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5 Best Sites To Buy 50 Instagram Followers (Real, Active and Instant)

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5 Best Sites To Buy 50 Instagram Followers (Real, Active and Instant)

Buying Instagram followers looks easy, but you must find a reputable provider to get active and real followers. After in-depth research, here are the 5 best sites to buy 50 Instagram followers. Go through the details below.

Buy 50 Instagram Followers
Buy 50 Instagram Followers

Instagram is a trendy social media platform with billions of monthly active users. Anyone wishing to grow their presence online, reach new audiences, and promote their brand awareness, must have a strong following on Instagram.  

Instagram skews the majority of users as they are between 18 and 29 ages. These are the people having influence and buying power as the younger demographic. People must engage in Instagram and develop followers. Reaching younger audiences for influencers and savvy business people is to artificially boost numbers by resorting to buying followers on Instagram.  

Increasing, naturally your Instagram followers are an amazing idea, but it can take endless hours. It is best to buy 50 Instagram likes and to give a kickstart. Buying 50 followers helps publicize the pages, climb the success ladder, and invite more followers organically to your account. It will be social proof to a credible business.   

Nevertheless, buying Instagram followers looks easy, but you must find a reputable provider to get active and real followers. After in-depth research, here are the 5 best sites to buy 50 Instagram followers. Go through the details below.   

5 best sites to buy 50 Instagram followers   

1. Megafamous 

MegaFamous helps achieve goals. It is an ever-growing network enabling us to serve better. Engagement is a thing that is hard to do all by yourself and seeing the results in your account. It causes a lot of stress to get likes organically. It is essential to establish connections through your content to get audiences.  

It is where MegaFamous is helpful. MegaFamous provides premium likes, views, and followers. The processing is instant, and in an hour, you can see your account has real followers. MegaFamous Instagram growth services deliver genuine followers and grow organic engagements. MegaFamous provides real Instagram account holders likes and increases your popularity while engaging with your content and growing your page. 

Safety is a nightmare as it means losing an account. Buying Instagram likes from a reliable provider is crucial. MegaFamous is reliable, secure, and safe. Their track record is clean, and there is no history of jeopardy. They do not jump off the boat or expose your account. They give real followers, and ensure your efforts are safe as an Instagram account holder. MegaFamous offers safe service and prioritizes security. Buy any number of followers as per your budget, and be sure these Instagram followers are real and will engage your posts. 

2. buzzoid

 Buzzoid has been around for a long time. It is right from the time Instagram is online. People believe in Buzzoid for its speedy delivery and followers’ authenticity. Buying Instagram likes on Buzzoid is the best as the followers here are a reputation. They provide quality services by providing 100% real followers. 

The added advantage of Buzzoid is their lowest prices, besides instant follower delivery. Their Instagram followers supply is in three types: high-quality, premium, and managed growth followers. 

The premium and high-quality followers are genuine, featuring complete bios and profile pictures. The premium followers are private, verified accounts featuring on Instagram high activity levels. The followers belonging to managed growth are celebrities, brands, and public figures looking to build online presence. This service type is a bit expensive but comes from an account manager as a personalized service. 

Buzzoid packages come in a couple of dollars, and offer great discounts for packages looking for 5000 followers. They follow a simple payment, and the process is fast on providing your Instagram username, and your payment approval. In less than 20 minutes, you can see the results. Buzzoid claims to boost your presence on social media by offering active and high-quality followers that are 100%, non-drop followers.  

3. Twicsy 

Twicsy is a famous company on the internet selling new Instagram followers. It is well-known to provide real, active Instagram user profiles. They rank high in providing authentic followers. It means you need not worry about bots or fake accounts risking your Instagram account.  

Twicsy is one of the top picks having positive reviews in thousands on TrustPilot. Leading media outlets also recommend Twiscy to be a reputable site. It is well-established and provides the best quality Instagram followers. Twicsy provides premium and high-quality followers. It implies the follower's profile picture is present.  

Twicsy followers are premium followers having 100% real active accounts on Instagram. This website provides a guarantee of money-back satisfaction and 24/7 support. Their Instagram follower’s packages vary in pricing and size. It is available in various sizes to suit all budgets. Twicsy offers checkout and some special discounts and facilitates adding more followers. 

