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reVive Light Therapy Lux Glo Reviews - Does Lux Glō Led Light Therapy Skincare Wand Work?

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reVive Light Therapy Lux Glo Reviews - Does Lux Glō Led Light Therapy Skincare Wand Work?

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō (or Lux Glō for short) is a portable LED light therapy device that rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles, other signs of aging, and acne, and improves overall skin texture in under three minutes per treatment.

reVive Light Therapy Lux Glo
reVive Light Therapy Lux Glo

Skincare is a sensitive topic for many people, as the slightest possible blemish might get underneath one’s skin. Are you struggling to unsee that pimple, wrinkle, or crow’s feet? Tried everything only to have them resurface on the skin? And how could it not be when the face is the first thing everyone sees when meeting people? Although the skincare market is flooded with cleansers, moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, anti-aging creams, and pimple stickers, these make a routine complicated or overwhelmingly expensive.

Moreover, most solutions only provide temporary relief. What steps should be taken toward permanent improvement in the skin? In addition to a solid skincare routine, individuals may want to consider a device like Lux Glō . Here’s everything there is to know about Lux Glō.

What is the reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō?

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō (or Lux Glō for short) is a portable LED light therapy device that rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles, other signs of aging, and acne, and improves overall skin texture in under three minutes per treatment. Most skincare treatments can get messy or overcomplicated for no reason. Still, with the Lux Glō, people will receive a specific device that accomplishes all the penetrating and zapping of impurities. To comprehend the complete functionality of Lux Glō, we must first examine light therapy, which serves as the device's fundamental mechanism.

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How does the reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō work?

In what sense does Lux Glō embody a complete package, you ask? From the introduction alone, individuals should have gathered that Lux Glō uses LED technology. Specifically, it uses both blue and red lights to provide a complete skincare routine. As explained by the creators, when blue light penetrates deep into the skin, it destroys bacteria, reaches pores, and shrinks abnormal oil production in the sebaceous glands, thereby preventing any room for acne. On the other hand, infrared, deep red, red, and amber lights work to reduce wrinkles and ease inflammation. The latter is equally beneficial for acne prevention, namely, acne scarring.

reVive Light Therapy®
reVive Light Therapy®

To see how LED light holds against these impurities, the reVive® team conducted a consumer study of men and women between the ages of 18 and 28. Each participant was subjected to a baseline self-evaluation of their skin before the analysis, had to use Lux Glō for two weeks, and then report any changes to their skin (i.e., the existence of the acne, frequency of breakouts, and the prevalence of acne-associated swelling and redness). The end results include:

  • 100% of subjects rated Good, Above Average, or Significant in the improvement of existing acne;
  • 90.8% of subjects rated Good, Above Average, or Significant in the reduction of breakouts;
  • 100% of subjects rated Good, Above Average, or Significant improvement in swelling and redness.

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A separate consumer study was also conducted to assess Lux Glō’s ability to ease aging symptoms. This time, the participants (men and women) ranged between 39 and 66. They performed the same baseline self-evaluation of their skin before the analysis, had to use Lux Glō for ten weeks, and reported any changes to their skin (i.e., the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, brown spots, acne, and skin tone and texture). The end results include:

Overall, 97.4% of subjects report visible improvement in aging signs which;

  • 76.9% rated Good, Above Average, or Significant in the reduction of fine lines;
  • 69.2% rated Good, Above Average, or Significant in the reduction of crow’s feet;
  • 92.3% rated Good, Above Average, or Significant in skin tone;
  • Consistent week-over-week improvement in the reduction of pores and aging signs.

Although the sample size in both studies was not mentioned, it seems like Lux Glō is beneficial for youth and older populations. In the former case, acne-related symptoms are inhibited, whereas in the latter case, not only is acne eased, but so are aging signs. This points to the power of LED light therapy for skin health.

Let’s now turn to the features that set Lux Glō apart from other skincare solutions.

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What features does the reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō?

LED light therapy is only one feature that makes Lux Glō an attractive skincare solution. Others include:

Extreme Portability

Lux Glō is cordless and fits seamlessly in one’s hand, making it completely portable. Besides portability, this device is lightweight as well. Our editorial team sees value in the latter as one device seems to replace several skincare products.

Increased Safety

Lux Glō has been FDA-cleared, which means it is safe, effective, and eligible for FSA and HSA benefits. The same can’t be said about knockoffs or other LED light therapy devices.

Built-In Timer & Rechargeable

When using LED light therapy, people may question safety regarding the duration of each treatment. To avoid this confusion, the Lux Glō has a built-in timer that beeps after each treatment to prevent excess penetration or unwanted side effects.

