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The Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Finding the best website to buy Instagram followers can always be challenging due to the high number of options available. A good number of scam websites take advantage of customers by offering services of no value. So, it is essential to practice caution while buying Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is undoubtedly the number one social media platform that helps grow a career in influencing, marketing, and media in general. Instagram users with a good number of followers often get recognized by global brands, and their career shoots to unimaginable heights in no time.

But for all that to happen, having a significant number of followers is critical. It is not easy to organically grow the number of followers on Instagram. It takes serious time and effort.

Then, what is the quickest solution to get more Instagram followers?

Buying them, indeed.


However, finding the best website to buy Instagram followers can always be challenging due to the high number of options available. A good number of scam websites take advantage of customers by offering services of no value. So, it is essential to practice caution while buying Instagram followers.

To avoid potential scams, it is always advisable to use authentic recommendations from experts on the best place to buy Instagram followers. The experts in the industry can give you all the information on the top players and let you make a well-educated choice.

Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers: Top Picks

Here are our top picks for the best place to buy Instagram followers.

2. Buzzoid (buzzoids.com)-Discount code for all our readers (35% discount- OUTLOOK35)

3. Upleap (upleap.net)

Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers: Detailed Reviews

Instalab is one of the top platforms to buy real Instagram followers . They are known for their affordable prices, instant delivery, premium quality customer services, etc. The team of Instalab specializes in Instagram-based marketing; thus, their expertise is used for the betterment of the customers.


A wide variety of Instagram followers’ packages are available at Instalab. Each of the packages varies in price but not in quality. Also, all Instalab packages come with a 100% refill guarantee.

One of the major highlights of this platform is that it works well on a mobile device, too. This allows customers to monitor and handle all purchase and delivery activities from anywhere.

The incredible safety features this platform has employed are another reason it has gained such tremendous popularity. First of all, they don't ask for the clients' Instagram passwords to deliver their services. Customers only have to provide the target link of the Instagram account to which the followers should be delivered.

They also use many safe payment gateways to support the customer’s payment. The most used payment gateway remains PayPal on the platform. All the payment options offer a high level of safety, privacy, and security for the customer.

One more impressive safety feature they maintain is that the financial or such personal information of the customers is not stored in the platform in any form. Once the transaction is over, they do away with the data from their system. So the customers can be sure that their sensitive information is not compromised even if a safety breach occurs.


Instalab is famous for a wide variety of services. Some of the major ones are mentioned in detail below.

1. Quick Delivery

Instalab offers quick delivery for all orders, even for the bulk ones. They ensure that the followers are delivered within just minutes of the customer finishing the ordering process. This enables the customers to get instant visibility without waiting for hours or days.


The quick delivery promise from Instalab is met with all the time. This delivery feature provides immediate recognition for the user. As all the followers from Instalab are real and active, the customer's credibility also improves significantly with quick delivery.

2. High Safety

Safety is critical to all online transactions and deals. This is precisely why Instalab has set in place a good number of safety features to protect the customers. As mentioned before, no password or personal details are asked by Instalab to provide their services.

They only use the most advanced software for all their activities and transactions. This software is equipped with high-end encryption technology. So, a third party cannot access any communication or transaction between the customer and Instalab.

Also, the financial transactions are carried out on a highly secure platform, not Instalab. This helps Instalab to avoid storing any of the customers’ financial information in their system. So, the customers can be involved in financial transactions with Instalab without fearing a security compromise.

3. Wide Variety of Packages

The packages at Instalab are carefully curated to boost the customers’ Instagram presence. They have a wide variety of pricing packages that are useful for starters, basic influencers, pro influencers, etc. The packages primarily vary in the number of followers and the price to pay.

All the packages can be purchased by paying a one-time fee. The delivery will be instant and immediate. None of the packages require the Instagram password of the customer. Also, irrespective of the price or size of the package, all of them include the highest quality followers.


The most popular packages and their features are given below.


