January 23, 2021
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India vs West Indies, 3rd T20I Highlights: IND Thrash WI By 67 Runs To Take Series 2-1

India's big guns fired in the series finale at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai on Wednesday to beat the West Indies and claim the three-match T20I series 2-1. Catch highlights of IND vs WI here

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India vs West Indies, 3rd T20I Highlights: IND Thrash WI By 67 Runs To Take Series 2-1
India's captain Virat Kohlites, right, celebrate after scoring 50 runs during the third Twenty20 international cricket match between India and West Indies in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019.
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India vs West Indies, 3rd T20I Highlights: IND Thrash WI By 67 Runs To Take Series 2-1

India produced the goods when it mattered. They were asked to bat first, their bane until tonight. But with openers Rohit Sharma (71 off 34) and KL Rahul (91 off 56) in some mood, posting 135 inside 12 overs, India were throwing down the gauntlets at the Windies. Then, skipper Virat Kohli arrived to make it a one-sided affair even after the start of the second innings -- hitting 70 off 29 balls, laced with seven sixes. As a result, India set a mammoth target of 241 runs for the reigning World T20 champions. Windies needed an explosive start, but inside four overs, they were down three. With Evin Lewis missing the second innings after picking an injury while fielding, the onus was on the skipper Kieron Pollard. He did show the fight by hitting 68 off 39 balls. He even produced a good stand with Shimron Hetmyer (41 off 24). But India were too good tonight. They even took some good catches. Meanwhile, Kohli and Rohit are now the joint top-scorer in T20I -- 2633 runs each. Catch highlights of IND vs WI match played at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai here. (Cricket News)

ReportScorecard | Tour Schedule

Result: India beat West Indies by 67 runs.

10:43 PM IST: Deepak Chahar with the last over. And he gets the wicket of Pierre (6 off 12). Second catch for sub Ravindra Jadeja at point. A dolly. Sheldon Cottrell is the new man. He hits the fourth ball of the over for a four to long-off. 68 needed off 1. A dot to Cottrell and India win the match and series.

10:40 PM IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar on with his last over. He drops Kesrick Williams. A simple return catch, and somehow Bhuvi conspires to drop it. Two dots to Khary Pierre. Then a single off the fourth ball, and Williams hits a six. Notebook's there for him to tick off something. A four to end the over. 12 from it. Bhuvi's figures - 2/41. WI - 169/7 after 19 overs.

10:36 PM IST: And finally, Washington Sundar gets an over. He's invisible until then. Four singles and a wide from his first over. WI - 157/7 after 18 overs. They need 84 in 12. Required rate is 42.

10:32 PM IST: Mohammed Shami on with his last over. Hayden Walsh takes a single off the first ball, then a bouncer for a dot. Khary Pierre takes a double off the fourth ball, thanks to some poor fielding from India. A single to mid-wicket, then the WICKET. Hayden Walsh (11 off 13) is cleaned bowled. Played one. Walsh moving, shuffling and a straight delivery. That's cricket. Hit and miss. Another beauty. Kesrick Williams, the new man, 'drops' his bat just in time to block Shami's dipping yorker. Four runs from the over. Shami's figures tonight - 2/25. WI - 152/7 after 17 overs. They need 89 in 18.

10:27 PM IST: Khary Pierre, left-handed batsman, is the new man. Deepak Chahar returns for his third over. Hayden Walsh takes a double off the first ball, to long-on. A dot, then to deep mid-wicket. A single off the fifth ball, and seven runs from the over. WI - 148/6 after 16 overs. They need 93 in 24. Walsh - 10; Pierre - 0.

10:22 PM IST: Rohit Sharma still in charge. Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns for his third over. A wide to start, then a six over long-on. Full toss and punished. Then, back-to-back fours -- first sraight down the ground and a rocket to long-off. Another cracking shot, but a single only this time at deep mid-wicket. Now people are talking about that Champions Trophy knock. Then two singles, and the big wicket. Pollard caught by sub fielder Ravindra Jadeja at deep midwicket. He made 68 off 39. #WI - 141/6 after 15 overs. They need 100 in 30.

