Bengali Cinema

Audiences of Bengali cinema had been unduly favoured by Nusrat Jahan—only they, it seemed, had a birthright to that bewitching smile, or the unending appeal of those pair of eyes. That changed before the 2019 LS polls—her finest hour, when she strode the arclight like never before. Now a Trinamool MP, she had receded into a silence most unbecoming of an Indian politician. Till a video-chatting app used her image without permission to peddle their piddly tidbit. The poor dafooses could be blamed only to a point, but Nusrat, in an unforgiving mood—this is her on the occasion of Mahalaya, as Ma Durga, a blend of strength, charisma and beauty—has pulled in the Kolkata Police. ‘Action’, we hear, is promised.

They needed a Kiran­moyee for an ada­pt­a­­tion of Saratchandra’s Cha­­r­­itraheen, meant for streaming on Bengali platform Hoichoi. The actress who pouted fiercely, put up her hand and posed in a knotted, sensual crouch was Naina Ganguly, who is unf­azed by the show’s smoky eroticism. Needless to say, it’s a hit!