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IND Vs AUS, 2nd Test: India Thrash Australia To Exorcise Ghosts Of Adelaide, Level Series - Highlights

IND Vs AUS, 2nd Test: India Thrash Australia To Exorcise Ghosts Of Adelaide, Level Series - Highlights

India thumped Australia by eight wickets in the second Test on the fourth day to level the four-match series 1-1 in Melbourne. Catch highlights of AUS vs IND second Test, day 4 here

India's Ajinkya Rahane, right, and teammate Shubman Gill embrace as they celebrate after winning the second cricket Test against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground AP Photo/Asanka Brendon Ratnayake

India exorcised the ghost of Adelaide with a convincing eight-wicket win over Australia in the second Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Tuesday. India started the penultimate day's play with a 'depleted bowling attack', and dismissed the Aussies for 200, thus setting themselves a 70-run target. India's chase, however, started off to a bad start, losing Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar in a space of six balls. Then, debutant Shubhman Gill and skipper Ajinkya Rahane anchored the ship to give India their eighth win Down Under. This was also India's back-to-back Test wins at the MCG. Catch highlights of Day 4 here: (REPORTSCORECARD | NEWS)

Result: India Beat Australia By 8 Wickets

9:44 MA IST: India captain Ajinkya Rahane after the win -

"Really proud of all the players. Played really well. Want to give credit to the debutants Mohammed Siraj and Shubman Gill, the character they showed after the Adelaide loss was great to see. Character was important for us, especially after losing Umesh Yadav in the second innings."

He won the man of the match award. By the way, he is the second Indian captain to win his first three Test matches as captain after MS Dhoni.

9:29 AM IST: Chasing 70 to win, India overhauled to target in 15.5 overs with more than four sessions to spare. India had lost the pink-ball Test in Adelaide. Skipper Ajinkya Rahane (27 not out) and opener Shubhman Gill (35 not out) took the side past the finish line after India lost Mayank Agarwal (5) and Cheteshwar Pujara (3). India had wrapped up Australia's second innings for 200 in the extended opening session on Tuesday morning after the hosts began at 133 for six. India had taken a 131-run lead on the third day with skipper Ajinkya Rahane (112) and Ravindra Jadeja (57) taking the hosts to 326 in reply to Australia's first innings total of 195. Number six Cameron Green was the top-scorer for the hosts with his 45-run knock while make-shift opener Matthew Wade made 40. Green and Pat Cummins (22) added 57 runs for the seventh wicket with the pitch offering nothing to the bowlers. The partnership was broken only after the new ball was taken. For India, debutant pacer Mohammed Siraj (3/37) took three wickets while Jasprit Bumrah (2/54) and Ravindra Jadeja (2/28) and Ravichandran Ashwin (2/71) took two wickets apiece.

Brief Scores:

Australia: 195 and 200 in 103.1 overs (C Green 45, M Wade 40, M Labuschagne 28; M Siraj 3/37, R Jadeja 2/28, J Bumrah 2/54)

India: 326 and 70 for 2 in 15.5 overs. (S Gill 35 not out, A Rahane 27 not out; M Starc 1/20, P Cummins 1/22).

9:19 AM IST: Nathan Lyon on, and Ajinkya Rahane took a single off the fifth ball. India won by eight wickets.

9: 17 AM IST: Bowling change. Marnus Labuschagne on, thus signalling Australia's resignation. A single, then Shubman Gill hit the second for a four, past mid-on fielder. A single, then two dots, and Ajinkya Rahane almost won. But the ball was stopped just before hitting the rope. IND - 69/2 (15). Scores levelled.

9:13 AM IST: Nathan Lyon continued. And Ajinkya Rahane was dropped at long-on by Mitchell Starc. And a couple for the effort. Three from the over. IND - 60/2 (14). Need another 10 runs.

9:10 AM IST: Josh Hazlewood continued. Four dots, then Shubman Gill pulled the fifth ball for a four. Sublime. A dot to end the over. IND - 57/2 (13). Need another 13 runs.

9:06 AM IST: Bowling change. Spin on. Nathan Lyon on. Four dots, then Shubman Gill took a single to short leg. A dot to end the over. IND - 53/2 (12). Need another 17 runs.

9:03 AM IST: Josh Hazlewood continued. Ajinkya Rahane hit the first ball for a four to off-side, then a double to square leg. Tricky shot. Top-edge and half-chance. Three dots followed. Then a crunching cover drive from the skipper. 10 runs from the over. IND -52/2 (11). Need another 18 runs.