10:17 PM IST: Kuldeep Yadav on with his last over. And what. Kieron Pollard mistimes his hit, off the toe end of the bat, and still goes for a six over long-on. Then, a wide down the leg, but not given. Pollard is not happy. And he deals it with by hitting a biggie, over deep extra cover. He makes some room and launches it. A beauty. He plays the next ball straight down the ground, but not going for runs. He wants the strike, and rightfully so. Then, another six, off the backfoot, over mid-wicket, landing on the rope. No, it's a four. And fifty for the skipper in 33 balls. A single to retain the strike. 17 runs from the over. Kuldeep's figures tonight: 2/45. WI - 124/5 after 14 overs. They need 117 in 36. Pollard 53 off 34; Walsh - 2 off 5.

10:10 PM IST: Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is off the field. In his stead, Rohit Sharma is leading the side. Shivam Dube returns for his third over. A dot then a single as Hayden Walsh plays the second ball to third man. A dot then, Kieron Pollard plays the fourth ball down the ground. Two more dots. Just two from the over. WI - 107/5 after 13 overs. They need 134 in 42. Asking rate is over 19. Pollard 36; Walsh - 2. Next over, Pollard will open up.

10:06 PM IST: Kuldeep Yadav on with his third. And he gets the WICKET of Jason Holder (8 off 5), caught at long-on by sub fielder Manish Pandey. Hayden Walsh, left-handed batsman, joins his skipper in the centre. Two dots, including a brilliant stop from Pandey. Walsh takes a single off the fifth ball, over the bowler's head. A dot to Kieron Pollard to end a brilliant over. Two runs and a wicket. WI - 105/5 after 12 overs. They need 136 in 48. Asking rate exactly 17. Pollard - 35; Walsh - 1.

10:00 PM IST: Mohammed Shami returns for his third over. Singles off the first two balls. A dot, then another single. A beautiful straight drive from Kieron Pollard, but cuts off. Two for the effort. A slower yorker and a single. Six runs from the over. WI - 103/4 after 11 overs. They need 139 in 55. Asking rate now over 15 an over. Pollard - 34; Holder 8.

9:55 PM IST: Kuldeep Yadav continues, and his hit for sixes by Shimron Hetmyer (41 off 24), off the first two balls on either side of the wicket. And is out. CAUGHT by KL Rahul at long-on. Full toss doing the trick. Jason Holder, right-handed batsman, joins Kieron Pollard. A wrong'n and Windies skipper loses his bat. A wide, then a single. Holder starts with a four, to long-off. Well-timed drive. 18 runs from the over. WI - 97/4 after 10 overs. Pollard - 32; Holder - 4. Equation - 144 in 60.

9:49 PM IST: Shivam Dube continues. Kieron Pollard takes a single, to mid-on. Then, Rohit Sharma drops Shimron Hetmyer at mid-off. Single is taken off the misfield. A wide, then a six over long-on. Kieron Pollard is in the mood. He creams the next ball, but fielded at long-off, for a single. A half-chance as Hetmyer lofts the next ball towards long-off. 11 runs from the over. WI - 79/3 after nine overs. They need 162 in 66. Hetmyer - 29; Pollard - 31.

9:43 PM IST: Bowling change. Kuldeep Yadav, left-arm chinaman, on for India. A dot then a single as Shimron Hetmyer plays the second ball to long-on. Kieron Pollard dismisses the next ball, a quicker and a straight one, for a six. Mighty hit, over long-on. A single, then two dots. Eight runs from the over. WI - 68/3 after eight overs. They need 173 in 72. Hetmyer - 27; Pollard - 23. They have added 51 in 29.

