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Highlights: IPL 2019, MI Vs RCB – Mumbai Indians Complete A Double Against Royal Challengers Bangalore

Mumbai Indians (MI) completed a league double against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai with a five-wicket win in the 31st match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019

Highlights: IPL 2019, MI Vs RCB – Mumbai Indians Complete A Double Against Royal Challengers Bangalore
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Highlights: IPL 2019, MI Vs RCB – Mumbai Indians Complete A Double Against Royal Challengers Bangalore

Poor Virat Kohli. He just didn't have the means.

But Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)  continued to fight and that's heartening to see. Then, one over and Hardik Pandya. The India all-rounder, who got a World Cup ticket earlier in the day, hit Pawan Negi for 22 runs ion the penultimate over to win help Mumbai Indians (MI) complete a league double.

Earlier, put into bat by MI captain Rohit Sharma, Royal Challengers Bangalore set a 172-run target for the hosts at the Wankhede Stadium with AB de Villiers scoring 75 from 51 balls. Moeen Ali contributed with 32-ball 50. For MI, Lasith Malinga took four wickets.

Malinga won the man of the match award.


11:39 PM IST: Virat Kohli was going for a pacer, but a vocal Ashish Nehra on the sidelines, insisted to have Pawan Negi, the left arm spinner, into the attack. And it didn't make a difference as Hardik Pandya turned on his power mode button. A six off the second ball, followed by a for, then another four. Then a six. Two needed now, thanks Nehraji. A wide, and scores tied.  A full toss and Hardik played to Virat Kohli at long off. A single. And Mumbai won by five wickets. RCB back to the earth.

11:33 PM IST: There's a wicket. Krunal Pandya (11 off 21) caught at deep midwicket by sub fielder Milind Kumar, and Virat Kohli becomes a believer. FoW-148/5 (17.5 Over). But that brings Kieron Pollard. Nine runs and a wicket from the over. MI-150/5 after 18 overs. Mumbai need another 22 runs from 12 balls.

11:27 PM IST: Navdeep Saini, the pacer, returns for his third over and Hardik Pandya hits the loosner for a four. Good response from Saini. With RCB running out of spinners, need good overs from pacers. But a drop cath which goes for a four spoilt the over. Hardik Pandya valiantly lofts the last ball and Tim Southee makes a mess of the chance. 10 runs from the over. MI-141/4 after 17 overs. 31 needed from 18 balls.

11:19 PM IST: Hardik Pandya joins elder brother Krunal in the centre. Four runs and a wicket from Yuzvendra Chahal's last over, for figures of 2/27. MI-131/4 after 16 overs. They need another 41 runs from 24 balls.

11:15 PM IST: Yuzvendra Chahal, bowling his last over, gives RCB the much-needed break. He had Suryakumar Kumar caught at long on boundary by Navdeep Saini. FoW-129/4 (15.3 Over) Yadav made 29 off 23. Mumbai need another 43 runs from 27 balls. Time out.

11:10 PM IST: Pawan Negi on with his third over. Suryakumar Yadav hits the second ball for a four, to short third man. Eight runs from the over. MI-127/3 after 15 overs. They need another 45 runs from 30 balls. Yadav is unbeaten on 27 off 20.

11:06 PM IST: Moeen Ali completes his spell for figures of 2/18. Three runs from the last over. MI-119/3 after 14 overs. They need another 53 runs from 36 balls.

11:01 PM IST: Six runs from the over. And Mumbai need another 56 runs from 42 balls. Yuzvendra Chahalon with his third over. He concedes six runs, including a four, hit by sweeping Suryakumar Yadav.

10:57 PM IST: Moeen Ali produces a very good over, leaking two runs. MI-110/3 after 12 overs.

10:53 PM IST: Smart work from Yuzvendra Chahal. A widish delivery to entice Ishan Kishan and Parthiv Patel does the rest in a flash. FoW-104/3 (10.3 Over). Kishan made 21 off nine. Krunal Pandya is the new man. 11 runs from the over. Mumbai need 64 runs from 54 balls.