The delivery is fast. On receiving payment, Twicsy does not ask for any private information, or there is no need for passwords. Your Instagram username is enough, and the associated email address with the Instagram account. There is a 24-hour window offering the new followers super fast delivery. Twicsy assures them to provide services and refund if their services are not satisfactory; for any reason. 

4. Rushmax 

Rushmax is popular for its style of service in increasing Instagram followers. They do not sell followers, likes, or fans but promote through automation your follower's growth. 

Rushmax allows buying new Instagram followers in packages. It is from 50 to 5000 followers. There is no need to worry about the security of your Instagram account. There is no need for a password, while Rushmax delivers followers quickly. They provide customer service 24/7, and you can contact them to get answers for your queries. 

Rushmax for businesses is one of the best options. It is also helpful for public figures, celebrities, and people looking for Instagram followers to increase. Rushmax offers one-time purchase and monthly subscription packages to facilitate IG active followers. The subscription purchases are from 1000 to 25000 followers, featuring a good discount for Instagram posts and stories. It varies with each package. 

Rushmax features customer support 24/7, and buyers can choose from high-quality and premium followers. The orders for Instagram followers can be at any time, and the number of followers delivered will be within 72 hours from the time of purchase. 

5. Kicksta 

Kicksta offers a different approach to getting Instagram followers. They increase the followers organically through likes and comments. Their services are unique, and it helps get real followers. There is no inclusion of spam, fake, or bot accounts. There is a monthly subscription package that allows any time to cancel. This subscription assures growing your Instagram followers organically. 

They target the users showing or are likely in favor of your content. You may connect to Kicksta on your Instagram account. While, Kicksta and its social media experts arrange for the followers. They engage on your behalf with other users and check the views, photos, and actions of different accounts to match your target audience. Such users are helpful to your Instagram account as followers, and they become familiar with and readily follow your account or brand. 

The packages or Kicksta is from $49/month, and the followers coming from Kicksta are genuine people showing interest in your posts. Thus, it assures no drop-offs or vanishing of Instagram followers. For a real advantage, Kicksta offers a 14-day risk-free package. 

Why buy 50 Instagram likes and what to consider? 

Buying likes or followers is a way to build a fan following. The 50 Instagram likes may seem like a mere number, but is beneficial for people struggling to see success. These Instagram likes work like a small hit to a new milestone. 

Planning to buy 50 Instagram likes assures a good start. It is because when you try on your own and reach a number, the fans unfollow or vanish from the list. Tackling such a situation is best by buying likes and meeting the follower count. It is less frustrating and a decent approach. 

A few things to consider while buying Instagram likes are:   

  • Instant delivery- The order should process upon receiving payment. The followers must reach your account immediately. They should stay steady to build your profile and credibility. 
  • Availability of refills- There should be refills readily available. It offers the best experience possible to focus on your brand success matters. 
  • Customer support 24/7- Assistance anytime is beneficial. You must receive offers and the representatives should get back to receiving a message anytime to understand buying followers' needs. 
  • No password- Doing business implies ensuring the follower's safe delivery. Using a correct username and sending followers to your Instagram account is essential. 
  • Real followers- The package you choose should be real followers that are 100% genuine. No matter which package you buy, real likes is the golden ticket to success. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Instagram Likes: 

1. Can anyone buy real Instagram followers? 

Of course, yes. You can buy Instagram real likes or followers from websites selling legit followers. These are real people following your profile. They watch your videos, like the posts, and share your stories.   

2. How can I buy Instagram likes? 

Visiting any of the real websites listed above assures you, real followers. It is a simple process requiring deciding new followers to buy and to pay for it. The requirement here is simple; you may produce your email or Instagram ID and your online payment account or credit card number. 

3. How to gain more Instagram followers? 

Gaining Instagram likes or followers requires growing them organically. It means creating exciting and new content regularly. It takes more energy and time, while there is no assurance for the followers to be your permanent followers. Another option is to buy Instagram likes or followers from online companies for a fee. Ensure they are authentic to bring more followers.

4. What are the steps to buy Instagram followers? 

The steps to buy followers on Instagram are: 

  • Find a legit website selling these services 
  • Choose a suitable package 
  • Enter your username 
  • Use your credit card to pay  
  • Wait to get the delivery of these services  
  • ·Enjoy your followers 

5. How much time does it take to see results in your account? 

Depending on the company you choose to buy Instagram followers, it varies from a few minutes to days. Sometimes, instant followers may not be genuine. Therefore, waiting a day or two is helpful and yields the right results interested in your business, content, or product.

