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The Best Herpes Dating Sites & Apps For People With HSV1 & HSV2

In this article, we'll discuss the top herpes dating sites and apps where you can connect with others who understand managing and living life with this common virus. Whether you have oral or genital herpes, these sites help take the stigma out of dating with HSV.

The Best Herpes Dating Sites & Apps For People With HSV1 & HSV2

Living with herpes doesn't mean you can't find love and companionship. Let's chat a bit about what herpes is – it's a common virus that can cause sores on the mouth or genitals. But guess what? With the right community, having HSV1 or HSV2 doesn't have to hold you back from dating and meeting incredible people. If you're on the lookout for safe, supportive dating as a single with herpes, there are some fantastic herpes dating sites out there.

In this article, we'll discuss the top herpes dating sites and apps where you can connect with others who understand managing and living life with this common virus. Whether you have oral or genital herpes, these sites help take the stigma out of dating with HSV.

Here are the best herpes dating sites & apps:

  1. MPWH.com - #1 Dating Community For Herpes Positive Singles
  2. PositiveSingles - STD Dating Site Where Care and Support Matter
  3. Meet Positives - The Judgment-Free Dating App for People With STDs
  4. H-Date - Trustworthy Dating Site for Singles with HSV1 and HSV2
  5. HSV Singles - HSV Dating Community Embracing All Types of Love

Let's take a closer look at each of these top herpes dating platforms.

MPWH.com - #1 Dating Community For Herpes Positive Singles


MPWH is like a friendly hub for people with herpes. It's been around since 1999, making it the very first and most experienced herpes dating site. The herpes dating site has brought together lots of singles dealing with HSV1, HSV2, and other types of herpes. It's like a place where you can find love, support, and acceptance.

With MPWH, joining the community is completely free and creating a 100% anonymous profile takes just a minute or two. This allows HSV+ singles to connect in a judgement-free zone with other "positives" who understand the experience of living and dating with herpes. MPWH also offers easy-to-use iOS and Android apps for herpes dating on the go.

Safety and privacy come first at MPWH. This dating app takes extra steps to keep your photos and profiles safe from any misuse. Plus, MPWH is only for people with HSV, so it helps reduce the chances of spreading or catching other STDs. MPWH makes sure its community is secure by verifying profiles and blocking anyone who acts inappropriately. MPWH not only brings singles with herpes together but also offers helpful support resources. The site has blogs for advice on herpes dating, sexual health info, and tips for living well with HSV. MPWH is not just about dating – it’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need in the herpes community.

Key features that make MPWH a top herpes dating site include:

  1. You can join for free and create a profile, upload photos, search profiles, send winks, reply to messages from premium members, and access blogs.
    The free membership is a great way for new members to dip their toes in, create a profile, browse potential matches, and start making connections—all without paying anything. This allows singles with herpes to test out the community before committing.
  2. With a premium membership, you get all the basic features plus advanced search filters, unlimited communication with members, private browsing, the option to change your username, a personal account manager, and a highlighted, prioritized listing on the site for increased visibility.
    By upgrading to premium, members unlock enhanced tools for a more personalized and comprehensive dating experience. Enjoy unlimited messaging and incognito browsing for free and private communication. Additionally, profile highlighting ensures that users stand out in the crowd.
  3. You get extra privacy options and strict profile checks for added safety.
    MPWH makes sure all members feel safe and comfy with strong privacy controls and strict verification. You decide who gets to see your profile and photos.
  4. 'FLAME' feature that’s even cooler than Tinder
    The ‘FLAME’ feature brings a modern touch to dating on MPWH, offering a familiar swiping experience like Tinder to spark connections. It's a fun and interactive way to break the ice.
  5. Explore the 'Reverse Match' feature to discover members with profile characteristics similar to yours.
    Reverse Match allows users to find compatible matches based on their own profile details like age, location, interests, saving time and effort.
  6. Check out creative First Date Ideas for a fun and engaging way to connect during your date.

MPWH helps prepare singles for first dates with unique creative ideas to start relationships off right.


  • Largest herpes-only dating network since 1999
  • Free and premium membership options
  • Privacy controls and profile verification
  • Fun features like FLAME and Reverse Match
  • Educational herpes blogs and dating tips
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps (Android, iOS)


  • Exclusively for herpes dating – doesn't include other STDs.

PositiveSinglesSTD Dating Site Where Care and Support Matter


With roots tracing back to 2001, PositiveSingles stands as a caring and supportive online dating community for people dealing with different STDs such as herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, and more. This dating app welcomes all positive singles, providing a non-judgmental space for connection. Members use the platform for many reasons, from building friendships and support to exploring romantic relationships. The beauty of PositiveSingles lies in its ability to create a sense of community that benefits everyone involved.

Privacy is a major focus on PositiveSingles. This STD dating site ensures strict confidentiality and anonymity for all member information. You have complete control over what you decide to share on your profile. Additionally, the site includes a Resource Center, helping members find nearby clinics for necessary care. PositiveSingles goes beyond just making connections; it encourages "positives" to find understanding partners who won't shame them for their STD status. The community thrives on sharing inspirational success stories that motivate the entire PositiveSingles community.