8:58 AM IST: Pat Cummins continued. Singles off the first two, then a dot. Shubman Gill got a genuine nick off the next ball for a four to third man. Two dots to end the over. IND - 42/2 (10). Need another 28 runs.

8:53 AM IST: Bowling change. Josh Hazlewood replaced Mitchell Starc. And a maiden to Ajinkya Rahane.

8:49 AM IST: Pat Cummins continued. Five dots, then Ajinkya Rahane played the last ball through cover for three. IND - 36/2 (8). Need another 34 runs.

8:45 AM IST: Mitchell Starc continued. A single, then Shubman Gill placed his cut well for a four to third man. A dot then, another four. This time an edge, and through the cordon. A single to square leg to rotate the strike. And a single to end the over. Ten runs from the over. IND - 33/2 (7). Need another 37 runs.

8:39 AM IST: New man Ajinkya Rahane took two balls to open his account, a four to square leg boundary. IND - 23/2 (6). Need another 47 runs.

8:35 AM IST: Pat Cummins continued, and OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara caught by Cameron Green for three off four. IND - 19/2 (5.1)

8:33 AM IST: Cheteshwar Pujara joined Shubman Gill in the centre, and opened his account straight away with a double to deep mid-wicket. A dot then a single to point. Four runs and a wicket. IND - 19/1 (5). Need another 51.

8:29 AM IST: Mitchell Starc on with his third over. A single off the first ball as Shubman Gill played it behind square. Then WICKET! Starc had Mayank Agarwal (5 off 15) caught behind. Swinging and edge. IND - 16/1 (4.2).

8:27 AM IST: Pat Cummins continued. Four dots, then a couple as Mayank Agarwal played it through covers. Two dots to end the over. IND - 15/0 (4). Need another 55.

8:22 AM IST: Mitchell Starc continued. A dot then a stunning straight drive, on the up, against one of the best, for a four. And judiciously 'blocked' the remaining deliveries. IND - 13/0 (3). Need another 57 runs.

8:18 AM IST: Pat Cummins shared the new ball with Mitchell Starc. Shubman Gill welcomed him with a classic cover drive four. Then a quick single to rotate the strike. Cummins then produced a brilliant outswinger to beat Mayank Agarwal with the fifth ball. A double to square leg to end the over. IND - 9/0 (2). Need 61 more.

8:14 AM IST: Two from the first over. India need another 68 runs. IND - 2/0 (1). Target 70 runs.

8:08 AM IST: Players are back for the post-Lunch session. Mitchell Starc with the new man. Mayank Agarwal and Shubman Gill to open for India. 

7:30 AM IST: Last over before Lunch, and Ravichandran Ashwin cleaned up Josh Hazlewood (10 off 21). Bowled! Top of the off-stump. Australia all out for 200, and India need 70 runs to level the series.

And Lunch!

Brief Scores:

Australia: 195 and 200 in 103.1 overs (C Green 45, Matthew Wade 40, Marnus Labuschagne 28, Steve Smith 8; M Siraj 3/37, Jasprit Bumrah 2/54, R Jadeja 2/28)

India 1st Innings: 326 all out (A Rahane 112, Ravindra Jadeja 57; Mitchell Starc 3/78, Nathan Lyon 3/72).

7:28 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah on with his 27th over. A single off the second ball, and 200 up for Australia. AUS - 200/9 (103). Lead 69 runs.

7:24 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin returned for his 37th over. A double off the fourth ball, then a review for LBW against Mitchell Starc off the last ball. Umpire's call. Clipping top of the leg stump. AUS - 199/9 (102). Lead by 68.

7:19 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj continued. Three dots then a single to long leg, by Mitchell Starc. Josh Hazlewood blocked the remaining deliveries. AUS - 197/9 (101). Lead by 66 runs.

7:15 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah continued. Mitchell Starc took a single off the first ball, then Josh Hazlewood drove the fifth ball past cover fielder for a double. A screaming bouncer to end the over. AUS - 196/9 (100). Lead by 65 runs.

7:10 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj on with his 21st over. Maiden to Josh Hazlewood. His figures so far: 20.3-3-36-3. Brilliant effort from the debutant.

7:05 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah returned for his 25th over. Three singles. AUS - 193/9 (98). Lead by 62 runs.

7:00 AM IST: Josh Hazlewood, the last man got five off the first ball he faced thanks to an overthrow from wicket-taker Mohammed Siraj. AUS - 190/9 (97). Lead by 59 runs.

