Outlook SpeakOut 2019: Highlights

At Outlook SpeakOut 2019, we discussed and debated women's right to be safe, secure and healthy.

Outlook SpeakOut 2019: Highlights

One of the most anticipated event, where Ideas and Action connect, Passion and Purpose collide, Thoughtful and Authentic voices converse: Outlook SpeakOut 2019 discussed and debated women's right to be safe, secure and healthy.

The theme of this year's event was What Women Want.

Speaking at the Outlook SpeakOut 2019, Irani said, "One of the biggest fallacies we sell women is that it becomes easier after getting success, it doesn't. Be ready to fight for the rest of your lives, if you want to live your life the way you want to."

"Outlook SpeakOut talks about Resisting, Reclaiming, Rejoicing. So, today, I celebrate the women who resist the urge to live their life as victims," Irani said.

Below are the highlights:

10;28pm: It's a wrap at Outlook SpeakOut 2019. We'll see you again next Year!

10:25pm: The awardees at Outlook SpeakOut 2019


10:18 PM: Actors Kubbra Sait, Kirti kulhari, and Shefali Shah take up a few rapid fire questions at Outlook SpeakOut 2019.

10:09 PM: A chat with Shefali Shah, Kubbra Sait and Kirti Kulhari.

9:59 PM:  "One of the biggest fallacies that we sell women is that when you get successful, it’s gets easier. It does not. Be ready to fight the rest of your life if you choose to live your life your way," says Smriti Irani.

9:55 PM:  "Outlook SpeakOut talks about Resisting, Reclaiming, Rejoicing. So, today, I celebrate the women who resist the urge to live their life as victims," says Smriti Irani.

9:52 PM:  "When you see Deepa Malik , you see how wheelchair can get wings," says Union Minister Smriti Irani.

9:49 PM: The next awardee at Outlook Speakout 2019  is actor Shefali Shah.

 9:46 PM: The next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut 2019 is actor Kubbra Sait.

9:45 PM: The next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut 2019 is actor Kirti Kulhari.

9:43 PM: The next award goes to shooter and Arjuna awardee Anjum Moudgil.

9:39 PM: The next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut 2019 is paralympian Deepa Malik.

9:35 PM: The next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut 2019 is Jagi Mangat Panda, co-founder of Odisha Television Ltd.

9:28 PM: The next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut Award 2019 is Shehi Shafi.

9:24 PM: Our next awardee is Dr Priyanjali Datta, CEO of Aaarogya Healthcare.

9:22 PM: Manipur's Green Ambassador Elangbam Valentina Devi is the next awardee at Outlook SpeakOut 2019.

9:21 PM:  "Noise for the sake of noise makes no sense. I want to be meaningful. We want to be heard,"says Ruben Banerjee.

9:20 PM: The first Outlook SpeakOut 2019 Award goes to Arti Jaiman, station director of community radio station Gurgaon ki Awaaz.

9:19 PM:  "Today’s event is in line with what all we believe in. Women’s health, menstruation included, and women’s safety are issues that we are all concerned about," says Ruben Banerjee.

9:16 PM:  "To be different is what I see as our challenge. Today’s media landscape is crowded. It is also very noisy. I have no wish to add to the noise. Noise for the sake of noise makes no sense. I want to be meaningful. We want to be heard," says Ruben Banerjee.

9:14 PM:  "Like every other media house, we too do several events in a year. But this Outlook SpeakOut is special. Given the glamour and glitter, it can be mistaken as a spectacle. It is not. Our events have always had a lot of substance", says Ruben Banerjee, Editor-In-Chief of Outlook.

9:09 PM:  "It’s unfortunate that even in today’s time we are called the rape capital of the world," says Swati Maliwal, Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women. 

9:07 PM:  "If you have stalkers and molesters and rapists sitting in the Parliament, what do you expect the people to do. Unfortunately, they have become our role models," says Prakash Singh.

9:04 PM:  "There has been an erosion in our values. Values which we inherited from our parents, teachers, which we imbibed from the politicians of our country. Imagine the kind of politicians we had during Independence & compare them with calibre of politicians today," says Prakash Singh.