Key features for PositiveSingles include:

  1. Video Chat for face-to-face conversations
  2. Private Albums to share photos securely
  3. Dating Advice from experienced members


  • Caters to singles with all STDs, not just herpes
  • Confidential profiles and anonymous browsing
  • Resources to find healthcare clinics
  • Features like Video Chat and Private Albums


  • Site may load slower at times

Meet PositivesThe Judgment-Free Dating App for People With STDs


Started in 2019, Meet Positives is a warm dating site for singles with STDs who want to enjoy life. Meet Positives is a dating site that provides a judgement-free zone where members can feel “normal” again in dating. With a close-knit community, Meet Positives encourages openness, understanding and sharing between positive singles. Members join not just for dating, but also to connect with others who have gone through similar struggles and experiences.

Meet Positives uses a super accurate matching system to introduce members to potential partners who share their same condition. This allows singles with herpes to match with other herpes singles, those with HIV to match with others with HIV, etc. Registered members can browse profiles of positive singles, share their stories on discussion forums, and learn about living with different STDs from its blog section of the site. Meet Positives also offers dating tips and advice to help positive singles have the best experience possible.

Some key features of Meet Positives include:

  1. Matching algorithm for dating people with the same STD
  2. STD blogs, stories and support forums
  3. Dating and relationship advice/tips


  • Focused community for singles with STDs
  • Matches members with the same condition
  • Dating and relationship tips


  • Smaller membership base than some STD dating sites

H-DateTrustworthy Dating App for Singles with HSV1 and HSV2


H-Date is an international dating community catering to singles with herpes. With members across the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and more, H-Date allows people with HSV worldwide to connect in a welcoming space. On H-Date, you don't have to stress about telling others about your STI or explaining your situation. Everyone on H-Date already gets the challenges of living with herpes. This understanding makes it easier for singles with HSV1 or HSV2 to meet potential partners without any worries.

Joining H-Date is completely free. User privacy is also taken very seriously, with account verification within 24 hours to prevent fake profiles. Members can keep their personal information completely confidential for added safety. Also, on H-Date, there are lots of helpful blogs. They cover things like how herpes spreads, dealing with outbreaks, dating tips, and more.

Some key features herpes singles enjoy are:

  1. Swipe Right/Left to easily connect with matches
  2. Send virtual winks to spark conversation
  3. Share your success via testimonials


  • International herpes dating community
  • Free to join and browse profiles
  • Account verification for safety


  • The website could be more transparent

HSV SinglesHSV Dating Community Embracing All Types of Love


HSV Singles is like a breath of fresh air in the world of herpes dating. It's a place where singles with HSV1 or HSV2 can look for romance, have adventures, and just have some fun. Unlike some other dating sites that make herpes seem like a big deal, HSV Singles is all about hanging out without fear of being shamed. People join to find friends, relationships, or just to make their social circles bigger.

Joining HSV Singles is totally free and super easy – just four quick steps. You can make a profile in no time, sharing your interests, hobbies, background, and what you're looking for in a match. One cool thing is that HSV Singles is open to everyone, no matter their sexual orientation. You can search for potential matches by location, age, interests, and more.

The site is watched over by moderators who are on the ball when it comes to scams or any kind of bother. Privacy is a big deal too – you get to decide who sees your profile and photos. That way, members can feel totally chill about sharing at their own speed.

Key features that make connecting easy include:

  1. Free Registration - Sign up and create a full profile in just 4 steps
  2. Search Filters - Find matches by location, age, orientation, interests etc.
  3. Privacy Controls - Manage who sees your profile and photos


  • Free sign-up and profile creation
  • Community accepting of all sexual orientations
  • Detailed search filters to find matches
  • Active moderators ensure privacy and safety


  • Site engagement and activity could improve

10 Steps to Confidently Dating With Herpes

Living with herpes doesn't have to put a stop to your dating life. Actually, you can still enjoy dating, build meaningful relationships, and have intimacy. With the right steps, being upfront about it, and having the right attitude, having herpes can be just a small part of your awesome dating adventure. This 10-step guide has everything you need to know to be great while dating with herpes.


Step 1: Know the facts about herpes

The first thing is to make sure you know the facts about herpes so you can understand it yourself and tell potential partners. Herpes comes from two viruses - HSV1 and HSV2. Usually, HSV1 gives you oral herpes with cold sores, while HSV2 is more linked to genital herpes. But, both can show up in either area. Some people with herpes don't have symptoms, and if they do, medicines can help. Even though it can't be cured, herpes itself is harmless and won't mess with your ability to have kids or your general health. With precautions, the chance of passing it on is really low. Knowing the facts helps you clear up any misunderstandings and make your partners feel better.