10:49 PM IST: Another good over for Mumbai. 10 runs from Moeen Ali's second over. Suryakumar Yadav hits the third ball over extra cover. MI-97/2 after 10 overs.

10:45 PM IST: A brilliantly calculated counter-attack from Mumbai Indians. Ishan Kishan hits Pawan Negi for back-to-back sixes off the third and fourth deliveries. 14 runs from the over. MI-87/2 after nine overs. They need 85 runs from 66 balls.

10:40 PM IST: Pure magic from Moeen Ali to end Rohit Sharma's innings. Sharp turn and hits the middle stump. FoW- 70/1 (7.1 Over). Rohit made 28 off 19 balls. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man. And suddenly, RCB are back in the game. Moeen traps Quinton de Kock. Caught on the crease and on the middle. FoW-MUMBAI 71/2 (7.4 Over). de Kock made 40 off 26. Ishan Kishan joins Suryakumar Yadav. Three singles and two wickets. MI-73/2 after eight overs.

10:35 PM IST: What an over from part-timer Pawan Negi. Just three singles. MI-70/0 after seven overs. They need another 102 runs from 78 balls.

10:28 PM IST: Navdeep Saini returns for his second over and leaks 13 runs. Rohit Sharma hits the second ball for a four. A sublime cover drive. A single, and Quinton de Kock hits the fourth ball for a six over mid-wicket. RCB-67/0 after six over. Time out.

10:24 PM IST: Six runs from Yuzvendra Chahal's first over. A double off the first ball and a four off the fourth ball as Quinton de Kock shows his class. MI-54/0 after five overs. They need another 118 runs.

10:19 PM IST: Bolwing change for RCB, but not stopping MI openers. Mohammed Siraj on with the fourth over and he gets hit for s six off the second ball, over deep point, by Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai captain ends the over with a four. 11 runs from the over. MI-48/0, needing another 124 runs.

10:14 PM IST: Umesh Yadav continues to leak runs. 16 runs from his second over, including two fours and a massive six, all hit by Quinton de Kock. MI-36/0 after three overs. They need another 136 runs.

10:08 PM IST: Navdeep Saini shares the new ball with Umesh Yadav. 11 runs from the over, including a first ball six for Rohit Sharma, over fine leg boundary. MI-20/0 after two overs. They need another 152 runs.

10:03 PM IST: Umesh Yadav starts with a wide, then three dot balls to Quinton de Kock. But the South African hits back-to-back fours off the next two balls. Nine runs from the over. Mumbai need another 163 runs.

9:44 PM IST: A similar dismissal for Pawan Negi, a skier and caught by Quinton de Kock. FoW-169/7 (19.5 Over). Wild swing and miss from Umesh Yadav, but RCB steal two byes. Nine runs and three wickets from the last over. Lasith Malinga's figures: 4-0-31-4. RCB-171/7.

9:41 PM IST: Lasith Malinga misses the target and AB de Villiers launches it into the orbit. A six over deep square leg. Then, ABD runs out courtesy a poor response from Akshdeep Nath. ABD wants a second run but the youngster denies. In the midst, Kieron Pollard hits he stumps at the bowler's end. ABD made 75 from 51. Next ball, Nath sends a skier, and Quinton de Kock takes a very good catch. He made two off three. 169/6 (19.3 Overs).

9:36 PM IST: Jasprit Jasprit Bumrah up against the best and enticing battle. Akshdeep Nath takes a single off the first ball, then AB de Villiers hits the next balls for two fours. Bumrah responds with a dot, then ABD gets hit on the helmet. Precautionary inspection from the physio. A single and ten runs from the over. Bumrah's figures: 4-1-22-0. RCB-162/4 after 19 overs. ABD unbeaten on 68 from 49.