Completely Affordable

Unlike visits to a spa or cosmetic surgeon, Lux Glō has a one-time price tag rather than a per-visit fee. Given that this device checks all safety measures, coupled with its one-time, it is far more affordable, allowing people of all financial backgrounds to reap the benefits of clear and healthy skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it safe to use Lux Glō?

A. Yes. As mentioned in different instances, Lux Glō has received the green flag regarding safety from the FDA, as the device has been cleared for the reported uses. Of course, this doesn’t mean the risk of side effects is eliminated. People with sensitive skin must be careful, no matter the device or topical solution. Individuals may want to do a patch test before using the device on the entire face for maximum safety.

Q. How many settings does Lux Glō have?

A. Lux Glō has three settings that aim to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and acne. The first setting is Red light, which is said to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines while increasing collagen and elastin in the skin. The second setting is Blue light, which aims to kill bacteria on the skin that could lead to blemishes. The last setting is the Combo-Mode, which fights wrinkles and acne.

Q. Should the Lux Glō be used at a distance from the skin?

A. It is recommended to use Lux Glō directly on the skin. Hold the device in the treatment areas to get maximum results.

Q. How big of a treatment area can Lux Glō treat at a time?

A. It is recommended that every treatment area be no more than a one-inch in size.

Q. Is using Lux Glō time-consuming?

A. Lux Glō’s edge is that it is a quick and easy way to achieve youthful, clear skin. Specifically, it is a device that can be used with one hand and takes no more than three minutes, ensuring that people can incorporate the device into any skincare routine.

Q. Should Lux Glō be used on clean skin?

A. Light therapy needs to penetrate the skin. Thus, when using the Lux Glō, makeup and SPF products should be removed entirely from the skin.

Q. Is it safe to use Lux Glō with other skincare products?

A. Individuals should avoid products containing retinol or light-activating ingredients during each Lux Glō session. Instead, these should be applied once the treatment is over.

Q. Is LED treatment harmful to the eyes?

A. The light emitted from Lux Glō is very bright. Therefore, people are asked to refrain from shining the device directly into or nearby the eyes. Individuals should keep their eyes closed or have goggles on for safety reasons.

Q. Is Lux Glō suitable for all skin types?

A. Before using Lux Glō, testing skin sensitivity to light therapy is essential. As explained earlier, this entails a patch test by placing the device a quarter of an inch from the forearm for three minutes. If, after this time, the skin turns red and remains this way for over two hours, people should discontinue its use.

Q. Does Lux Glō include a warranty?

A. Yes, Lux Glō includes a one-year warranty. Individuals must contact customer support to see what the warranty will and will not cover.

Q. Does Lux Glō have free shipping?

A. Shipping is free for standard purchases (which take anywhere from three to five business days) on orders above $120 CAD within the US. The shipping and customs fee will vary for other countries.

Q. How long does it take to receive Lux Glō shipments?

A. All orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them. Standard US shipping takes between three to five business days, whereas international shipping times vary based on the country. Once an order has been placed, two emails will be sent. The first is to indicate the purchase, and the second will provide information on tracking the shipment.

Q. Is the Lux Glō protected by a money-back guarantee?

A. If Lux Glō is unused and kept brand-new in its original packaging, individuals have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it for a full purchase price refund. To determine whether a Lux Glō purchase is eligible for a return, individuals will need to contact customer support via email at:

How much does the reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Glō cost?

Purchasing the FDA-approved Lux Glō depends solely on the number of units one wishes to purchase. Precisely:

  • One Lux Glō Device: USD$79.98 each
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  • Buy Two Lux Glō Devices Get One Free $159.97 + Free US Shipping

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Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, Lux Glō is a LED light treatment device developed to promote healthy skin. It comes with two color lights, one for treating acne and suppressing inflammation and the other for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet, among other clear signs of aging. Our editorial team was generally pleased with this device because the FDA has cleared it for safety, considers treatment length (limiting it to three minutes), and has been tested in two trials.

Though sample sizes were unavailable at the time of writing, the reVive® team’s effort in testing Lux Glō on two different age groups must be appreciated. It demonstrates the unit’s ability to cater to skincare needs regardless of age. For older people, it eases signs of aging, while for the younger population prone to acne and inflammation, it limits the critical areas that halt acne formation and scarring.

How can anyone overlook Lux Glō’s portability, safety, convenience, affordability, and overall usability? To learn more about Lux Glō or to purchase yours, visit the official website by clicking here! >>> 

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