Step 2: Check in with your emotions

Getting a herpes diagnosis can bring up a bunch of mixed feelings like anger, shame, worry, or sadness. It's important to give yourself some time and room to deal with these feelings. Talk to your loved ones, join online groups where people understand, or chat with a counselor. Even though it's tough, try to change how you think about it to a more self-loving and accepting place. Herpes doesn't say who you are or make you unappealing. It's just something you can manage. Once you find peace with your diagnosis, you'll feel more confident in yourself when dating, being open, and doing it responsibly.

Step 3: Share your status responsibly.

If things get romantic, it's important to talk to your partner about your herpes. I know, it sounds scary, but it actually shows you're mature, caring, and honest. Have this chat when you both feel comfy, but definitely before anything intimate happens. Just be straightforward and simple. You could say something like, "I need you to know that I have genital herpes from HSV2. I take medicine to avoid outbreaks and use protection to lower the chance of passing it on." Then, give them some space to think about it. Answer any questions honestly. Talking about it in a responsible way, without making a big deal or saying sorry too much, can build a strong relationship based on trust and caring for each other.

Step 4: Use protection and medication

Two important things to reduce herpes passing on are: 1) Use condoms and/or dental dams during intercourse, and 2) Take your medicine. Condoms really help by keeping skin from touching. Dental dams are like shields for oral stuff. Taking medicine every day cuts the chance of passing it on by about 50% by stopping outbreaks. Plan intimate times accordingly. Using protection and medicine makes the chance of giving herpes to a partner pretty low. But talk honestly about the risks with your partner so you can decide together what to do.

Step 5: Be creative in romance

Herpes doesn't have to stop you from trying different things with your partner. Get creative with things like massage, watching romantic movies. Rediscover passion, cuddling, and talking. There are so many ways to feel intimate and connect. By knowing that intimacy is about more than just regular physical relationship, you can build strong connections with positive singles who understand.

Step 6: Make it a normal conversation

Once you've talked about herpes, don't make it the last time. Mention it naturally in everyday talk to make it normal. For instance, if you feel symptoms coming on, just tell your partner casually so you can take a break from intimacy for a bit. Share funny memes or posts about herpes to show you're cool with it. If they have questions, be honest in your answers. Making herpes a regular topic is important. Surveys say that when couples talked openly about herpes right from the start, 92% stuck together long-term, compared to 75% of couples who avoided the topic. So, keep talking, let your partner know if you're feeling symptoms, and make them feel okay about talking to you too.

Step 7: Find the right dating sites

Regular dating sites can be tough for people with STDs. Luckily, herpes dating sites for positive singles give a space without judgment to connect. Top herpes dating sites like MPWH.com have lots of members with HSV1 and HSV2. That means you don't need to worry about telling or facing rejection. You can be honest about having herpes right from your profile to make connections based on openness. Check out member profiles, join chat rooms, and talk at your own speed. Herpes dating sites made for the HSV community make it simple to find partners who appreciate and accept you. Sharing experiences can also be really helpful.

Step 8: Understand your dating must-haves

Having clear dating standards can help you find fulfilling relationships as a single with herpes. Think about your core values and must-haves like respect, trust, empathy, intimacy, and more. Figure out your ideal speed for relationships and what you want in dating—something casual or more committed? Local or long-distance? This helps you sort out potential matches and avoid wasting time on ones that don't fit. Also, be aware of your top needs about privacy, health precautions, communication styles, outbreak management, and so on. What's a deal breaker for you? Knowing your must-haves and deal breakers lets you express your relationship needs and set limits. Don't be scared to say no to partners who push you into risky stuff or make you feel bad. Focus on those who match your values and priorities. Defining your non-negotiables helps you pick partners who will understand and accept dating someone with herpes.

Step 9: Know your legal rights

In the U.S., laws safeguard your privacy regarding medical conditions such as herpes. It's against the law for a partner to share your status without your permission. Only people you might have close contact with or share needles with need to know. Discrimination based on medical status is also not allowed. This includes not being hired, denied housing, insurance, or access to public places. Even though there's still a stigma around herpes, the law has got your back. Keep an eye on the rules in your state so you can handle any unfair treatment or unauthorized sharing properly. Knowing your rights is powerful.

Step 10: Join support communities

You don't have to navigate dating with herpes on your own. Online groups and in-person meetups give you chances to connect with others going through the same stuff. Follow social media influencers who share herpes news and stories to see positive role models. Join forums focused on dating to share experiences, get advice, and remind yourself that you're not alone. Attend local virtual or in-person events hosted by herpes organizations to meet other positive singles. Even though it might seem a bit odd, connecting with the herpes community can boost your confidence, knowledge, and make dating with this common, manageable condition more positive.

A good place to start is MPWH.com, the largest herpes dating site. Connect with over thousands of members who get what you're going through. Chat, check out profiles, and learn – all while enjoying the freedom of being you. MPWH.com makes starting herpes dating easy and lets you see the hope. Sign up today and realize you're not alone. Don’t miss your chance to discover the intimacy, love, and happiness you deserve.

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