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6 Best Free VPNs For 2023

A free VPN is like a shady stranger offering candy temptations with nasty surprises hidden in the back where you're stabbed by selling your data and slowed down by throttling your speed. But the VPNs we’ve listed are different (safe and fast).



In a hurry? The best risk-free VPN for 2023, as per our unbiased and extensive tests and research, is ExtremeVPN.

The truth is; that you don't have to dig deep into your pocket to encrypt your online activities with a VPN. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 to find a free VPN – just a quick search on Google Play Store or iOS App Store yields a plethora of results.

Now, what’s not easy is to find a free VPN that’s worth the download. Here's the thing; Several free VPNs will do more harm than good. In fact, some go as far as collecting data about you and then selling it to third parties. Some might even be offering zero privacy, while others might infect devices with malware.


Fortunately, there are some free VPNs that you can turn to for excellent services. Now, while they might be completely free, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the various opportunities that they offer for free.

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of top free VPNs in the market that you should consider using.

Our Top 6 Free VPN Recommendations in 2023

There's nothing like a free lunch, however, we've done the donkey work for you and come up with a list of the most recommendable free VPNs that you can trust without spending a penny. The overall best free VPN to consider in 2023 is ExtremeVPN; it's pretty fast, highly secure, doesn't store or track your weblogs, and won't impose limits on your data usage.


So, the top free VPNs include:

  1. ExtremeVPN – The best overall risk-free VPN with almost everything you need in a good VPN. While it doesn’t offer a totally free plan, you get 7-day free trial on mobile (iOS and Android). You can benefit from provider’s 30-day money back guarantee, too, regardless of your plan selection.
  2. ProtonVPN – It is the best free VPN option for enhanced anonymity. Offers a totally free plan.
  3. PrivadoVPN – An excellent free VPN with exceptional unlimited speeds. Its free plan offers 12 servers.
  4. Windscribe – A reknown free VPN service worldwide. When it comes to security, it's the best free option.
  5. Atlas – It is the best free VPN for privacy.
  6. Hide.me – An excellent free VPN for leak protection.

1. ExtremeVPN

The best free VPNs are those that work to protect your privacy without compromising any of your digital data. Moreover, it has to be a VPN that can change as well as hide your IP address, encrypt internet traffic, and then be able to unblock geo-restricted web content with ease at no extra cost.

Now, ExtremeVPN might not be a free VPN, but its features make it a top option that we’ve considered in our list. For instance, its 12-month plan at as little as $3.29 (the best deal you can get across all VPN services) is almost like a free plan. The interesting part is that you’ll get all the services you could be looking for within that plan.


Moreover, it features a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that it’s more of a free trial for you to enjoy high-end privacy encryption. During all that time you can be smiling to exceptional streaming speeds, up to 10 device connections simultaneously, and very responsive customer support.

ExtremeVPN provides exceptional playback as well as unblocking capabilities as it lets you load videos and quickly stream movies at ease without buffering. The VPN unblocks a plethora of popular streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It has over 7000 servers across more than 80 countries in the world.

Therefore, ExtremeVPN qualifies as a free VPN due to its 'almost-zero' 12-month pricing and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee of which you'll enjoy free services.


2. ProtonVPN

It doesn't impose data limits whatsoever on its more than 200 servers. All its apps deliver pretty fast connection speeds. It also protects against IP leaks, while it operates under one of the best privacy-friendly logging policies.

You can enjoy its free version on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Besides, it’s one of the free VPNs that have a kill switch.

Moreover, it doesn’t collect or monitor any data usage that might be used for self-identification. Also, it offers unlimited fast data with speeds clocking over 380Mbs – quite an impressive free VPN.

3. PrivadoVPN

VPNs are well-known for privacy and some fail on speed. Unfortunately, you won’t want those speed limits when you want to stream your favorite movie. The good news is that PrivadoVPN is the free VPN that you might want to consider - it’s pretty fast.


Also, it features a simple user interface on whichever device you use. All the important features are laid out exceptionally under one tab.

The fact that the VPN is based in a country with excellent privacy laws- Switzerland, means that it's a serious VPN about privacy. It doesn’t store data and it uses high-end encryption as well as a kill switch to protect user privacy.

4. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the best free VPNs in the market thanks to the fact that it works with any device that you could have at home. It works well with Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android among others.


The VPN has at least 10 server locations across the globe for free users. Moreover, it features malware and adware blockers with the browser extension.

As far as logging data goes, the VPN doesn’t track or store any user data. It offers several parallel connections at any particular time to prevent abuse as well as account-sharing.

The VPN also unblocks an array of streaming platforms across the globe. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about enjoying your favorite Netflix movies. Also, it features an inbuilt VPN kill switch.

