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Mysticsense Review (2023): Real Experience, Features & Prices

Mysticsense psychic readings are one of a kind. Why? This Mysticsense psychics review will give you reasons to trust Mysticsense readers.


Mysticsense Review

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💰Average cost per minute  

$0.99-$10 per minute 

📞Communication types 

Video, phone, chat 

🔥Welcome offer 

👥Number of psychics 


🔮Reading types 

  • Love psychics 

  • Career psychics 

  • Mediums 

  • Numerology 

  • ⭐Star rating  

    4.9 (971 reviews) 

    Mysticsense is a saving grace for customers that need accurate and insightful readings in their arsenal. Equipped with a roster of talented psychics, Mysticsense.com will deliver expert predictions and truths made to heal your emotional imbalance. Ranked high among popular psychic services, the psychic site comes with a satisfaction guarantee and refunds for customers that want to get familiar with the best online psychics at Mysticsense.


    Struggling to find a fortune teller that will connect with you via phone, video, or chat? You are welcome to the world of talented psychics Mysticsense has recruited to help you overcome challenging events and overwhelming energies. An introductory offer of 5 free minutes is what makes Mysticsense one of the top psychic reading websites you can find in the industry. It introduces clients to online psychic readers that surpass expectations and deliver reliable and accurate readings on all areas of life, from soulmates and family to finding new love and destiny.


    Mysticsense pros & cons

    ✅ Pros:

    • 5 free minutes for customers
    • Phone, chat, and video readings
    • Rates from $1/minute
    • Free daily horoscopes and tarot cards readings
    • Psychic filter to find the best readers

    ❌ Cons:

    • No mobile app for online readings

    Mysticsense—legit or scam?

    Mysticsense psychics

    The selling point that can confirm Mysticsense psychics are truly credible is the vetting process reserved for all experts on the site. Being in the business for over ten years, Mysticsense has managed to win over an impressive customer base by going above and beyond the list of usual services that one can find on psychic websites. No phony psychics are allowed to join the platform, with the refund system available to new clients as an option to keep them coming back and ordering readings from Mysticsense. The platform restricts ploys and cold techniques used by fake psychics, which results in Mysticsense reviews pointing out the website's integrity.

    Facts about Mysticsense psychics

    1. Established: 2011
    2. Number of psychics: over 600 psychics
    3. Total number of visitors monthly: 122.1K
    4. Trial offer: 5 free minutes
    5. Special features: online psychic filter, video readings

    Mysticsense real customer reviews analysis

    Mysticsense customer reviews

    ⭐ Star rating: 4.9

    ✨ Number of reviews: 971

    👍 What users like. Customers appreciate the accuracy of Mysticsense predictions compared to other psychic sites as the psychic readers create a meaningful bond with the client base via phone, video, and chat calls. The experts are extremely thorough with the process of conducting readings, with a Mysticsense discount system allowing you to save on multiple psychic sessions. Providing a safe space for all clients that visit the site, Mysticsense has become an easy favorite among psychic services that you can encounter.


    👎 What users dislike. There are users reporting technical glitches that occurred during their use of Mysticsense and its psychic services online. However, these have been reported as slight inconveniences that did not affect the overall outcome of psychic sessions since the customers were compensated for the online conversations.

    Types of Mysticsense psychic readings


    Love readings are where Mysticsense gets truly exciting. Here, you can find psychic experts that deal with complex reading topics such as affairs, breakups, finding new love, soulmates, toxic relationships, and LGBTQ relationships.


    Feel like your career requires a boost from a professional psychic reader? This is when Mysticsense comes to the rescue, being one of the best psychic sites for identifying energies that block your way to success and impede your career progress.



    A life path reading has a lot in common with life coaching with a supernatural twist. Every time you are facing the challenges of life or a daunting task, 400+ Mysticsense psychics will offer you insights and direction as well as unlock your highest potential on the way to discovering your true purpose.


    Mysticsense promotes a wide range of alternative reading themes that include niche topics like social life, friendship circles, mediumship, pet readings, lost objects, and energy healing. A top-rated psychic reader will provide immediate answers by channeling their extrasensory abilities and establishing contact with the higher realms and spirits.


