As Michael explains, the Bible shows that David previously played his harp for King Saul, soothing him with the same frequencies that he was learning about. The calming effect on the king gave Michael inspiration to seek out a way to bring those frequencies into today’s world to help activate the sleep cycle properly. He slowly put these frequencies to music with his guitar, calling his work Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

So far, this project already reaches 162 countries, but the benefits exceed the idea of just falling asleep better. As consumers play these frequencies, they’ll notice other health benefits, like:

  • Reduced blood pressure levels.
  • Greater relaxation amongst any listener.
  • Physical healing.
  • Reduced struggles with anxiety and depression.
  • Relief from physical and emotional pain.

All of these benefits came before the creator realized that the soothing frequencies were also able to support better sleep. Then, he narrowed down the four frequencies that could act as a soothing lullaby for any user who wants to get much-needed sleep as soon as they can. To get the benefits, all the user needs to do is play music and relax.

Buying Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2

While Michael would love for every person to have Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 in their bedroom, these devices are only available for the first 1,000 people who place an order. Once they are sold out, no more devices will be produced, which means that consumers only have a small window of opportunity to buy one.


For $99, users can purchase the Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 player with access to digital downloads and a free Serenity Sleep Mask. This purchase comes with a money-back guarantee.

FAQs: Know More About Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2

What is circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythm simply refers to the internal clock of an individual. This rhythm is essential for basic functions like sleeping and waking. During a 24-hour period, the body goes through multiple behavioral, mental, and physical adjustments that are determined by the rhythm.

Other than tiredness, what are the risks of being overly tired?

Consumers who don’t sleep well at night are more prone to mood swings than they ordinarily would be, expressing their irritability sharply at loved ones. Without proper sleep, the brain doesn’t get the support it needs for every other process, leading to difficulty with focus, clear thinking, and even forgetfulness. Sleeping better is the only way to fix this issue. The body requires 8 hours of sleep to go through the four stages of sleep needed for healing and restoration daily.


How does Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 regulate the user’s sleep cycle?

This device uses scientifically proven frequencies to soothe your brain with gentle audio. These frequencies have a positive effect on brain health, anxiety, and any other reason the user might still be awake.

How long will Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 take to put the user to sleep?

While every person is different, most users fall asleep within 15 minutes.

Will Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 actually work?

Yes. Michael put his device through a clinical trial at the Center for Health and Human Performance in Florida to ensure that users will get results. At the end of this study, every participant reported some kind of improvement in their sleep. They also largely reported feeling as though they had a better mood, experienced more restful sleep and fell asleep faster.


What if the user doesn’t get better sleep with Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2?

Every purchase comes with the support of a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days after the purchase was made. The customer service team can deal with any other issues by calling 888-866-3740 or emailing

Bottom Line

The Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 Player provides users with a way to sleep without medications, aromatherapy, or another melatonin supplement. At an affordable price, users get the sleep mask and digital music download at no fee, and every order comes with a three-month window to try it out. Plus, users won’t have to do anything else to prepare for their night, ensuring the least number of disruptions possible for sleep. Visit the official website to learn more!



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