May 13, 2021
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Resolution Adopted By Indian Parliament On Iraq

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Resolution Adopted By Indian Parliament On Iraq
"Reflecting national sentiment this House deplores the military action by the coalition forces led by the USA against a sovereign Iraq. This military action, with a view to changing the Government of Iraq, is unacceptable. The resultant suffering of the innocent people of Iraq, specially women and children is a matter of grave human dimension. This action is without the specific sanction of the UN Security Council and is not in conformity with the UN Charter. The House, therefore, expresses profound anguish and deep sympathy for the people of Iraq.

This House expresses its satisfaction at the quick response of the Government of India to the UN appeal for immediate humanitarian relief to the suffering people of Iraq and for the decision of the Government of India to commit Rs.100 crore in cash and kind to the UN including 50,000 Metric Tonnes of Wheat to the World Food Programme and trusts that, if required, additional assistance will also be provided.

This House calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities and quick withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq.

This House also calls upon the UNO to protect the sovereignty of Iraq and ensure that the re-construction of Iraq is done under UN auspices".

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