    Mysticsense pricing & discounts

    Mysticsense pricing
    • Welcome offer: 5 free minutes
    • Standard pricing: $0.99-$10 per minute
    • Payment methods: credit card, PayPal
    • Refund policy: cash refunds for new customers

    Aside from Mysticsense being one of the most affordable sites in terms of pricing, new customers will get a special offer from the psychic site in the form of 5 free minutes that you can spend on a psychic reading with a qualified expert. A 5-minute reading requires a deposit of $10, with the average pricing rate on the site alternating between $0.99 and $10.99 per minute. A psychic reading for newcomers will cost around $3.99, which is a fairly reasonable price considering the rate of the psychic professionals you can find on Mysticsense and a Mysticsense promo code allowing you to receive readings at a discounted price.


    How to use Mysticsense?

    How to use Mysticsense

    Login/registration process on Mysticsense

    Entering your Mysticsense login and password will allow you to use the service and its features. However, you have to sign up with the platform first. Use the sign-up form on your homepage to enter your full name, password, email, date of birth, and gender.

    How to search advisors

    Once you complete registration, you can start your search for experienced psychics by choosing the All Psychics section. Here, you can select between love psychics, career psychics, mediums, and numerology psychics. You can also apply filters that are featured in most psychic apps, like the psychic's name, price, status, special tags, specialties, tools, and reading style.


    Psychics' profiles

    The psychic's profile will reveal their photo, a welcome video, contact methods, the main specialty, tools, and reading styles. The psychic's account is divided into three sections: About Me, Reviews, and Schedule. The Connect with me now button allows you to start a conversation with the psychic if they are online. The scheduling option gives you an opportunity to set up an appointment date that seems the most suitable for a psychic reading.

    Communication methods

    Once you have found your psychic reader online, you can choose between three available options for your psychic session: an online chat, a phone call, and a video call. If you prefer to receive instant answers from experienced psychics, phone readings are your method of choice. They allow you to establish a direct connection with the psychic advisor but are only effective if the psychic service does not have glitches in its system.


    Chat psychics are the most discreet of all. During your online live psychic chats, you will talk to Mysticsense psychics without revealing your voice or identity. You can reply to an online psychic at your own pace with no need to rush things. A video call is a tool that combines audio and visual elements to provide the best psychic service available. It is often referred to as the most personal contact method when it comes to psychic intuition and psychic abilities but can be overwhelming for people that cherish their privacy.

    Mysticsense main features

    • Psychic screening. The platform checks the psychic ability of the chosen psychic with precision and accuracy, making them go through a screening process that includes a test reading to see if they are the real deal.
    • Welcome offer. If you want a psychic reading with no commitment, a welcome offer of 5 free minutes will grant you an opportunity to assess the chosen psychic and make the most of the psychic specialties on the site.
    • Search filter. Mysticsense is one of the psychic reading platforms that feature an advanced search tool for psychic experts, sorting them by name, price, specialty, special tags, status, tools, and reading style.
    • Blog and horoscopes. Boost your psychic knowledge with free horoscopes and a spiritual blog that features articles on astrology, love and relationships, spirituality, tarot, career, and psychology.


    Mysticsense security and confidentiality

    Any Mysticsense reader that you find on the platform is committed to keeping your personal information safe. This is one of the reasons the psychic service uses a challenging screening process for psychics to check on their skills and the ability to provide valuable insights. You will have a customer support team attending to your needs 24/7 and a privacy policy protecting your readings. Mysticsense.com uses encryption software to make sure the details of your communication are never revealed.

    Mysticsense mobile application


    At the time of the publication of this review, it does not feature a mobile app just yet. If you want to get your free psychic readings on Mysticsense, you will have to use the website's desktop version to gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your family and future issues. The platform has compassionate professionals to provide insights any day of the week.

    Top 5 Mysticsense advisors

    Psychic Selene

    Psychic Selene is a natural-born psychic that can provide you with an honest and non-judgmental reading on your romantic relationships and social life. She can also do life coaching sessions to reveal your destiny and get you on the right path. Psychic Selene has 5 years of experience and can deliver an accurate reading session with positive guidance.