9:38 PM IST: Bowling change. Shivam Dube, right-arm medium-pacer, on. Shimron Hetmyer hits the first ball, short, for a six over deep mid-wicket. Dube adjudges his length and is hit for a four, to mid-off. A single to rotate the strike. Another short ball and Kieron Pollard gently pulls for a four. And thousand runs for Pollard in 68 T20I matches. Again, another back of length delivery. But a dot as Pollard plays straight to gully fielder. Then a fuller delivery. Hit for a four by Pollard to deep mid-wicket. 19 runs from the over. WI - 60/3 after seven overs. They need 181 in 78. Hetmyer - 26; Pollard 16.

9:33 PM IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar on with his second over. Three dots to Kieron Pollard, but the Windies captain hits the fourth ball for a six over mid-off. Easy. Stand and deliver. A single then a huge shout for LBW against Shimron Hetmyer. One leg bye taken. Original decision, not out. And Virat Kohli goes for the review. Pitched outside leg. And not out. Eight runs from the over. WI - 41/3 after six overs. They need 200 in 84 at just under 15. Hetmyer - 15; Pollard - 8.

9:27 PM IST: Mohammed Shami continues. Two singles, then a dot. Then, Shimron Hetmyer hits the next two balls for sixes. 14 runs from the over. WI - 33/3 after five overs. They need need 208 runs in 90 balls. Hetmyer - 15; Pollard 1.

9:23 PM IST: Deepak Chahar on with his second over. And he gets the wicket of new man Nicholas Pooran (0 off 1). Caught by a sensational Shivam Dube at third man. Short ball doing the trick. Now, India are doing everything right. Hit lots of sixes and now taking catches, even the half chances. Kieron Pollard the new man. Just two runs from the over. WI - 19/3 after four overs. They need 222 runs more. Hetmyer - 2; Pollard - 0.

9:15 PM IST: Bowling change. Mohammed Shami on, after missing 43 T20I matches. He last played a T20I match in 2017. And he strikes. Lendl Simmons (7 off 11) is caught by Shreyas Iyer at backward point. One run from the over. What a comeback. WI - 17/2 after three overs.

9:09 PM IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar shares the new ball with Deepak Chahar. Chance at mid-on for Shivam Dube. Tough one. Lendl Simmons survives. Simmons then hits the next ball for a four, through cover. A single, then a dot. WICKET. Bhuvi had Brandon King  (5 off 4) caught at deep. Good catch from KL Rahul. Shimron Hetmyer, left handed-batsman, is the new man. He gets four leg byes. Nine runs from the over. WI - 16/1 after two overs. Simmons - 7; Hetmyer - 0.

9:04 PM IST: Three singles then a four to end the over. Brandon King beats Shivam Dube at fine leg and a boundary. Seven from Deepak Chahar's first over.

8:58 PM IST: Players are back. Deepak Chahar with the new ball. Lendl Simmons to face the first ball. And his opening partner is Brandon King. Evin Lewis is indisposed.

8:56 PM IST: Some batting show from India -- Rohit Sharma (71 off 34), KL Rahul (91 off 56) and Virat Kohli (70 not out off 29). And 16 sixes in total. This is India's third-highest total in T20Is, after 260/5 against Sri Lanka at Indore in 2017, 244/4 against West Indies at Lauderhill in 2016.

India Innings

8:48 PM IST: Sheldon Cottrell on with the last over of the innings. A leg bye then a review as Virat Kohli challenges the caught behind decision. And the skipper survives. Kohli takes a single, then KL Rahul is out. A skier, and caught by Nicholas Pooran. India take review, and the height is fine. Shreyas Iyer is the new man. A a dot to Kohli. Stunning over. A wide follows though, wide of the tramline. A slower delivery and Kohli lifts it straight over bowler's head for a six. Finishing in style. Nine runs from the over. IND - 240/3. Kohli unbeaten on 70 off 29.

