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MEMAG Launches NFT Store As Presale Draws To A Close With $4.7 Million Raised - Final Hours To Buy

Less than 24 hours to join the most exciting crypto guild presale right now! Huge profits are on the way for early investors.



Meta Masters Guild literally sprinted through the six presale stages and the seventh (and last) one is about to end in less than 24 hours. 

The project has raised $4.8 million in rapid fashion and everyone in the crypto community is now calling it the best “crypto gaming guild” of 2023. 

According to seasoned crypto analysts, the next few months can be very beneficial for early investors, with 30x-50x expected as the platform follows its roadmap. 

Let’s check out the details. 

$1 Million Raised Last Week – Investors Stocking Up on MEMAG 

Last week, we’ve seen Meta Masters raise a mind-boggling $1M as investors are feeling the FOMO and stocking up on MEMAG tokens. 


We still don’t have any official information from the team regarding the listing price, but it will surely be much higher than the price we’re seeing now. 

This means that even if you missed out on the earliest prices, you can still get MEMAG now and profit once it gets listed on major exchanges. 

Plus, with so many exciting features yet to be released in the following months, many experienced analysts believe that the value of MEMAG will rapidly grow. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, the time frame to get in is getting narrower as we speak – less than 24 hours left. 


Meta Masters Guild is Taking P2E to the Next Level 

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) industry has been one of the most successful in 2022 amidst the bear market and it’s highly likely that this trend will continue into this year as well. 

However, there is a major issue that players are facing even with some of the popular games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained – you get bored quickly. 

Instead of focusing on providing the most exciting gameplay, these projects prioritize repetitive in-game tasks and missions. 

Meta Masters is looking to change this by focusing on the Play in Play-to-Earn. There will be several games launched in the gaming guild and each one will feature a unique narrative and concept. 

We’ve seen teasers for Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFTs, and Meta Masters World. 

These three games will be released in the upcoming months and the community likes what they have to offer. This multiverse concept will ensure that players keep coming back to the platform. 

Partnership with Gamearound 

Meta Masters has partnered up with Gamearound, a huge blockchain developer that collaborated with popular brands like Boohoo (fashion retailer) and created a long list of successful games. 

Gideon Clifton (CEO of Gamearound) has publicly announced that they will be working with Meta Masters on developing the Meta Kart Racers game. The launch is set for Q4 2023. 


Once the full version comes out, players will receive a free entry-level NFT avatar and kart vehicle to start off the gaming journey. Premium NFTs and items will be available in the platform’s official NFT store or they can be earned through skilled gameplay. 

Clifton also stated that this project will revolutionize mobile gaming as we know it today by incorporating P2E games and a Web3 ecosystem. 

He says that partnering up with Meta Masters Guild is a “landmark moment” for both companies and the entire blockchain gaming community. 

"At Gamearound, we are building a decentralized future for the good of gaming and we are all stoked to be part of the MEMAG journey," said Clifton. 


NFT Store Launch Causes More Hype   

Meta Masters Guild’s official NFT store is launching today, February 17th and this is another cause for excitement among early investors. 

In the NFT store, players will be able to get their hands on a limited supply of Rare, Gold, and Platinum Meta Kart Racers NFTs in the following weeks. 

You can purchase the NFTs directly on the project’s official website. 

Other ways to acquire NFTs include mission completion, social community engagement, and winning some of the various gaming competitions. 

Furthermore, we know that there will be a ton of new game developers joining the MEMAG team in the following months, which means there will be a huge increase in NFT tokens in the in-game marketplace. 


The Bottom Line 

Overall, Meta Masters Guild is reaching milestone after milestone these days and the price of its native MEMAG token will reflect this development in the upcoming period. 

NFT store, Web3 technology, exciting P2E games, a team of experts, media hype… everything is going as planned for the Meta Masters project. 

And with the project forecasted to bring (at least) 30x returns soon, this soon-to-end presale is one that you don’t want to miss out on in 2023.