  • Number of followers: 100
  • Price: $1.39


  • Number of followers: 250
  • Price: $3.95


  • Number of followers: 500
  • Price: $4.16


  • Number of followers: 1000
  • Price: $8.39


  • Number of followers: 2500
  • Price: $16.90


  • Number of followers: 5000
  • Price: $25.13


  • Number of followers: 10,000
  • Price: $48.13


  • Number of followers: 20,000
  • Price: $94.0

Basic Influencer

  • Number of followers: 30,000
  • Price: $149.0

Pro Influencer

  • Number of followers: 50,000
  • Price: $249.0

Gold Influencer

  • Number of followers: 100,000
  • Price: $498.0

Diamond Influencer

  • Number of followers: 200,000
  • Price: $998.0


  • The platform only provides real and active followers.
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • No download or installation is required.
  • Packages are customizable.
  • Packages for beginners and established users are available.
  • All inquiries are responded to within just a single day.
  • It ensures higher profit margins.
  • It runs highly effective online campaigns for customers.
  • Authentic followers make sure of positive brand communication.
  • Ideal for Instagram account launches.
  • Free trial available
  • It was featured in reputed magazines like Forbes, Influencive, etc.
  • 24-hour customer support via email.
  • No limit exists for purchasing Instagram followers.


  • Some bulk orders can take several hours to complete.

Buzzoid (buzzoids.com) is famous for providing high-quality and authentic Instagram followers as per customer orders. They offer two packages for the customers to choose from: High-quality followers and Active followers.


High-quality followers are primarily inactive Instagram accounts that have a legitimate profile photo. Customers can buy between 100 and 5,000 high-quality followers at a time. This package of high-quality followers is available for purchase 24/7 every day.

The Active Followers package includes real followers with active Instagram accounts. This package is much more ideal for customers who are looking for authentic followers only. You will have to pay a lot for the active followers.


Buzzoid also maintains a managed growth service for the customers. This service lets the customers have customized strategies to boost their Instagram growth further. The instant delivery guarantee is another significant advantage associated with Buzzoid.


  • It supports multiple safe payment options like Apple Pay and various debit and credit cards.
  • A 100% refund guarantee is available with all orders.
  • The ordering process is straightforward and less time-consuming.
  • They guarantee instant and immediate delivery of all orders.
  • They maintain an impressive delivery speed of over 5,000 followers per hour.
  • Customers can buy up to 20,000 followers in a single order.


  • A 30-day refund guarantee is available for faulty or subpar services.
  • Affordable pricing for high-quality followers.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • Active followers provide genuine engagement.


  • Active followers are relatively expensive.
  • High-quality followers are inactive and often create suspicion as bots.

Upleap (upleap.net) is a popular start-up that focuses exclusively on selling Instagram followers. It does not have any other prominent services. So, their entire attention is given to the Instagram follower selling.


When compared to its counterparts like Buzzoid, Upleap provides more premium followers at an affordable price. The Upleap prices are all affordable and fit the budgets of a wide variety of customers.

The prices in Upleap vary based on whether the customer needs regular or premium followers. The premium followers cost a bit more than the regular followers. Customers can buy up to two hundred thousand premium followers in a single order.

Customers only have to give their Instagram user name to avail of the services from Upleap. They also maintain one of the top delivery speeds in the industry. The average time they take to complete their orders is just three minutes.



  • Upleap supports the instant delivery of Instagram followers.
  • All the followers provided by the platform are genuine and authentic.
  • Customers can choose from regular followers and premium followers.
  • The 24/7 customer support enables the customers to clear all their queries and complaints.
  • Upleap provides up to 60% discount at checkout.


  • The platform always offers discounts for the customers.
  • Customers only need to provide their Instagram username to buy followers.
  • It supports fast delivery.
  • Purchase plans are available from just 1 USD onwards.
  • Upleap was featured in popular publications like Forbes, BuzzFeed, etc.


  • Some customers have complained of getting bot followers.
  • Their official website does not mention a refill or refund guarantee.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers from Trusted Sources

There are both standard and emotional benefits to buying Instagram followers from trusted sources.

The standard benefits are as follows.

  • It significantly improves the social proof of the customer.
  • It helps the customer’s account to perform well against Instagram’s algorithm. This is helpful to get the account placed on the suggestions page.
  • A high number of Instagram followers will increase the credibility of the account. This helps with grabbing brand deals, promotion opportunities, etc.
  • The possibility of improving the number of organic followers becomes high.
  • The SEO ranking of the customer’s Instagram account improves automatically.
  • The customer gets more conversion opportunities with a high number of followers.
  • Customers need not spend too much time or effort growing their Instagram accounts.
  • Customers need not worry anymore about promoting their content. So they can focus more on the quality of the content.

