June 24, 2021

T.J.S. George

  • When Sam Cut Asia’s Paper Veins
    When Sam Cut Asia’s Paper Veins

    Asiaweek, started by two energetic journalists, was known for its feisty reportage. Its reluctant moneybag...

  • No Elastic Leashes
    No Elastic Leashes

    An undemocratic idea cannot make up for lack of ‘ideal’ regulation

  • Bangalore Diary
    Bangalore Diary

    For a few years now, in Bangalore — where, not so long ago, fans were unheard of — when it’s hot,...

  • Freedom Must Be Earned
    Freedom Must Be Earned

    The media has to accept that a regulatory mechanism has become necessary. This is best done from within...

  • Southern Swareshwari
    Southern Swareshwari

    Pattammal’s triumph was that of artistic excellence over prejudice

  • Sambar Gunpowder
    Sambar Gunpowder

    In the end, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and Kerala and even Karnataka made all the difference.

  • Ground Rice
    Ground Rice

    Condoleezza returned to her old professorship at Stanford. But she remains somewhat isolated. The Golden...

  • What If The South Had Seceded?
    What If The South Had Seceded?

    At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world slept, south Indians saw a dream. They saw rising out of...

  • Split Personality
    Split Personality

    Thackeray began his political career by assaulting poor narialpaniwallas from Malabar. Look where he is...

  • No Teardrops In This Pearl...
    No Teardrops In This Pearl...

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