8:42 PM IST: Skipper against skipper. And Virat Kohli hits back-to-back sixes off Kieron Pollard to reach his fifty in 21 balls. A double to long-on and a no-ball. Free-hit, and misfield at deep extra-cover for a four. Shimron Hetmyer, the culprit. A single to long-on and KL Rahul is back on 90. A single to long-on. Kohli ends the over with a six over deep mid-wicket. Costliest over of the series. 27 runs. IND - 231/2 after 19 overs. Rahul - 91; Kohli 63.

8:36 PM IST: Kesrick Williams on with last over. One leg bye as he hits Virat Kohli on the leg, and to fine leg. Indian skipper misses his flick. KL Rahul hits the next ball for a mighty six, over long-on. A single to long-on. And what, Kohli lofts the next ball for a six over long-on. And we have another chapter. Kohli looks at the bowler, in the eye and makes a wow! Kohli is something. That's 12th six for India. Catching up with the Windies in the power-game. A single, then a a double. 17 from the over. 1/37 for Williams tonight. IND - 204/2 after 18 overs. Rahul - 90; Kohli - 38.

8:31 PM IST: Sheldon Cottrell returns for his third over. Virat Kohli plays the first ball to short fine leg and a single only. A dot, then a single. Then a lucky four for Kohli. Extra bounce and thick edge, to third man. Rahul hits the last ball for a four, down the ground. 11 runs from the over. IND - 187/2 after 17 overs. Rahul - 81; Kohli 31.

8:26 PM IST: And the battle resumes. Kesrick Williams against Virat Kohli. Everybody's waiting for this. A dot. Then, another and the crowd makes a biggie. Williams' mixing up. And Kohli acknowledges. A single off the third to cover. After some time, KL Rahul is back to take the strike. Bottom edge for a dot. Williams is having a good time. A well-directed yorker and a single. Fielded at short fine leg. Missed opportunity for Rahul. A single to end the over. Brilliant over. Three singles. Williams figures so far: 1/21 in three overs. IND - 176/2 after 16 overs. Rahul - 76; Kohli - 25.

8:22 PM IST: Jason Holder on with his last over. KL Rahul plays a brilliant inside-out shot for a six over cover for a six. A yorker and a chance for a run out at the bowler's end. Holder fields himself and aims at the stumps, but misses. Rahul's a walker. Virat Kohli hits the next ball for a four to deep midwicket, then a six over backward square leg. Stunning flicks from the skipper. Bottom hand to the fore. Then, another four, this time finding the gap at mid-wicket. A bouncer and a single to deep mid-wicket. 22 runs from the over. IND - 173/2 after 15 overs. Rahul - 75; Kohli - 23.

8:16 PM IST: Hayden Walsh continues. A very good start to the over. But Virat Kohli hits the last ball for a six, over long-on. Nine runs from the over. Kohli is fired-up already. IND - 151/2 after 14 overs. Rahul - 68; Kohli - 8.

8:12 PM IST: Bowling change. Kieron Pollard on. A wide to start. KL Rahul takes a single off the first legal delivery. Then the wicket. Rishabh Pant, reaching to a widish delivery and is caught at long-off by Jason Holder. Safe and big hands. Virat Kohli is the new man. Four singles and six runs from the over. IND - 142/2 after 13 overs. Rahul - 66; Kohli - 2.

8:06 PM IST: And play continues. Rohit Sharma (71 off 34) is caught at deep midwicket by Hayden Walsh. Very good catch. Wicket for Kesrick Williams. FoW- IND - 135/1 (11.4). And we have promotion. Rishabh Pant arrives with a mandate to go after the Windies. Brilliant over. Four runs and a wicket. IND - 136/1 after 12 overs. Rahul - 63; Pant - 0.

8:02 PM IST: And he's stretchered off. A rare sight in a cricket match. Keemo Paul is the substitute fielder.

7:59 PM IST: Kesrick Williams back. KL Rahul picks the slower delivery and plays it behind square. Evin Lewis, while fielding the ball near the boundary, seems to have twisted. Physios are out.

