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3 Best Sites To Buy Negative Google Reviews (1 Star, Bad)

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3 Best Sites To Buy Negative Google Reviews (1 Star, Bad)

To save your time and help you decide where to go, we have compiled a list of 3 best sites to buy negative Google reviews from.

Best Sites To Buy Negative Google
Best Sites To Buy Negative Google

It looks interesting thinking why anyone would buy negative Google reviews? Or is it a good strategy? Well, you’ll be surprise to know that more than 5k searches on internet every month, purchasing them has become simplest than ever. It’s seeming silly, right? But hold on and learn why buying bad reviews are necessary.

People purchase 1-star bad reviews for 2 reasons:

  • To Smash the competitors
  • For themselves (to Balance rating ratio)

Still on air? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Why do people buy negative Google ratings for their competitors?

Every business wants to stand out and garner the most customers in it’s bucket. That can be possible more likely if somehow the brand image of other competitors starts suffering.

Negative Google reviews can destroy a competitor's online reputation and deter potential clients from interacting with them. People buy 1 or 2-star Google reviews for their competitors to artificially lower their ratings and gain a competitive edge over them. Thus, the more negative Google reviews you buy for your competitor, the more your competitors' search engine ranking will drop.

The eroding trust of customers in your contemporary brand will worsen their relationship and simultaneously allow you to attract them to explore your brand.

Why people buy Google negative reviews for themselves?

So, naturally, every business or brand loves to earn tons of positive Google reviews. The more positive Google reviews a company has, the more its chances to attract its target audience. But this is where the twist comes in. When something seems too upright or too perfect, it becomes hardly believable. In this age of scams and rip-offs, customers scrutinize businesses with no apparent flaw. Your hard-earned positive Google reviews seems fake if your business appears too good to be true for the customers. The customers will see your response towards such reviews to examine how sincere you are with clients and your business. And it’s showcase your responsibilities.

That is why it is crucial to take a counter-intuitive step and buy 2 star or 3-star Google reviews to balance your brand image and appear more authentic.

To save your time and help you decide where to go, we have compiled a list of 3 best sites to buy negative Google reviews from:

Take a look into it.

1. Followerzoid - The Best!

Point Score: 10/10

You can easily buy 1 or 2-star Google reviews from Followerzoid, as they are capable of helping their customers with Quality Google services. This company enables you to either boost your brand growth or tarnish your competitors' handsome presence in minutes.

Reason to choose Followerzoid?

It's a popular option on the Internet to buy negative Google feedbacks jut because of their friendly service with a genuine way. The majority of the companies selling negative Google reviews don't engage with their customers on a personal level, but they do. They send generic reviews relevant to customers' particular niches, thus yielding average results.

In this way, Followerzoid has a competitive advantage over others. Followerzoid also offers a variety of promotional services to buy positive Google reviews and other key social media platforms simultaneously. Hence, Followerzoid is a highly recommended option in the market, providing its customers with exceptional social media marketing features and being affordable for everyone.

They offer:

  • Non-Drop Sticky Reviews
  • Quality Reviews from Human Profiles
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Privacy Guarantee
  • Cheap Prices
  • And 18 hours availability in Business

2. FameSavvy

Point Score: 9/10

FameSavvy is on our list of purchasing negative reviews Google because it invites its customers to discuss their needs and requirements openly. Being mentioned in the "Entrepreneur Magazine" and "Business Insider," this website is counted among the best places to buy real negative Google reviews online. In general, FameSavvy helps its customers in building their brands. If you seek to enhance your brand's exposure while expanding your audience effortlessly, then contacting these guys will be a smart choice.

FameSavvy promises high-quality reviews, along with speedy delivery only in 72 hours. By comparing this with other providers, you'll find it's a quick service you get from FameSavvy. Their website comprises different packages with clearly mentioned prices, leaving no room for any nasty surprises in the future. Many fraudulent companies on the web lure their customers to sign up while keeping them in the shadows about what it will cost them to buy negative reviews. But when you choose FameSavvy, you will be worry-free as everything has been crystal clear.

FameSavvy offers country-targeted Google reviews to achieve transparent dominance in your business. Their Support is active 18/7 (USA time), ensuring everyone is cared for while enjoying their experience at FameSavvy.


Point Score: 8.9/10

SocialFollowers help their customers by selling bad reviews on others' businesses from real humans. This website strongly focuses on knowing the needs of its clients and helping them boost their business engagement. Many websites sell fake 1-star reviews that any customer can quickly eyeball, as they are mostly generic and unrelated to the business's particular niches. But, SocialFollowers has the utmost concern for its customers, which is why they have never received any complaint regarding their services.

SocialFollowers seek to enhance your credibility at cheaper rates. With an experience of around a decade under their belt, SocialFollowers has an impeccable grasp of the industry dynamics. Their customer support team contains skilled professionals who ask about your requirements in detail and are always available to help you through the process. Depending on SocialFollowers is the right choice that we encourage you to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most asked queries regarding the purchase of negative Google reviews.

1. Is it possible to buy negative Google reviews?

Absolutely. There are many websites available on the Internet where you can purchase negative Google reviews. These websites sell bad and negative reviews about a brand or company by real businesses. These reviews provide a 2 or 1-star rating.


2. Where can you buy negative Google reviews from?

While there are many options in the market, there are three websites whose incredible features set them apart. They are:

  • FollowerZoid
  • FameSavvy
  • SocialFollowers

3. How can you purchase negative Google reviews?

Anyone can buy Google negative reviews easily after finding a website that fulfills this criterion. On the website, you can choose a package suitable to yourself and enter your destination URL. Then, you can pay using your credit card, PayPal, or Crypto and wait to enjoy the results.

4. What is the price of buying Google Negative reviews?

While every website costs different, the average market rate is like this: 1 bad review costs $7, 3 reviews cost $20, 10 reviews cost $75, and 100 reviews cost $500.

5. Can Google detect fake Negative reviews?

No. Google does not detect fake bad reviews as they appear to be genuine ratings and comments on a brand or business profile. They aren't any different from other real reviews. But there's a caveat; you must be cautious when choosing your partner.

6. How can you pay for Google reviews?

You can use your Apple Pay, Crypto, or PayPal account or your credit card to pay. Multiple payment options are available on websites, and you can choose what suits you best. We recommend you pay with Crypto so your privacy doesn't go anywhere.

7. Is it legal to buy 1 Star bad Google reviews?

Yes, it is entirely legal to purchase bad Google reviews. Google has no policies restricting its users from buying fake negative reviews from authentic users. Hence, you can lawfully beat your contemporaries by buying 1-star bad reviews.

8. How to take down a negative Google review?

A good review must be taken down. The only possible option is to purchase more reviews you desire for that negative review to go deeper in the list.

9. Can You Pay Someone to Pay for Bad reviews?

Yes one can find a person doing such services on Facebook or any other social platforms. Many people write bad comments for the sake of money; they can help you too.

Winner of Today's Discussion:

FollowerZoid is the best website to choose when looking for negative reviews on Google. Their quality service and secure environment works for every business. One can be sure they are in safe hands using this marketing agency.


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