Monday, May 16, 2022

Andhra Chef Mastanamma, Oldest YouTube Sensation, Dies At 107

Country Foods declared Mastanamma's death as it posted a video on her last rites.

Andhra Chef Mastanamma, Oldest YouTube Sensation, Dies At 107

One of the world's oldest YouTuber, 107-year-old Mastanamma, who cooked local recipes from scratch, died on Monday in Andhra Pradesh.

Mastanamma shot to fame through her YouTube channel Country Foods which has over 12,00,000 subscribers.

It became the most viewed channel in just two years, as per a report in The News Minute.

The channel was launched by her grandson Laxman and one of his friends in 2016 and became an instant hit.

In an interview to BBC Monitoring in 2017, she had said she believed she was 106-year-old but had no birth certificate to prove it.

In her videos, she used wood instead of cooking stove and would cook in an open field using minimal equipment.

Laxman’s friend Srinath Reddy in an interview  to The Week last year had said, “It was a block buster and just that single dish had 75 lakh viewers. Her watermelon chicken curry, kebabs and biriyani recipes were also widely appreciated.”

Country Foods announced the news of her death as it posted a video of her last rites.

Since then, tributes have started pouring in.