    Soulmate Advisor Katherine

    Katherine is a perfect candidate to provide an instant solution to your spiritual issues and give you comfort and closure on your life path. She specializes in romantic relationships, including toxic relationships, soulmates, and finding new love. Catherine is a clairvoyant tarot reader that can tap into your inner energy with your name and date of birth, as her direct reading style helps chase away fears.

    Crystal Fae

    Crystal describes her reading style as a compassionate one, meaning that she will provide the types of readings that are insightful and empathetic. She works with Faery Oracle cards to bring joy to all of her faithful clients and has been connected with the world of faeries since she was a child. Crystal Fae can feel universal energies and deliver a deeply rewarding reading.


    Madame Ginger

    Madame Ginger is an expert in love readings and finding soulmates. Her divine energy allows her to combine the skills of a psychic, a healer, and a life coach. Whether it is romance, career path, family issues, zodiac signs, past lives, or dream interpretation you are interested in, Madame Ginger will read your energy like an open book, approaching her sessions with an intuitive gift and offering an honest perspective.

    Tarot Readings by Victoria

    If you want to gain clarity, Victoria and her extrasensory perception skills are going to help. She is an expert in tarot cards and oracle cards readings, with over 10 years of experience proving that her expressive reading style continues to draw people in. Victoria will provide guidance on all of your life decisions.



    What should I expect from an online psychic reading on Mysticsense? 

    With Mysticsense and its chat, phone call, and video call options, you can expect to receive immediate answers on various psychic topics, including family issues, past lives, lost objects, soulmates, and romance. You will also get a Mysticsense discount combined with a promo offer of 5 free minutes on all readings.

    How to find my trusted advisor on Mysticsense?

    If you already know the types of readings that you want to get on Mysticsense, you can start your search for a trusted advisor with the All Psychics section, featuring love, career, numerology, and medium readers. You can customize your search options by selecting psychics based on their name, price, specialty, special tags, tools, and reading style.


    Is there customer support on Mysticsense? 

    Just like other psychic reading platforms that value their reputation, Mysticsense offers a profound customer support system that includes a team of specialists you can reach via an online chat. The team operates 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to customers.

    Can Mysticsense read my horoscope?

    Mysticsense psychics can deliver accurate astrology readings to customers that need someone to read their horoscope, analyze their zodiac signs and modality, and create a personal birth chart to find how stars and planets affect their life.

    Does Mysticsense have a refund policy?

    Mysticsense is highly concerned about its reputation, with a refund policy allowing you to get your money back on your last reading conducted within 48 hours. Refunds will be credited to your account for 10 minutes of conversation.


    Is Mysticsense a scam psychic website?

    Mysticsense has a strict screening process and encryption technology ensuring no one gets access to your private conversations. Mysticsense reviews confirm that the platform does not allow non-professionals to become a member. You have to pass a psychic interview to prove your credibility.

    Final thoughts

    The level of trust and non-judgmental readings that Mysticsense provides on a daily basis is enough to impress customers that seek love psychic readings and relationship readings to resolve their issues. This is a psychic platform that will deliver guidance with a wide range of reading styles and video sessions that ensure a more personal connection. It is an elite service for readings that are conducted by vetted experts. Once you become a part of the Mysticsense psychic family, you will be given 5 free minutes to chat with any psychic.


    Mysticsense alternatives

    California Psychics has everything you've been looking for, from the best tarot readings to astrology experts that take the definition of a psychic service to the next level. A $20 credit is given to you after you complete registration, with a free detailed birth chart to unlock the secrets of your personality.

    Keen, having been around for 25 years, is a royal destination for anyone that appreciates its 24/7 customer support, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and complete confidentiality. Keen features a welcome offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 that you can claim after signing up.


    Free 3 minutes of readings and 50% off for your first reading are powerful motivators to stay true to Kasamba and its special offers. The company makes client satisfaction its main goal, with free daily horoscopes and love forecasts bringing positive changes to your future.

    Purple Garden

    Get the clarity you need with Purple Garden's video sessions and readings that you can get without leaving your own home. The platform is known to provide insights into various subjects and award its customers with a $10 credit for their first psychic conversation.


    If you prefer your conversations with an online psychic to remain discreet, Nebula is what you need. It has private chat rooms to maintain maximum confidentiality, as well as a welcome deal of $14 credits for your tarot card readings, love readings, astrology readings, etc.


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