9:01 PM: "It is a fact that women safety has become a problem in the country," says Prakash Singh, a retired IPS officer.

8:59 PM:  "Most educated families have much more atrocities to its women. Access of justice is not available over here because we are not taught what are our rights," says Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

8:54 PM:  "In my community, there are thousands of Nirbhayas. You can’t even imagine the way they are raped and killed, and they are not even considered as human beings," says Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

8:52 PM:  " We are the last community in this country who got their rights as Indians, and still not even a fraction is being done yet," says Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.


8:48 PM: "Trans women are like toys in the hands of patriarchy," says Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a  well-known trans rights activist.

8:41 PM: "The issue of women safety and violence against women is worldwide," says Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, a retired IFS officer.

8:20 PM: Period poverty is a reality and the way to overcome is to have better policy intervention, says Sushmita Dev.

8:19 PM: As policy makers, we always talk about women empowerment, but there are very few things we do which leave a real impact, says Sushmita Dev.

8:17 PM: Access to hygienic methods to deal with menstruation is a real problem, we need policy intervention, says Sushmita Dev.


8:12 PM: "Management of menstrual hygiene is a challenge for women in rural areas," says Sushmita Dev, the president of All India Mahila Congress.

8:11pm: "If we are looking at a fit and healthy India, we need to empower girls with the right kind of knowledge," says Deepa Mallik.

8:08pm: "Whenever I would say or share that I am bleeding, people would look at my urine bag that why the colour is not red. And I was shocked even women would. That’s the ignorance around menstruation," says Deepa Mallik.

8:05pm: "What stops young girls from playing is the taboo that 'girl who plays breaks hymen and if she breaks the hymen, she will never get married," says Deepa Mallik.


7:57pm: "It is important to question the male authority over religion,"says Zakia Soman

7:54: "We need to burst the hoax of patriarchy masquerading as religion,"says Zakia Soman

7:53: "As a Muslim woman who has fought the menace of triple talaq, you come face to face with patriarchy masquerading at religion,"says Zakia Soman

7:51pm:  "We all know that we live in a patriarchal world and the male domination has reduced women to being some kind of inferior beings," says Zakia Soman

7:49pm: "Go out in the world, ladies, young girls; go out fully loaded, know this is your weapon. For while men still own the world, it is women and the period that ensures there is one at all," says Advaita Kala


7:40pm: "If we want to talk about menstruation, the subject is menstrual health, not menstrual hygiene," says Sinu Jospeh

7:37pm: " We have created more myths than what we tried to break on menstruation," says Sinu Joseph.

7:16pm:  "If any gender needs to understand what women want, it is the men," says Khushbu Sundar.

7:15pm:  "If we have to fight, fight it out. If you have to protest, protest. It's okay. We are a country who achieved freedom after fighting. It's okay to fight for what we want," says Khushbu Sundar.

7:13pm:  "We women have to get hold of ourselves first. We have to understand that men are not above us," says Khushbu Sundar.


7:10pm : "The attitude of men that they earn and think of women as meek needs to change. We talk about gender equality. I say women are superior to men. We are super women," says Khushbu Sundar.

7:07pm:  "We associate the phrase 'Breaking the Glass Ceiling' only with women. We don't talk about men when it comes to this notion," says Khushbu Sundar.

7:05 pm:  'Everywhere there are women who are treated as outcast. We need to take a stand for ourselves," says Khushbu Sundar, actor-turned-politican.

7:00 pm: In its scope, it is a continuation, or the logical extension, of last year’s theme: Women Empowerment. As in the past…. we have a refreshing galaxy of minds today…… to debate openly and thoroughly the great issue of the day, says Indranil Roy, CEO, The Outlook Group.


6: 59pm: Women are waging a battle to reclaim their future: public space to workplace, the freedom to wear anything, do anything, be anything,  says Indranil Roy, CEO, The Outlook Group.

6:57pm: In the last few years, sexual assault and women’s empowerment movements have upended public conversation about women’s issues in India and the world, says Indranil Roy, CEO, The Outlook Group.

6:50pm: We begin the event by an amazing performance by musical group Maati Baani


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