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7 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers That Stay Forever

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7 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers That Stay Forever

After conducting tests on over 25 websites offering these services, I have compiled a list of the top 7 sites below.

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers
Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Getting followers on Instagram is hard...

In a highly competitive environment, personal growth may face obstacles and progress may be limited.

What's the solution to this problem?

You can buy Instagram followers that stay forever.

This option will increase the likelihood of you achieving success.

After conducting tests on over 25 websites offering these services, I have compiled a list of the top 7 sites below.

Let's get started!

Here's a list of the 7 best sites to buy Instagram followers that stay:

1. UseViral

Score 9.5/10

The first site on my list is .

UseViral is a website that sells permanent Instagram followers that stay forever. The company avoids automated or inactive profiles and instead strives to generate genuine engagement for its clients' Instagram accounts.

●    Permanent Followers that stay forever
●    Active users
●    Real followers


●    They don’t accept Bitcoin payments

For more info, visit

2. SidesMedia

Score 9.3/10

The next site on my list is

SidesMedia is a social media growth service that has gained popularity among Instagram users looking for genuine, long-lasting followers. The platform prioritizes credibility and offers high-quality, authentic followers, avoiding ghost or bot accounts.

SidesMedia provides a range of package options to cater to the requirements and financial plans of various customers, including up-and-coming influencers and major brands. Upon selecting a package and submitting your Instagram handle, the platform commences enhancing your online visibility.

●    High Quality Followers
●    Fast Delivery
●    Non-Drop & Permanent

For more info, visit

3. SocialPros

Score 7.5/10

SocialPros helps grow social media profiles naturally and genuinely. Their team of experts can help maximize a profile's potential. They have a history of turning aspirations into reality and have helped many influencers achieve consistent growth. Buying active Instagram followers from them is a straightforward process with just a few steps.

To purchase followers, select a package and enter a username or URL. The checkout process is secure and does not retain any financial information. Prices start at $2.50 for 100 followers and go up to $105 for 10,000 followers. Users have multiple plans to choose from.

●    This service provides followers who are genuine and engaged.
●    Free Refills
●    24×7 Support


●    It is not possible to purchase followers using Bitcoins.

4. SocialRush

Score 7.1/10

SocialRush helps improve Instagram engagement and offers services for various social platforms. They have specific plans for Instagram to help you gain followers. SocialRush's audience targeting skills result in genuine followers and engagement.

There are multiple pricing plans available for increasing followers, impressions, or profile visits. The basic plan costs $3.99 and offers 250 followers, while the most expensive plan costs $107.99 and provides 10,000 followers. An intermediate plan costs $54.99 and increases engagement by 5,000 followers.
●    Premium followers
●    They offer the option to purchase likes for Instagram posts.
●    Instant delivery
●    Not instant followers

5. Fastlikes

Score 6.9/10

This platform offers packages for buying permanent followers, likes, comments, and shares. Benefits vary based on the package, with options ranging from 250 to 10000 followers. The website is user-friendly, even for first-time users.

Geographical restrictions do not apply, meaning followers can come from anywhere in the world. sells non drop followers for Instagram, as well as services for other social media platforms. Their prices are affordable, so you can try them out and see if they work for you. They promise fast delivery of stats, so you won't have to wait for results. If you have any concerns, they offer customer service 24/7.

●    Your account will receive expedited delivery.
●    Cheap followers
●    This product can increase your number of followers quickly.
●    No free trial

6. Buzzoid

Score 5.9/10

Buzzoid is an online platform that offers the option to increase Instagram following by purchasing permanent followers for individuals and businesses. It is known for its reliable services and commitment to providing authentic and interactive followers, making it a popular choice for buying followers.

Buzzoid employs safe and organic methods for delivering followers, which align with Instagram's terms and conditions.

This approach minimizes the risk of account suspension or penalties, enabling growth of the following without any issues.

This service offers the purchase of permanent and non-drop followers, with options for premium or high-quality. 

It also provides managed growth services for brands and businesses looking to gain engaged followers on Instagram and boost traction on their brand pages.

●    Increase the visibility and following of your Instagram profile and account in a timely manner.
●    The content meets the criteria set by the Instagram algorithm.
●    We offer services for various social media platforms.
●    Limited payment options

7. Goread

Score 5.5/10

GoRead is a platform that offers the opportunity for individuals and businesses to increase their online presence on Instagram by purchasing permanent followers. This option provides a faster method to enhance your Instagram credibility compared to the unpredictable process of organic follower growth.

GoRead values user privacy and ensures security and confidentiality. Transactions are encrypted and only require your Instagram username.

Goread's story download tool is a convenient tool for Instagram users, enabling them to download stories from their own profile and others.
●    Improve the appearance of your Instagram account to increase its popularity.
●    Increase your number of followers rapidly.
●    Organic followers
●    Crypto payments are not accepted.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

When buying Instagram followers, it is important to distinguish between genuine people and those produced by automated programs or false profiles.
Working with a reliable agency or platform that can gather a wide range of genuine followers can result in long-term, high-quality interactions such as likes and comments.

Make sure the agency has a team of social media and marketing experts who understand Instagram influencer challenges and needs.

They should offer suitable services to help you succeed in a competitive environment.

Buying real and durable followers is a business investment, so choose the right partner to achieve this.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram followers

Does buying Instagram followers go against their terms of service?

Buying followers is in violation of the platform's guidelines and terms of use, which may lead to repercussions such as shadow banning, account suspension, or permanent account deletion.

What is the cost to buy permanent Instagram followers that are non drop?
The cost of purchasing permanent followers can vary based on the provider and desired number of followers, with prices ranging from $1 to $1000.

Can I buy cheap Instagram followers organically that are permanent and that stick forever and that are not fake Instagram followers?
It is possible to purchase followers, both real and fake, for the purpose of increasing your social media presence. However, it is important to consider the potential consequences and ethical implications of doing so.

Where to buy Instagram followers that stay forever?
Here's where you can buy Instagram followers that stay forever:

How to buy Instagram Followers that stay?
Here's how to buy Instagram followers that stay:
●    Choose a site selling followers that stay
●    Choose a package
●    Enter your Instagram username
●    Pay with your credit card
●    Wait for the followers to appear

This article will discuss various tactics for self-promotion, including demonstrating skills, experience, and distinctive traits to attract potential employers or clients. It requires self-assurance, resourcefulness, and an openness to showcasing oneself. The goal is to manage one's professional path and accomplish objectives through online and offline methods.

When purchasing followers from reputable Instagram buying sites, the followers you receive will be of high quality and may assist you in gaining visibility on the explore page. This is a useful marketing tactic to acquire targeted followers, and the followers you receive will not disappear from your social media accounts.
By using their service, you can enhance your Instagram presence without having to provide your account password.

Why self-promotion is important

Self-promotion is a necessary tool for achieving success in various fields. It enables individuals to showcase their skills, talents, and accomplishments and establish their expertise. Self-promotion can take various forms, such as networking, branding, creating a portfolio or website, public speaking engagements, and social media marketing.

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You'll get more insta followers if you produce quality content and you'll get real IG followers from quality services with real accounts, not matter how many followers you need to boost your instagram marketing and social proof with instant delivery when you buy followers to get new followers on instagram.

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