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COEMPT EDUTECK’s Journey towards a Future-Ready Education System.


Coempt Edu Teck Pvt. Ltd., (COEMPT) is a leading solution provider specializing in delivering comprehensive turnkey projects in the domains of teaching, learning, and examination that are targeted for institutional capacity building to provide transparency and good governance. COEMPT follows all standard quality processes that are required to design, develop and deliver world-class solutions. COEMPT have the required industry endorsed quality certifications i.e., ISO and CMMi certifications that aids them in their efforts to provide the best support and experience to their clients. Currently, COEMPT operate across India, and they aspire to expand their offerings on a global scale.  

What sets COEMPT apart from other players in this space is their remarkable experience of over two decades in successfully executing large-scale turnkey projects. They have witnessed the evolution of the education sector from floppy/CD-based deliveries to portal-based solutions and, currently, new-age mobile-based deliveries that enable effective teaching, learning, and examinations. COEMPT has continuously upgraded its software solutions to align with the dynamic needs of educational institutions. Their clientele comprises prominent universities and standalone educational institutions across India, whom they empower through their technology solutions, promoting transparency and good governance in their teaching, learning, and examination endeavours.  

COEMPT’s technology solutions have had a positive impact on teaching and learning processes. Through their teaching, learning, and examination solutions, COEMPT has empowered over 5 million engineering students, enhancing their technical and life skills to meet the ever-changing demands of industries. This has not only facilitated promising career prospects but has also enriched their higher education opportunities. The digital tools provided by COEMPT have empowered teachers to engage students effectively, resulting in better educational outcomes and a deeper understanding of the corporate world. Additionally, COEMPT’s through its examination related digital evaluation solutions have processed over 15 million answer books, enabling quality evaluation and timely result declaration for certificate-awarding bodies.  

To foster a culture of innovation within the organization, COEMPT encourages open communication and ideation among employees. They create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. The company recognizes and rewards innovative ideas to foster greater participation. COEMPT sponsors employees to attend events and workshops that facilitate collaboration and the generation of new ideas. Additionally, employees have access to learning resources, assessment tools, mentors, and subject matter experts to enhance their knowledge and skills continuously. COEMPT believes that innovation is a mindset, and they encourage their employees to embrace continuous learning and improvement.  

Seamless integration and implementation of COEMPT’s e-Learning and examination solutions within educational institutions are ensured through their robust and futuristic approach. They are modular and can be quickly customized to suit clients’ unique requirements. COEMPT’s solutions optimally leverage the power of the internet, cloud technology, and mobility, enabling scalability and wider reach. The company provides human intervention and guidance during the implementation phase to ensure a smooth transition and self-sufficiency for the clients.  

As the CEO of COEMPT EDUTECK, I have implemented several strategies and leadership qualities to drive the company’s growth and success in the ITES industry. I am known for my transformational leadership style, inspiring and motivating teams to reach their full potential and exceed expectations. I challenge conventional thinking and take calculated risks to propel the organization forward. Being deeply involved in the business, I understand its nuances and provide the right direction to the team. I expect commitment and ownership from my team while also being deeply invested in their success. Transparency, ethics, and honesty are central to my communication with the team and stakeholders. I prioritize innovation, creativity, and bold thinking, which have contributed to COEMPT’s success and positioned it as a highly valued Ed-tech company.  


COEMPT envisions playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of education through technology solutions. They aim to bridge the digital divide in teaching, learning, and examination, ensuring accessibility and affordability. The company is focused on strengthening its products/solutions, such as OneX and Onmark, with the goal of becoming the leading examination solution provider in India. They plan to offer their solutions on a SAAS model, making them more affordable for end clients. COEMPT also envisions integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their solutions to enhance user experience. Sustainability is an important aspect they emphasize, striving to incorporate sustainable practices for a better future for society and the environment.  

Mr. VSN Raju is being honoured with the ‘CEO of the Year’ award by Outlook Business.  

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