The significant emotional benefits are as follows.

  • The high number of followers and likes will essentially encourage the user to put more effort into their content.
  • Having a solid follower community can often lead the user to be more responsible and vigilant on the platform.
  • A high number of followers can have a significant positive impact on the confidence and mental health of the user.
  • The brand deals and promotional opportunities that come with a high number of followers can lead to good income opportunities for the user. This can bring them better financial and emotional stability.

Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers: Buying Guide

It is essential to ensure that the brand you buy Instagram followers from is genuine and intends to boost your Instagram growth. You can depend on customer feedback and expert reviews to shortlist competent service providers. Then, you can check for the following features to identify the best place to buy Instagram followers.

1. Safety Features

Safety features are essential when choosing an Instagram follower seller. The customer has to share their sensitive financial information with the website while buying the followers. If the website has no compelling safety features, chances are high for this financial information to be compromised.

Some of the must-have safety features are as follows.

  • The website should have SSL-encrypted software.
  • The customer's financial information should not be stored in the website’s system.
  • Multiple safe payment options should be available.

2. Highly Responsive Customer Support Team

Customer service is vital to choosing the right Instagram follower seller for you. Chances are high for the customer to have technical and payment difficulties while processing their orders. A highly responsive and efficient customer care team is necessary for such instances.

Also, for websites that promise guarantees and customization features, the customer care team should be highly active to correspond with customers in need. It is advisable to find a service that offers 24/7 customer support.

3. Customizable Delivery Speed

Almost all service providers focus on delivering the orders as immediately as possible. Instant delivery has become a critical feature when purchasing Instagram followers. But the customization of delivery speed also deserves significant attention.

Because while purchasing a bulk amount of followers, it is not ideal to get them delivered immediately. The instant hike in the number of followers would not seem much organic to the Instagram community. So, it is vital for the customer to choose a drip-feed delivery service if needed.

In a drip-feed delivery service, the provider delivers the purchased followers over a fixed period. This creates a sensation of organic growth among the rest of the Instagram community.

4. Follower Guarantee

One of the most common criticisms faced by Instagram followers selling platforms is that they use bot followers. Bot followers do not last very long. They will disappear from the customers’ follower list within a few days.

This is why looking for a service provider that extends follower guarantee is essential. Many follower-selling websites offer a month or more as the trial period or as the guarantee period. If the followers disappear during this time, they will refill the customers' accounts accordingly.

This feature is inevitable to ensure the quality and longevity of the followers that the customers receive. Having refund guarantees is also ideal. This allows the customer to demand their money back if the service is not up to par.

Final Word

Purchasing Instagram followers is one of the most influential and quick ways to boost the growth of an Instagram account. But while doing so, it is better to use a good amount of discretion. As financial and personal information is involved in every purchase, ensuring the website's safety beforehand is crucial. It is advisable to look for red flags like asking for the Instagram password, availability of a single payment option, no SSL encrypted software, etc.


1. What is the best and quickest way to buy real Instagram followers?

The best and quickest way to buy real Instagram followers is from reputed websites. The best and most effective spot to buy real Instagram followers is Instalab. This popular website is highly user-friendly and provides followers at an affordable rate. The instant delivery speed is another highlighting feature of this service provider.

2. Does follower quality matter when buying Instagram followers?

Follower quality matters when buying Instagram followers. Buying inactive bot followers would create a negative impact on the Instagram account. Fake followers are pretty easy to understand, and using them would only cause your real followers to drop. So, buying real and high-quality followers from Instagram marketing websites is vital.

3. What are the primary cons of buying Instagram followers online?

The primary cons of buying Instagram followers are over-dependency and finding the right growth partner. Buying Instagram followers is highly effective. So people may develop over-dependency towards this service. This can lead to a drop in the quality of the content they post. Also, finding the right service partner is often challenging. The high availability of choices is the primary reason for this challenge.

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