9:30 PM IST: Brilliant slower delivery from Lasith Malinga to start the over, and he had Moeen Ali caught at deep square leg by Hardik Pandya. FoW-144/3 (17.1 Over). Ali made 50off 32. Marcus Stoinis is the new man but AB de Villiers on strike, next ball. ABD, already in position, hits it for a six with a paddle sweep. A beauty and a wicket. Deceptively slow and Stoinis has no clue. Caught by Rohit Sharma at cover. FoW-151/4 (17.5 Over). A couple of wickets and eight runs from the over. RCB-152/4 after 18 overs.

9:23 PM IST: Three runs off the first ball after the break and fifty for AB de Villiers in 41 balls, courtesy a misfield from Kieron Pollard. A double and Moeen Ali reaches 48 in 28 balls. A single. Low full toss from Jasprit Bumrah, and a single. A single off the last ball and second IPL fifty for Ali. He takes 31 balls. RCB-144/2 after 17 overs.

9:16 PM IST: Jason Behrendorff returns for his last over. A single to AB de Villiers then a dot ball. Moeen Ali hits the next ball for a four to deep extra cover, and a six off the next ball over deep midwicket. A dot, then Ali finishes it off with another six, this time over long off. 17 runs from the over. RCB-136/2 after 16 overs. Time out. Behrendorff 's figures: 1/49.

9:11 PM IST: Krunal Pandya gets his first over of the night. Four singles, then a dot to Moeen Ali. But the Englishman swings freely and hit the next ball for a six over long on. 10 runs from the over. RCB-119/2 after 15 overs.

9:07 PM IST: Rahul Chahar leaks 12 runs from his last over. His figures: 4-0-31-0. AB de Villiers hits he second ball for a four. A classic reverse sweep. A single then, Moeen Ali lofts one over deep extra cover for a six. RCB109/2 after 14 overs.

9:03 PM IST: Two legends face off and AB de Villiers hit Lasith Malinga for a six, off the third ball, into the mid-wicket stand. 11 runs from the over. RCB-97/2 after 13 overs.

8:59 PM IST: A quick over from Rahul Chahar. Five singles. AB de Villiers (31 off 29) and Moeen Ali (14 off 14) have added 37 runs in 30 overs. RCB-86/2 after 12 overs.

8:56 PM IST: 11 runs from Hardik Pandya's third over, including a six off the third ball by AB de Villiers. RCB-81/2 after 11 overs.

8:52 PM IST: Rahul Chahar continues with his second over. First ball hit for a six by Moeen Ali. Two more singles and eight runs from it. RCB-70/2 after 10 overs.

8:46 PM IST: Hardik Pandya on with his second over. Seven runs from it, including a four off the third ball, hit by AB de Villiers. RCB-62/2 after nine overs. Time out.

8:41 PM IST: Rahul Chahar on with his first over. Two dot balls, then AB de Villiers hits the third fo a four to backward point. Six runs from the over. RCB-55/2 after eight overs.

8:37 PM IST: Hardik Pandya on with his first over. And the first wicket too. He had Parthiv Patel caught at point by Suryakumar Yadav. FoW-49/2 (6.6 Over). Four singles and a wicket from the over.

8:32 PM IST: Three dot balls to AB de Villiers, the South African hits the fourth ball for a four. That's the only bad delivery from Jasprit Bumrah. Five runs from the over. RCB-45/1 after six overs.

8:27 PM IST: Parthiv Patel takes on Jason Behrendorff. Plays the first ball of the over, over mid-wicket for a four. The Aussie responds with a body blow, hit on the left-handed batsman's shoulder. And Patel hits the next ball for a six over deep mid-wicket. He follows it up a very smart shot, guiding the short ball to third man boundary. Another boundary to the same area, thanks to a lucky thick edge. 19 runs from the over. RCB-40/1 after five overs.

8:22 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah into the attack. Probing over from India's premier pacer. Two dot balls to Parthiv Patel, then a leg bye. A couple more dots to AB de Villiers, then almost a play on. One run from the over. RCB-21/1 after four overs.

8:18 PM IST: Heart in the mouth moment for Parthiv Patel. He plays a lofted flick shot and the ball just clears the mid-on fielder for a four. That happened off the fourth delivery. AB de Villiers takes a double to finish the over. Eight runs from it. RCB-20/1 after three overs.

