Pakistani Drone Drops Heroin During Day Time In Punjab, Video Captured For First Time

The Pakistani drones usually smuggle drugs with the help of drones in Indian territory during nighttime or early morning hours but the Punjab Police shared a video showing a drone dropping a small heroin packet in the daytime recently.

BSF recovers Pakistani drone

The Punjab Police Wednesday shared a video showing a Pakistani drone airdropping a small packet of heroin and said smugglers from across the border now resorting to delivering narcotics during daytime too poses a fresh challenge for security forces.

It is probably for the first time that any video of dropping a packet of narcotics by Pakistani smugglers into Indian territory has surfaced.

Usually, Pakistani smugglers airdrop packets of heroin into Indian territory during night or early morning hours and many of the unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by the Border Security Force along the India-Pakistan border in Punjab.

In the video, a packet of heroin could be seen airdropped from the drone and it appeared to be captured by the camera fitted on the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Tarn Taran Senior Superintendent of Police Gurmeet Chauhan said police have recovered a drone along with two kilograms of heroin from one Jugraj Singh.

He said police have recovered the video in which dropping of the packet of heroin during daytime could be seen.

Pakistan smugglers are now sending small quantities of heroin (half kg packet) during daytime, said police, adding that this trend is going to pose a fresh challenge for security forces.

According to police, since it is a small drone and it can fly high, it is difficult to hear its sound during daytime as compared to night.

The SSP said the drone, which has been recovered from Jugraj, may have accidentally fallen down.

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