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What The CBI Charge Sheet Really Says

Highlights of the chargesheet plus the operative part of the chargesheet that CBI filed before the Special CBI Court in Ahmedabad, detailing the entire conspiracy as revealed till now.

This is the operative part of the charge sheet that CBI filed before the Special CBI Court in Ahmedabad. It details the entire conspiracy as revealed till now. CBI has stated that it will file a supplementary charge sheet based on its further investigation about the role of IB and others in about a month’s time.

Here are the highlights of this charge sheet

  1. Rajinder Kumar and GL Singhal assisted in managing the illegal custody of Jishan Johar in the last week of April.
  2. Jishar Johar was confined at house no. 164/165 in Gota Housing, near Vaishno Devi Crossing, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad
  3. Jishan Johar was put under audio-tap by Rajeev Wankhede, M.K. Sinha & T. Mittal, all SIB (Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau) officers.
  4. On 26.05.2004, N.K. Amin, Tarun Barot and I.K. Chauhan with assistance of M.K. Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede abducted Amjadali from Gota Crossing on the outskirts of Ahmedabad
  5. Amjadali was confined at Arham Farm House. (Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausarbi were also confined here in November 2005 before being killed separately)
  6. On 12.06.2004, N.K Amin and Taru Barot with assistance of M.K. Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede abducted Javed and Ishrat Jahan from Vasad Toll Booth, District Anand, Gujarat along with their Blue Indica Car. (We have a strong suspicion that they were actually in soft custody since the morning of 11.06.2004)
  7. Ishrat and Javed were confined in Khodiyar Farm, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad.
  8. Rajinder Kumar, DG Vanzara, PP Pandey and Dr NK Amin had met Javed and Ishrat during their illegal custody.
  9. On 13.06.2004 evening, DG Vanzara, PP Pandey and Rajinder Kumar had discussed in the Bungalow No. 15 Duffnala, Shahibaug in Vanzara’s office about the further plan about elimination of the four detaineees.
  10. On 14.06.2004, GL Singhal had gone to the office of SIB as per instructions of DG Vanzara to collect weapons.
  11. On 14.06.2004 afternoon at around 1500 Hrs, GL Singhal was called by DG Vanzara at Bungalow No. 15, Shahibaug where DH Goswami was also present. Vanzara had already drafted a complaint.
  12. On 14.06.2004, at 2300 Hrs, DG Vanzara had convened a meeting at Bungalow No. 15 with the accused officers and briefed them about the plan according to the draft complaint.
  13. On 15.06.2004 at 0400 Hrs Javed, Jishan Johar and Ishrat Jahan were brought from Khodiyar Farm house to the scene of the crime i.e. Kotarpur Water Works by the Blue Indica Car
  14. Javed was shifted to driver’s seat from the rear seat.
  15. B.A. Patel along with Motibhai Taljabhai drove Amjadali to the Scene of Crime and was made to stand behind the road divider at the rear side of the parked Indica Car.
  16. Immediately after the arrival of all the four detainees, N.K Amin, Tarun A Barot, J.G. Parmar, Mohanbhai Lalabhai Kalaswa, Anaju Jhiman Chaudhary opened fire on the detainees in the car and on the road divider from there official weapons resulting into the death of all four detainees.
  17. Commando Mohan Kalasawa was made to fire several rounds from AK56 Rifle on the official Gypsy Vehicle of Dr NK Amin.
  18. This AK56 rifle was placed near the dead body of Amjadali.

The entire text of the operative charge sheet is reproduced here:

CBI Charge Sheet Ishrat Jahan Case Operative Part by OutlookMagazine