6. Does buying Instagram followers send red flags? 

Most websites and companies provide legitimate followers using available algorithms. They do not jeopardize or compromise your content or your account. They use high-quality accounts, and there are no red flags. All the Instagram followers assure rapid follower growth. 

7. What is the cost of buying Instagram followers? 

The cost of buying Instagram followers is as below: 

  • 50 for $2 
  • 100 for $5 
  • 200 for $8 
  • 500 for $20 
  • 1000 for $25 
  • 2000 for $35 
  • 5000 for $69 
  • 10000 for $99 
  • 1 Million for $2000 

8. Are there other ways of getting Instagram followers? 

Yes, you can get Instagram followers by: 

  • Posting high-quality content regularly to engage target audiences. 
  • Run contests or part giveaways on the Instagram page and get organic followers. 
  • Use trending hashtags. 
  • Use stories and reels, besides regular posts to engage target audiences and potential followers. 
  • Collaborate with other brands or influences within your industry or niche. 
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to share your profile on Instagram. 
  • Use Instagram ads and reach more people on this platform. 
  • Make your Instagram account into a brand account, and keep monitoring to track your account progress. 

9. Which is better: slow or fast delivery of Instagram followers?  

The Instagram follower’s delivery is slow or fast depending on the website. Reputable websites take a fair time to supply followers, from a few minutes to a few hours. Websites are sending instant followers, they may be using software and generating followers, and it may be bot followers. 

10. Any drawbacks in buying Instagram followers? 

 Most companies or websites promise to offer active and real followers. However, some websites offer fake or bot followers and it may degrade your account quality. However, if you buy from genuine and authentic websites, you can be safe and assured of quality followers. 

Buyers Guide 

Is it reliable to buy followers on Instagram? 

Yes, it is reliable to buy followers. Buy it safely from genuine websites that know about the Instagram algorithm's tolerance level. It is perfectly safe as the Instagram follower’s sellers assure your account safety. 

Is it worth buying Instagram followers? 

Yes, it is worth buying Instagram followers, and it works, helping in boosting their account. A popular marketing strategy on Instagram is to have genuine followers, and so buying Instagram followers is an investment that assures a return on investment with more followers. 

Does follower quality matter? 

Yes, follower quality matters. Buying low-quality followers is a risk, as they may get deleted. 

How to buy genuine Instagram followers? 

Buying genuine Instagram followers requires finding a legit website ready to sell real followers. Give your username and pay. You will get new followers genuinely, and they will be sharing your content and following your account. 

Is it possible to pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, or a Credit Card? 

Yes. You can pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, or a credit card. 

 Is there anything illegal about buying Instagram followers? 

No. There is nothing illegal about buying Instagram followers. It is the right way of promoting your Instagram account profile, and getting more followers. Buying IG followers from genuine websites is a common practice. You can choose the number of followers you wish to buy and the delivery is gradual or instantly. You can see the followers on your profile.  

Buying cheap followers or getting free trial followers is right? 

There is no harm in considering buying cheap IG followers or free trial followers. However, ensure they are genuine. If not, it will cause your Instagram account. 

Is it true to get instant, fast delivery of Instagram followers? 

Yes. You get instant, fast delivery of IG viewers and followers. They are 100% real, follow all your content and keep sharing to increase your followers. 

Buying real followers on Instagram, is that for real and true? 

Yes, you can buy real followers for your Instagram account. Many websites sell genuine followers with real accounts. These followers share your posts with other real users. The Instagram algorithm knows fake and real users, and your Instagram account is safe. 

Is it compulsory to buy more Instagram followers? 

No, there is no such rule. You can buy 50 Instagram followers or 10000 Instagram followers. Choose any package of your choice, enter your username, and pay using a credit card. You can see the follower numbers ticking on your account. 

Wrapping Up 

Planning to buy 50 Instagram likes is an effective way of boosting your presence on social media and gaining potential followers. The top 5 choices mentioned above facilitate buying Instagram followers. The numbers depend on the target audiences you wish to reach.  

To buy Instagram followers, at an affordable cost and with less effort, it is best to consider the websites above in the article. Instagram followers are in different price ranges and numbers. Buy Instagram followers who offer support 24/7 and ensure drop protection. It means you can expand your influence, reach, and online presence. It takes you closer by one step to buying Instagram followers and achieving objectives on the social media platform. 


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