7:57 PM IST: Rohit Sharma is having cramps. But hits the first ball of the over for a six. Too easy for him. Over backward square leg with a clean hit. A dot, then Rohit hits the next ball to cover and Lendl Simmons blocks. He's in some pain. A single. KL Rahul hits the next two balls for fours. A single to end the over. 16 runs from the over. IND - 132/0 after 11 overs. Rohit - 70; Rahul - 60.

7:52 PM IST:  Jason Holder. Fifty for KL Rahul, in 29 balls, with a single to mid-wicket. Rohit Sharma plays the next ball through square leg for a single. A dot, then a single to long-on. Rohit gets a thick outside edge for a four. Cruel to the bowler. Then, a wide down the leg. A slower full toss, and Rohit plays it to mid-wicket for a single. Nine runs from the over. IND - 116/0 after 10 overs. Rohit - 63; Rahul - 51.

7:45 PM IST: Hayden Walsh continues. A dot to KL Rahul, then four singles.  A single to end the over, Excellent over from Walsh. Five singles from it. IND - 107/0 after nine overs. Rohit - 57; Rahul 49.

7:41 PM IST: Spin from both the ends. Khary Pierre on with his second over. Down the leg and a single to fine leg. The same channel, and it's called a wide. KL Rahul hits the next ball square off the wicket for a double. A single short fine leg again, to rotate the strike. And Rohit Sharma pockets the next ball deep into the stands. Over square leg boundary. Tonked. That's the sound. Then, another, this time straight. Fifty for Rohit in 23 balls, in front of his young family. And a four, square off the wicket. 21 runs from the over. IND - 102/0 after eight overs. Rohit - 55 off 24; 46 off 24.

7:36 PM IST: Bowling change. Hayden Walsh on with his leg break. Rohit Sharma plays the first ball to fine leg for a double. A single, then a dot. Rahul shows his range by playing a very late cut, beating the wicketkeeper, who's standing up. Rahul plays the next ball to long on for a single. No chance for a second. Another single to end the nine-run over. IND - 81/0 after seven overs. Rohit - 38; Rahul - 43.

7:31 PM IST: Bowling change. Kesrick Williams, right-arm fast-medium bowler, on. KL Rahul welcomes him with a four. A sumptuous cover drive from a classy player. It flies off the blade. Rahul hits the next ball for a six, over third man. Controlled cut shot. Wow! Rahul is on fire. Punch and it races away, beating the extra cover fielder. A slower ball, and a dot. At the dugout, Virat Kohli is having some fun with team-mates. Another dot. Then, a third dot on the trot. Widish delivery and Rahul gets a bottom edge. Nicholas Pooran collects it. 14 runs from the over. IND - 72/0 after six overs. Rohit - 34; Rahul - 38.

7:25 PM IST: Bowling change. Khary Pierre, left-arm spinner, on. And is hit for a six by Rohit Sharma. Over long-on. Another one, almost. But Evin Lewis restricts it to a double with a stunning effort at deep midwicket boundary. He then almost had Rohit run out. Indian opener is injured. But he is fit to continue. After a brief stoppage, he hits the third ball for a four, by picking the gap at backward point. Two more singles and a dot to end the over. 14 runs from the over. IND - 58/0 after five overs. Rohit - 34; Rahul - 24.

7:19 PM IST: Jason Holder continues. Now, Windies are fumbling. Kesrick Williams fails to pick up cleanly at cover and that allows Indian openers to steal the second. A dot to KL Rahul, then another couple as he played to deep mid-wicket. A dot, then a four. Brilliantly flick over midwicket. Rahul slashes hard on the last ball for a six. Flat over third man. 14 runs from the over. IND - 44/0 after four overs. Rohit - 21; Rahul - 23.

