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MANA Price Prediction. Metacade Set to Outperform Decentraland as MCADE Tokens Hit Cryptocurrency Exchanges In April

Metacade has set out its plans to design the world’s largest GameFi community through its play-to-earn (P2E) virtual arcade. It aims to allow players to generate income while indulging their passion for gaming and connecting with like-minded gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans.


Metacade (MCADE)

2023 has been mooted across the crypto press as the year of the crypto recovery. While many coins have responded to Bitcoin (BTC) returning to well above $25,000, some have remained sluggish in performance and outlook. MANA price predictions are a case in point, with many analysts predicting increases in the price of Decentraland’s native token but at a much more moderate rate than other cryptos.

One coin tipped to outperform Decentraland this year is GameFi newbie Metacade, whose token MCADE’s presale sold out rapidly, raising $16.35M. MCADE met incredible support following its launch on cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap in April at $0.022 per token, and experts predict a suitable bright future for a coin that could have an extraordinary impact on the GameFi sector.


What is Metacade?

Metacade has set out its plans to design the world’s largest GameFi community through its play-to-earn (P2E) virtual arcade. It aims to allow players to generate income while indulging their passion for gaming and connecting with like-minded gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans. The project’s approach will cater to a vast range of gaming interests allowing Metacade to fully maximize its total addressable market (TAM) and use that to build the most comprehensive library of P2E titles, attracting a vast user base.

As the project begins to roll out its features and MCADE lists on further cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitmart, its user base is likely to increase rapidly, each needing to use the MCADE token to access pay-to-play games and transact on the platform. This terrific utility should make MCADE a highly desirable investment choice for anyone looking to maximize profits as the project develops and as more gamers from traditional gaming exploring GameFi gathers pace.


Metacade’s  whitepaper release was met with enthusiasm from the crypto community as it outlines the platform’s plans to build a self-sufficient ecosystem. The excellent, well-thought-out decisions made by Metacade’s experienced project team show a tight plan highlighting their shrewd strategic decision-making. For example, Metacade’s rewards system goes far beyond the traditional P2E capability of GameFi titles, incorporating several additional avenues for players to earn income.

For instance, gamers can gain rewards each time they interact socially with the platform and post social content. Crypto rewards are given whenever an individual shares alpha, publishes a game review, passes on gaming tips and tricks, or participates in online chats. This incentivization is critical to Metacade’s desire to build a fully-functioning and supportive gaming community.

Metacade’s closely integrated token utility and likely unprecedented user retention levels, thanks to its diverse offering, make it one of the most desirable new investments now available.

How does MCADE work?

As well as providing the medium of exchange for all transactions on Metacade’s ecosystem, from buying merchandise to entering tournaments, from opening access to pay-to-play games to powering the comprehensive rewards system, MCADE is crucial in providing the basis for the platform’s functionality and maintenance. With the total supply of coins limited to just 2 billion, pressure will grow as more users flock to the forum.

One of the most appealing functions of the MCADE coin is providing the stimulus for one of the platform’s most pioneering features, Metagrants. The scheme aims to promote innovation from within by incentivizing developers to submit concepts for new games into a pool. MCADE coin holders review these submissions and vote for their favorites, with the most popular gaining  funding. Thus Metagrant supports the developer throughout the production process to provide Metacade with a compelling new game title to engage its existing membership and attract new fans.


The devolution of voting rights forms part of Metacade’s eventual transition toward a fully-fledged DAO, supporting MCADE in becoming a governance token. MCADE will also be stakeable, allowing users to earn income in exchange for committing tokens to the platform and preventing the dilution of MCADE’s token supply.

Decentraland (MANA) price prediction 2023

Decentraland is not alone in seeing some upward growth in the value of its native MANA token so far this year, with prices almost doubling since the start of the year. However, since reaching $0.8388 at the beginning of February, there has been a significant drop to its current value of $0.59.


The MANA price predictions for the remainder of 2023 are that its value can be recovered, even reaching $0.889, or the price could struggle to rise from the doldrums.

Is MCADE a good investment?

In contrast to Decentraland, Metacade is starting from scratch as a new exciting project in the early months of 2023. Also, MCADE has had a solid presale showing to boost investor interest as it lists on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Recent announcements from Metacade also bring news it is partnering with top gaming group MetaStudio, themselves responsible for projects connected to giants such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Kung Fu Panda. MetaStudio is expected to boost the project by contributing gaming titles, helping increase the exposure of the project even further.


With intense upward pressure expected to be applied on MCADE and the ever-increasing utility of the token apparent with each feature released alongside a continuing increase in users, there is enormous potential for MCADE’s price to rise significantly from its current price of $0.022.

With MANA price predictions remaining sluggish for 2023, public attention will be drawn towards MCADE on cryptocurrency exchanges making this new GameFi token one of the best investment opportunities of 2023 and beyond.

You can buy Metacade here.