5. AtlasVPN

It’s one of the free VPNs with an exceptional user experience on simple as well as effective apps. With Atlas VPN, you’re assured of fast download speeds and an excellent option for torrenting.


Moreover, it’s a top privacy VPN that you should consider thanks to its secure AES-256 encryption. Also, it has a private logging policy and a great option for torrenting. Overall, its fast speeds as well as ease of use are the things that make Atlas VPN stand out.

The VPN might be a poor option for streaming, but it's second to none when it comes to torrenting. Therefore, you might not rely on it so much on the major streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

6. Hide.me

Are you looking for a flexible and powerful free VPN? Look no further, Hide.me is the best choice. Hide.me free is an exceptional option for torrenting – something that most competitors restrict when it comes to free users.


If you like to customize your VPN experience, then it’s a great option. The VPN offers a remarkable lot of configuration just like its premium service. It offers great security and privacy thanks to its high-end encryption.

Also, it has a minimal logging policy with no bandwidth throttling. Besides, it features user-friendly custom apps.

How to Choose the best free VPN

You gotta make sure you don't get stuck with some shady operator selling your data or slowing you down. Let me break it down for you:

First, see if the freebie still has legitimate privacy perks like encryption and zero logging. Test drive if you can still access Netflix and other sites during the trial period.


Next, check the speed. Free VPNs are often slower than molasses because they limit your data. Run some speed checks to see if it's workable for streaming and browsing without pulling your hair out.

Also, take a look at the trial terms, homie. Is it long enough to test drive the service? And if you upgrade to a later payment option, is the refund policy okay?

Now for the sketchy part - avoid dodgy free VPNs. Some companies make money selling your data, so stick with trusted options like ExtremeVPN's free version. Do your homework to avoid burns!

And no, free VPNs don't make illegal downloading legal suddenly. You still gotta follow the law even when you're anonymous, don't you think?


Finding a truly free AND unlimited VPN that's secure? That's a pipe dream, buddy. But with research, you can find legit free trials and lightweight versions to test safely.

Pick wisely, and your free VPN can be a lifesaver. But a shady one can leave you high and dry. Stay frosty out there!

Can you watch Netflix with a free VPN?

Honestly, it's pretty hit or miss. Free VPNs usually have super limited servers, so Netflix catches on quickly and blocks most of them.

Occasionally, you might sneak by using the free version of a paid VPN like Proton or Zoog. But long-term access, especially to US Netflix? Forget about it with a freebie.


If you want to unlock Netflix worldwide, your best bet is to invest in a premium VPN. It sucks to pay, but it's the only way to get solid access.

Are free VPNs safe to use?

Some legit free ones like Windscribe and ProtonVPN are safe, yeah. But sketchy free VPNs may steal your data or install nasty malware.

We'd do your homework on any free VPN before joining. Stick to more established brands that get audited and have a solid reputation. Better to be safe than sorry!

Do free VPNs sell your data?

Unfortunately, some grimy ones do. That's how they make money since they don't charge you for selling your usage data.


But most paid VPNs like ExtremeVPN offer free trials funded by premium subscriptions, not creepy data-selling schemes.

Are free VPNs legal?

VPN apps are legal to download and use in most places. But they don't just make stolen downloads legal suddenly. You still need to follow the law.

So, use common sense when browsing anonymously. A free VPN isn't a "get out of jail free" card if you do weird stuff online. Just saying!

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Free VPNs are attractive, but many are poor compared to paid options. Let me break it down.

Freebies often don't protect your data from unauthorized access. They can log your activity, sell your data, or even infect your device with malware. No bueno.


They only give you a handful of crowded server locations, throttle your speeds, and you can't access streaming sites like Netflix. Pretty limited.

Paid VPNs, on the other hand, offer much better privacy, unlimited access, and cool features like kill switches. And affordable ones like ExtremeVPN are decent.

However, not all paid VPNs are equal. We'd only go with services that get audited independently and have a solid record of protecting people. Do your homework.

Free VPNs are a risky business. For the full enchilada of privacy and access, a paid VPN from a legitimate company is worth the money spent. Try short free trials first to get a taste.


Stay smart when choosing a VPN. Sometimes, you get what you pay for; sometimes, you don't. A dodgy freebie could cost you big time in the long run.


One thing is for sure; several popular free VPNs are unsafe and others pose serious risks to user internet security as well as privacy. Sometimes, you might run into speed caps and data limits or even experience restrictions whenever you try to download movies or watch shows. In such cases, all you need is a cheap paid VPN like ExtremeVPN that takes your overall online journey to the extreme.

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