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Bybit Australia Referral Code ''2266'' To Get $30k Sign Up Bonus

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Bybit Australia Referral Code ''2266'' To Get $30k Sign Up Bonus

Bybit is already one of the best options for derivatives trading, but now, Australians can earn a bonus of up to 30,000 USDT by using the referral code "2266".

Bybit Australia Referral Code
Bybit Australia Referral Code

Click here to claim a $30,000 USDT deposit bonus on Bybit.

Best Bybit Australia Referral Code

Enter the referral code "2266" to enjoy a trading bonus of $30,000 USDT on your account. This promotion applies to new users only and is a one-off payment for perpetual and Futures trading on the Bybit exchange. The $30,000 USDT bonus will be paid after a 14-day Calculation Period and a 3-day risk monitoring period. 

How To Get Your Bybit App Referral Code

The ByBit platform offers many referral bonuses for signing up. However, the best Bybit referral code at writing is "2266" which gives you the opportunity to get up to 30,000 USDT by simply joining and trading on the crypto. To be eligible for the welcome bonus, you need to complete the steps below 

  1. Visit the Bybit website and click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right. 
  2. Create a new Bybit account by entering a valid email address and password. You can click this link to populate the referral code "2266" automatically on the website. Ensure that 'Referral Code: 2266' is shown under 'Welcome to Bybit' then verify the account using the emailed code.
  3. Complete the level-1 KYC verification process by providing a photo ID and a selfie. You also get a 1 USDT welcome bonus for completing the first KYC verification level.
  4. Make a first deposit to the account by transferring crypto to the platform. Deposits and trading volume will be counted for the next 14 days (2 weeks).
  5. Begin trading on the derivatives platform to unlock the $30,000 USDT referral bonus. You can view the referral code progress and claim any outstanding prizes in the Bybit Rewards Hub.

How To Check The Bybit Referral Code Worked?

The fastest and easiest way to ensure the Bybit referral code has been applied is to ensure that on the Bybit website's account creation page the code "2266" is shown. It should appear underneath the 'Welcome to Bybit' header. The other way to check is to ensure the full URL below is shown in the browser:

Once the account has been created with the Bybit referral code, you then need to meet the requirements of completing KYC, depositing funds, and trading on the derivatives trading platform. 

How Much Is The Bybit Referral Bonus?

New traders who create an account and meet the requirements of the referral program are eligible to a deposit bonus of up to $30,000 USDT. The bonus amount will depend on the amount deposited to the new account and the trading volume over the first 2 weeks. 

The lowest referral link bonus is 10 USDT for depositing 100 USDT and trading at least 500 USDT in volume. The highest Bybit referral code bonus is $30,000 USDT which requires a deposit size of $250,000 USDT and a trading volume over 150 million USDT.

Are Australians Eligible For the Bybit Referral Code?

The short answer is yes. Bybit is a crypto trading platform that is available in Australia for residents to create an account and begin trading. There is a mandatory Know-Your-Customer (KYC) that Australians will need to complete which they can then deposit crypto to fund an account and claim the referral bonus. 

While Australian traders can't deposit AUD, they will need to transfer crypto to the exchange to fund a wallet. At the time of writing, Aussies are allowed to trade on the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

How Do You Get A Bybit Australia Referral Code?

Existing Bybit users can share their Bybit referral code with other individuals who want to join and trade within the Bybit ecosystem. The code can be obtained from the user profile and shared with friends and family, or from the Bybit affiliate program.

Benefits of the ByBit Australia Sign-Up Bonus

Trading derivatives contracts on Bybit requires collateral to speculate on price movements. This enables you to apply a degree of leverage to a trade from 1X to 100X. A larger account size means that you can increase your risk tolerance. The $30,000 USDT deposit bonus therefore enables traders to open long or short position contracts with larger size than they would normally be able to without the referral bonus. 

Thus, potentially earning larger profits on the same trade with the Bybit referral code. There are also benefits for the referee when a successful referral occurs such as rebates and affiliate program perks.

What Happens If The Referral Code Doesn't Work?

If the Bybit referral code doesn't work, this generally means the email address or phone number used to create a new account has already been used. The Bybit Australia referral bonus can only be once for new account registrations only, thus, if you've already claimed it on the same account you won't be able to get the Bybit promo code bonus again.

Does The Bybit Referral Code Expire?

No, the Bybit referral code will not expire, however, the $30,000 USDT referral program can change and be replaced with other rewards at Bybit's discretion. Therefore, traders who want to claim this bonus should do so in case the new account bonus of $30k is changed or reduced.


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