7:15 PM IST: Sheldon Cottrell continues, and the first ball is hit for a six by Rohit Sharma over deep midwicket. And with that 400 international six for the Hitman. Rohit follows it up with a classy four, through mid-off. Two singles, and a dot. Then Rohit finds the big gap at third man for another four. 16 runs from the over. IND - 30/0 after three overs. Rohit - 21; Rahul - 9.

7:10 PM IST: Jason Holder, right-arm fast-medium bowler, with the second over of the match. A dot, then a single to deep. Then, KL Rahul hits the next two balls for four, first an outside edge -- through the cordon, and second to third man -- just wide of slip. Two dots to end the over. Nine runs from the over. IND - 14/0 after two overs. Rohit - 6; Rahul - 8.

7:05 PM IST: Right on the money from Sheldon Cottrell. Open stand from Rohit Sharma, and a yorker -- a well-directed one. But the Mumbaikar hits the next ball for a four, over the infield. No margin of error there. A couple of dots, then a single to square leg. A dot to end the over. Five runs from the first over.

7:00 PM IST: Sheldon Cottrell to start the proceedings in Mumbai. Rohit Sharma to face the first ball. KL Rahul is his opening partner.

6:50 PM IST: Can we expect another round of Virat Kohli vs Kesrick Williams. Everyone is talking about them, and their thrilling rivalry. HERE's what happened in the last meeting.

6:40 PM IST: Here's what the captains said at the toss -

Kieron Pollard: Dew plays a factor when batting second. It's a new wicket, hopefully we can restrict India to a chaseable total.

Virat Kohli: I think it's a great wicket to score runs. We have been tentative while batting first. T20 cricket goes that way. This is a ground where you can always catch up. Those who get a fifty, need to ensure that they carry on and score those extra 25 runs for the side.

6:37 PM IST: Here are the playing XIs -

India: Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli (c), Rishabh Pant (wk), Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Deepak Chahar, Mohammed Shami.

West Indies: Lendl Simmons, Evin Lewis, Brandon King, Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Kieron Pollard (c), Jason Holder, Khary Pierre, Hayden Walsh, Sheldon Cottrell, Kesrick Williams

6:35 PM IST: TOSS! West Indies win the toss again and will bow first. They are unchanged. Two changes for India. Mohammed Shami and Kuldeep Yadav in for Ravindra Jadeja and Yuzvendra Chahal.

What to expect tonight?

With a flat track and short boundary, West Indies will fancy their chances against an Indian bowling attack which looked out of touch, for whatever reason. Remember what happened on March 31, 2016. The Windies outbatted India in the semi-final at Wankhede on the way to lifting their second World T20 trophy.

India's woes have been compounded by poor fielding, and their inability to set the target they want while batting first. Virat Kohli can't always win the toss. Then, there are Windies big-hitters to counter. Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran, Brandon King, Kieron Pollard, Jason Holder and not to forget Lendl Simmons can clear any ground with ease. India will seriously need their hitman to join the party tonight if they are to win the slugfest which is likely to be settle on sixes count.

In the bowling front, surprisingly a visiting spinner has taken more wickets (so far) than Indian tweakers. India sure started as the favourites, but the series has become an open fight.

6:20 PM IST: Pitch report from Murali Karthik and Sunil Gavaskar. A belter of a pitch and the six-hitting trend to continue. There will be initial movement, as expected, but lots of runs on offer. There will be dew factor too, so the team batting second will have an advantage. Win toss, bat second. Toss coming up.

6:10 PM IST: Milestones likely to achieve tonight - 

- Yuzvendra Chahal needs one wicket to surpass R Ashwin as India's top wicket-taker in T20Is.

- Rohit Sharma needs one six to become the third player to hit 400 career sixes, after Chris Gayle (534) and Shahid Afridi (476).

- Kieron Pollard 55 runs to surpass Brendon McCullum as the second-highest scorer overall in T20 cricket. Chris Gayle is the leader with 13152 T20 runs.

