Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

After What Has Happened With Karan Oberoi, It Is Now Time To Initiate 'MenToo' Movement, Says Pooja Bedi

Actor Pooja Bedi has asserted that women are misusing the 'Me Too' movement and now it is time for a 'Men Too' movement. The actor publicly defended her friend and television actor Karan Oberoi, who has been arrested for rape and extortion.

Pooja Bedi came in support of Karan Oberoi, who has been accused of rape and extortion by his girlfriend

Me Too movement was a hype during 2018, when women from Bollywood and other professions stepped up and accused well-known people of sexual harassment and rape. Even the social media was flooded with the #metoo movement allegations. However, the case is not the same always.

Bollywood actor Pooja Bedi has come up in the defence of her friend and television actor Karan Oberoi, who has been accused of rape and assault, and also for’ drugging and filming’ the complainant.

Bedi asserted that the women are misusing their rights unlawfully, putting the reputation of the innocent men in jeopardy.

Actor Karan Oberoi began their relationship when they met each other on a dating app. In October 2018, Oberoi filed a complaint against the woman for harassment.

During an interview with the Times Of India in November 2018, the woman said that they had been in a relationship, she had showered him with gifts and done up his apartment. However, she was not willing to pressurize him for marriage due to his unstable financial condition.

In May 2019, she filed a case of rape and extortion against Oberoi. It is believed that the statements in her interview in November 2018, are completely contradictory to her FIR in May 2019, which says the "alleged" crime took place in 2017.

The actress stated that it is very disappointing that the media instantly jumped to the conclusion, with #rapist, reputation, etc., circulating around. She also said that even if the police knew that the man was innocent, it cannot do anything as it has to go according to the FIR lodged by the woman.

Bedi boldly said that now it is time when the men must also speak up against the injustice meted to them. She said if women have the right to save their honour and reputation, so do men. She emphasized on the importance of ‘Men Too’ movement, which is based on the rights of men, to boldly face the injustice, as women are misusing the law to charge innocent men of blackmailing and extortion.

Taking to her twitter handle, the actor tweeted: “I know its late... but would request all those supporting the #mentoo movement to come to Andheri railway court(Andheri East) @IAmKaranOberoi is being produced. Let us give the fight against fake cases momentum. Please come & speak to the press about it. #isupportkaran #mentoo.”

Apart from the actor, there were several well-known personalities who extended their support to Oberoi, and stated it is necessary to implement laws that will project fairness and equality within two genders.

We need a country which has gender-neutral laws. “Innocent until proven guilty “ is not true in India anymore when it concerns an allegation by a woman against a man. Pooja Bedi on Karan Oberoi rape charges: It’s time to begin a #mentoo movement,” wrote Vineet Jain, the managing editor of the Times Group.

I would request all those supporting #mentoo movements to come to Andheri railway court(Andheri east) @IAmKaranOberoi is being produced. Let's give the fight against the fake case. Plz come & speak to the press about it. At 11 am in the morning. #isupportkaran,” wrote Deepika Bharadwaj, a known journalist.