6:57 AM IST: Another WICKET for Mohammed Siraj. He had Nathan Lyon, who was going for the pull, caught by Rishabh Pant. Lyon made 3 off 15. AUS - 185/9 (96.4).

6:53 AM IST: Ravindra Jadeja returned for his 14th over. Mitchell Starc took a double off the fourth ball, to mid-wicket. The next ball, he's given out for LBW. Reviewed, and not out. Missing leg. Indians also asked for a catch at slip, but not conclusive. And a lot of chats, friendly ones in the centre. AUS - 185/8 (96). Lead by 54.

6:47 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj continued. One leg bye, off the third ball, and a single off the last ball. AUS - 183/8 (95). Lead by 52 runs.

6:43 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin on with his 36th over. Nathan Lyon took a single off the third ball, edge behind point. Mitchell Starc negotiated with the remaining deliveries. AUS - 181/8 (94). Lead by 50 runs.

6:40 AM IST: A long discussion between Mohammed Siraj and Ravindra Jadeja before the start of a new over by the pacer. But nothing special happened. 9Nathan Lyon took a single off the fourth ball, to long leg. AUS - 180/8 (93). Lead by 49 runs.

6:34 AM IST: Nathan Lyon joined Mitchell Starc in the centre. Ravichandran Ashwin returned for his 35th over. Singles off the third and fourth deliveries. AUS - 179/8 (92). Lead by 48.

6:30 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj continued. Mitchell Starc hit the second ball firmly, but fielded brilliantly by sub KL Rahul at mid-on. A dot then Cameron Greem hit the fourth ball for a four. Beautiful on drive.

Then the WICKET. Siraj had Green (45 off 146) caught by a gleeful Ravindra Jadeja. AUS - 177/8 (90.6).

6:26 AM IST: Ravindra Jadeja returned for his 13th over. Breather for Ravichandran Ashwin. A single off the fourth ball, and Cameron Green blocked the last two balls. AUS -172/7 (90). Lead by 41.

6:22 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj replaced Jasprit Bumrah. A dot and a review for a run out at the bowler's end. Cameron Green hit back the second ball and Bumrah directed it to the stumps. But Mitchell Starc backed up just in time. A mix-up after Green played the fourth ball to mid-off. Nothing happened though. A maiden.

6:18 AM IST: 34th over for Ravichandran Ashwin. And a double off the last ball as Mitchell Starc played it to square leg. AUS - 171/7 (88). Lead by 40 runs.

6:15 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah on with his 24th over. Three dots, then Cameron Green found his third four, past Rishabh Pant. And another one off the last ball, to third man. Green reached 41 off 134. AUS - 169/7 (87). Lead by 38. 

6:11 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued. Just like the previous over, five dots then Cameron Green toom runs. A single, an easy one to long-on. AUS - 161/7. Lead by 30 runs.

6:08 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah on with his 23rd over. Five dots, then Cameron Green played the last ball to long leg for three runs. AUS - 160/7 (85). Lead by 29.

6:03 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued with his 32nd over. He's one constant in this Indian bowling attack. A maiden to Mitchell Starc. Ashwin's figures so far: 32-6-63-1.

6:01 AM IST: Mitchell Starc, the new man, got a bouncy welcome. He managed to fend off with an evasive block and the ball almost beat the fielder at fine leg. AUS - 157/7 (83). Lead by 26 runs.

5: 56 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah continued, and the WICKET. A short ball and Pat Cummins failed to keep it down. Caught by Mayank Agarwal at second slip. He made 22 off 103 balls. AUS - 156/7 (82.5).

5:53 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued, and first boundary off the day, off the fourth ball. Cameron Green cut it behind point. Six runs from the over. AUS - 155/6 (82). Lead by 24 runs.

5:49 AM IST: Second new ball taken. And Jasprit Bumrah returned for his 21st over. An LBW shout against Cameron Green off the third ball. Inswinger and missing the leg. A maiden. Green and Pat Cummins have together faced 202 balls.

5:45 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued. Cameron Green took a single off the first, to mid-on and 50-run stand with Pat Cummins. Highest of the innings! Cummins blocked the remaining deliveries. AUS - 149/6 (80). Lead by 18.

5:42 AM IST: Ravindra Jadeja on with his 12th over. A maiden to Pat Cummins.

5:40 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued. And both Cameron Green and Pat Cummins are using their feet well against the spin. Green played the first ball to extra cover for a double, then singles off the third and fourth balls. AUS - 148/6 (78).

5:38 AM IST: Bowling change. Ravindra Jadeja replaced Mohammed Siraj. A maiden to  Pat Cummins.