5:43 PM IST: Form (Last five completed games):

India: LWWWL

West Indies: WLLLW

5:16 PM IST: Meanwhile, in other news, Aleem Dar is set to break Steve Bucknor's record of most Test matches as an umpire in the first Test match between Australia Vs New Zealand, which begins at Perth on December 12. Click here for full story.

4:57 PM IST: At Rawalpindi, bad light stops play, after 68.1 overs. Sri Lanka were 202/5 with Dhananjaya de Silva and Niroshan Dickwella unbeaten on 38 off 77 and 11 off 13 respectively. Dhananjaya was involved in a good-looking 62-run stand with Angelo Mathews.

4:26 PM IST: Elsewhere, Pakistan's teen sensation Naseem Shah has just taken a second wicket in their first Test in a decade, against Sri Lanka. Batting first, the visitors were 193/5 in 64 overs after a good start at Rawalpindi.

4:23 PM IST: Here are key stats:

Most runs - Virat Kohli (113), Evin Lewis (80), Shimron Hetmyer (79), KL Rahul (73), Lendl Simmons (69)

Most wickets - Khary Pierre (3), two each for Hayden Walsh, Sheldon Cottrell, Ravindra Jadeja, Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kesrick Williams.

Most runs conceded in an innings: Kesrick Williams (60 in 3.4 overs at Hyderabad), Deepak Chahar (56 in four overs at Hyderabad).

4:11 PM IST: Indian skipper is the big the dog in any fight. But at the Wankhede, Kieron Pollard will have a big say. Thanks to the IPL, he knows this iconic ground pretty well. Here's what his Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma said about Pollard.

"He (Pollard) is a very smart player, smart thinker and he has been the captain of the team. When it comes to Mumbai (Indians), he has always been part of the leadership group and last year when I wasn't available for one game, he captained MI. So, he has always been part of the leadership group and I know how he thinks."

4:05 PM IST: Meanwhile, Test opener Mayank Agarwal has been named as the replacement for injured Shikhar Dhawan. Here's the detailed REPORT.

3:55 PM IST:  Well, talking about sixes - the following is the count. Strangely, Rohit Sharma, one of the best strikers of the ball and with 399 international sixes to his name, is yet to middle one. For the record, he is the record six-hitter in the T20Is - 115.

India - 12 in the first T20I (KL Rahul - 4, Virat Kohli - 6, Rishabh Pant - 2), five in the second T20I (Shivam Dube - 4, Pant - 1)

West Indies - 14 in the first T20I (Evin Lewis - 4, Brandon King - 1, Shimron Hetmyer - 4, Kieron Pollard - 4, Jason Holder -2), 12 in the second T20I (Lendl Simmons - 4, Lewis - 3, Hetmyer - 3, Nicholas Pooran - 2)


How India won the series winner at Hyderabad, then lost the second match at Thiruvananthapuram? Both needed hyperboles to describe. First, Virat Kohli scored his highest T20I score, an unbeaten 94 to guide Men in Blue home after the West Indies set a 200+ target.

Then, India were the favourites going into the second match, and the recurring narrative was - the hosts taking a 2-0 lead for an unassailable lead in the three-match series. But Windies not only hit back but thrashed India.

Helped by India's pathetic fielding efforts, Windies top-order toyed with bowlers for the second time. And with India batting first, things turned ugly for the hosts. The skipper himself lost a personal battle to Kesrick Williams.

Now, we have a series decider. Both the teams will throw everything they have got at each other. Mumbai, you better brace up.


India: Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Sanju Samson, Rishabh Pant, Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Deepak Chahar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.

West Indies: Kieron Pollard (captain), Fabian Allen, Sheldon Cottrell, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder, Brandon King, Evin Lewis, Keemo Paul, Nicholas Pooran, Khary Pierre, Denesh Ramdin, Sherfane Rutherford, Lendl Simmons, Hayden Walsh jr., Kesrick Williams.

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