Virat Kohli walks back after Jason Behrendorff had him caught behind. AP Photo

8:13 PM IST: Jason Behrendorff strikes with the first ball of his second ball. Virat Kohli walks. Inside edge and easy take for wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock. FoW-12/1 (3.1 Over). Kohli made eight off nine. AB de Villiers is the new man for RCB.

8:11 PM IST: Then, we have the highest wicket-taker in IPL Lasith Malinga bowling to highest run-getter Virat Kohli. Two singles and a dot to Kohli. Parthiv Patel middles his cover drive of the fifth ball, only to see Suryakumar Yadav stopping a certain boundary. Five runs from the over. RCB-12/0 after two overs.

8:05 PM IST: Inside edge and a dot to start. Tentative movement from Parthiv Patel. A single. Then Rohit Sharma, India's vice-captain takes some time to set the field for Virat Kohli, India captain. Kohli responds by hitting a four, a very well timed flick shot. Seven runs from the first over.

8:00 PM IST: Parthiv Patel and Virat Kohli and to open the batting for RCB. Jason Behrendorff gets the new ball.

7:56 PM IST: Head-to-head stats -

Overall: In 24 matches, Mumbai Indians have won 15, while Royal Challengers Bangalore were victorious in 9. At the Wankhede, MI have won five times in six meetings. Some domination.

7:50 PM IST: In their last meeting, RCB needed seven to win and six to take it to Super Over in Bengaluru. Then, Lasith Malinga's unnoticed no-ball sparked a controversy.

7:42 PM IST: Before the first ball, here's one interesting fact - Virat Kohli hit his first four and six of IPL at the Wankhede in 2008. And here's another - he once stitched a 215-run second-wicket stand with AB de Villiers. Both the players will be seen in action in a while.

7:38 PM IST: RCB are unchanged. For MI, injured Alzarri Joseph is replaced by Lasith Malinga.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock, Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan (wk), Krunal Pandya, Rahul Chahar, Jason Behrendorff, Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Parthiv Patel (wk), Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers, Marcus Stoinis, Moeen Ali, Akshdeep Nath, Pawan Negi, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj

7:33 PM IST: Rohit Sharma wins the toss and opts to bowl first.

7:26 PM IST: What about the Wankhede pitch? "There is a bit of grass, a good covering across the surface," said Mpumelelo Mbangwa in the pitch report for the official broadcasters.

"192 is the average score here batting first. High scoring ground it is. Dew is around and so, teams would want to bat second. Score a lot and then, you might have a chance (if batting first)," the former Zimbabwean cricketer added.

7:21 PM IST: The talking points are: Vijay Shankar pipping Ambati Rayudu for the number four spot, KL Rahul and Dinesh Karthik as back up opener and wicketkeeper respectively, Ravindra Jadeja's inclusion instead of a fourth seamer, etc.

7:15 PM IST: Earlier in the day, the BCCI announced the Indian squad for the upcoming 2019 Cricket World Cup.  Here's how it went for some of the players who are likely to be featured in this match.


After a string of losses where nothing worked in their favour, the fifties by skipper Virat Kohli and ever-reliable Ab de Villiers, helped RCB register their maiden win of the season on Saturday night.

The team is heavily reliant on Kohli and de Villiers and both would be keen to recreate their magic in front of a capacity crowd in Mumbai, on a day when the Indian team for the upcoming World Cup is scheduled to be picked.

Despite the win against KXIP, RCB is at the bottom of the points table and remain to win all their remaining league games to have any hopes of progressing in the tournament.

On the other hand, after suffering a four-wicket loss against Rajasthan Royals (RR), Mumbai would be aiming to get back to winning ways.

The good sign for them is that skipper Rohit Sharma (165 runs), who made a comeback after missing out a game due to injury and South African Quinton De Kock (238 runs), have got runs under their belt along with Hardik Pandya.


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