November 24, 2020
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Customised Perfumes Gaining Popularity

Customised perfumes have become the latest hit in Ind

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Customised Perfumes Gaining Popularity
Customised Perfumes Gaining Popularity

Perfume gives personal magic to a person's personality. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection. Launched by Anahita Wassan in 2016. Scents have the ability to draw powerful emotions- whether it is the smell of someone you love, the scent of someone you know or the whiff of your favourite meal being cooked. My perfume’ is a brand that lets you create your very own fragrance- providing the customer with a concoction of a scent made for and by the customer making the product truly personalised and individualistic.

Bombay Perfumery too offers a range of eight scents), with names such as Calicut or Madurai Talkies. Like every individual has their own personality, their scent should complement their aura bringing uniqueness to their demeanour as they enter a room. While finding a fragrance that defines oneself is rare, ‘MyPerfume’ lets you do just that!

With the message ‘The best fragrance is the one that’s truly yours. Today’s perfumes bring back the art of personally curated perfumes, aiming to create high-quality unique fragrances curated keeping in mind the customer's personality and wants.

Wassan came up with the idea while working for her family’s aerosol filling business; seeing different fragrances being created at the plant every day, the young entrepreneur developed a keen interest in the process and started creating perfumes for her friends.

To add a unique touch, Wassan started customising the bottles with their initials, making it an instant hit with her crowd, leading to the birth of MyPerfume. ‘When you enter a room, you want to look different, you wouldn’t like to be wearing the same dress as someone else at the same party, so why wear the same fragrance? Why not wear a different fragrance and make that your own signature brand. A brand of your own.” says Wassan moving away from mundanity and bringing a breath of fresh air to the perfume industry.


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