5:35 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin continued, and India wasted a review. Pat Cummins was hit on the front foot and the replay showed the ball bouncing over leg stump. That happened off the third ball. A single off the next delivery. AUS - 144/6 (76). Lead by 13 runs.

5:31 AM IST: Mohammed Siraj continued, and second maiden for him in the innings. Cameron Green batting on 23 off 95 balls.

5:28 AM IST: But Ravichandran Ashwin continued. A double off the second ball, past slip. And Pat Cummins blocked the remaining deliveries. AUS - 143/6 (74). Lead by 12 runs.

5:25 AM IST: Bowling change. Mohammed Siraj replaced Jasprit Bumrah. A single off the second ball as Pat Cummins played it to cover. AUS - 141/6 (73).

5:21 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin on with hos 26th over.  Cameron Green played the fourth ball to long on for a single, then Pat Cummins got a single off the last ball, to fine leg. AUS - 140/6 (72). Lead by nine runs.

5:18 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah continued. A single off the third ball as Cameron Green played it to fine leg. AUS - 138/6 (71). Lead by seven runs.

5:14 AM IST: Not a dramatic start as most Indian fans would have hoped for, but Jasprit Bumrah and Ravichandran Ashwin keeping the Aussie true to themselves. Another Ashwin over, and a single off the first ball, then five dots to Pat Cummins. AUS - 137/6 (70). Lead by six runs.

5:11 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah on with his 19th over. And a maiden to Pat Cummins. Bumrah's figures so far in the innings: 19-5-37-1.

5:08 AM IST: Ravichandran Ashwin on. A maiden to Cameron Green. In the last ten overs, Australia have added just 16 runs.

5:05 AM IST: Cameron Green showing intent, a double off the first ball to cover. Some good defensive play on display from the youngster. And a quick single to end the day's first over. AUS - 136/6 (67). Lead by 5 runs.

5:00 AM IST: Jasprit Bumrah is limbering up, and counting his steps. He will start the day's proceedings.

4:57 AM IST: Players are out for the penultimate day's play.

4:42 AM IST: Here's the match situation - 

Australia lead by two runs with four wickets in hand. Cameron Green, playing only his second Test match, now holds the key for the Aussies. He's in company with Pat Cummins. They have added 34 in 112 balls.

4:31 AM IST: On Day 4, a depleted Indian attack rock the Australian line-up. It was not as dramatic as India's 36 all out in Adelaide, but still a collapse that might have already sealed the fate of the match. Here's how it unfolded:

4/1 (3.1): Joe Burns (4 off 10) c Rishabh Pant b Umesh Yadav
42/2 (17.5): Marnus Labuschagne (28 49) c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravichandran Ashwin
71/3 (32.2): Steve Smith (8 off 30) b Jasprit Bumrah
98/4 (43.6): Matthew Wade (40 off 137) lbw Ravindra Jadeja
98/5 (46.1): Travis Head (17 off 46) c Mayank Agarwal b Mohammed Siraj
99/6 (47.4): Tim Paine (1 off 9) c Rishabh Pant b Ravindra Jadeja

4:26 AM IST: Umesh Yadav is unlikely to take further part in the match. But fortunately for India, they are four wickets away from batting again, and they still have four bowlers to complete the task.

Umesh hobbled off the field after suffering the injury during the third day of the Boxing Day Test and has been taken for scans.

4:15 AM IST: Here's a look at all the winners at the ICC Awards 2020 - Read.

3:57 AM IST: Good morning!

A joke doing the rounds at stumps on Monday was that Australia need only 35 runs more to win the Boxing Day Test at MCG. It had to be an Australian who cracked it. 

But India have done enough in Melbourne to erase the horror memories of Adelaide where they were all out for a record low score of 36 to lose by eight wickets inside three days. 

Cameron Green and Pat Cummins have batted for 18.2 overs after India took four wickets in the third session on Day 3. Green and Cummins produced 38 runs for the seventh wicket and gave Australia a two-run lead. Their doggedness with the bat gives the Australians some hope. 

Rahane paid tribute to his bowlers but said there was work still to be done. “The bowlers bowled really well and bowled in the right areas,” he told broadcasters. We still got four wickets to go, the game is not over yet.” 

So what will be a good score to get and put the Indians in fourth on a wicket that not getting any better? 

If India's batting in the first innings at MCG is any indication, the lessons have been learnt and another 36 all out is unlikely to be repeated. 

But cricket is an uncertain game and the Aussies will back themselves to add another 100-odd runs and then let Mitchell Starc and Company loose.


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