Monday, Aug 08, 2022

Uttarakhand Election 2022: Congress Promises 40 Per Cent Reservation For Women In Police Force

Uttarakhand Election 2022: Congress' manifesto released by the party's general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, promised to give women 40 percent reservation in police department.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. Suresh Pandey Outlook

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra  released the Congress' manifesto for Uttarakhand on Wednesday promising to reserve 40 per cent jobs for women in the police department, jobs to four lakh people, and creation of a 'tourism police’ force.

The manifesto titled 'Uttarakhand Swabhiman Pratigya Patra' also promised to give priority to women in 40 per cent government jobs and capping the LPG prices at Rs 500 with government contributing its share and shouldering the burden with people.

Gandhi released the manifesto at a virtual rally here, streamed live in all 70 assembly constituencies in the state.

 Accusing the BJP government in Uttarakhand of doing nothing over the past five years, she asked people to take their vote seriously because it was their “most powerful weapon” to bring change.

"The present government did nothing in five years. We still see only the work done by our government which preceded it. They did nothing because they did not have the intention," she said.

"The Congress can bring change but only if you wake up to fight for your rights and for the future of your children," the AICC general secretary said. 

"The engine of the so-called double engine has itself stopped working due to the unprecedented rise in petrol and diesel prices," she said.

The Congress leader alleged there was no dearth of funds but the intention on part of the government.

She said the dues of sugarcane farmers across the country amounts to Rs 14000 crore and it could have been easily settled if Rs 16000 crore spent to buy two aeroplanes for the Prime Minister was utilised for that purpose.

"The country went through its worst crisis during the second wave of corona as the Centre exported both oxygen and vaccines to foreign countries," she said.

She said the budget had nothing for the common man in it.

"I was told that diamond has become cheap but medicines costlier. Under the BJP government only the prime minister's industrialist friends have thrived and prospered," the leader alleged.

She advised people not to be taken in by the promises being made by political parties, and exhorted them to ask for their “roadmap” if they had to change their lives and improve their lot.

She said the party's manifesto has been named ‘Pratigya Patra’ as each commitment made in it will be fulfilled if the Congress is voted to power.

She also spoke of her family's long ties with Uttarakhand.

"You know our family's long ties with Uttarakhand. My father, uncle, brother and son studied here," she said.